Make A Living On Your Computer

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Make A Living On Your Computer

If someone told you there is a way to learn how to make a living on your computer, you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Probably anyone would look into that, and especially if you’re at or near retirement age. You look forward to getting away from the nine to five life.

You want to know the ways you can earn some income either at home – or maybe while traveling – doesn’t that sound good?

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All the posts on this blog present a different aspect, or piece of the big picture about starting an online based business for seniors, or for anyone who needs to, or prefers to work at home.

There is training available for building a web-worthy blog which you can build upon to bring in pretty decent revenue once your site has gained presence.

This training is available at Wealthy Affiliate and I will explain how it will help you learn the real way to blog and connect with vendors of products, digital information packages, and services.

There is a volume of creators and vendors who will share revenue with you if you send buyers their way.

How can you? With your blog!

home office
Learn to blog properly.

But you need to know where to start, right?

I bet you’ve seen dozens of sites telling you how to make a million, or hundreds per day, all automatic, “set and forget”.

Those cons are annoying aren’t they? Leave your intelligence at the door :).

And I’ve bought a couple of those myself. (Cringe!)

So you can simply start where you are. At whatever degree of experience you have – which may be none – working with your computer.

You’ve got a computer, an internet connection, and you’ve got time.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got time to waste.

No time to waste!

That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University for the ideal instruction in how to blog and earn money.

You can CLICK to go there right now for no cost and look around at the training classes.

And DO a bunch of them. For real.

Because you don’t want to get scammed do you? I can promise you that unlike the hundreds of scams on the web, this site has been delivering the good stuff for years, and it has a top reputation.

How To Make Money Without Leaving The House


If you’re unable to leave the house to work anymore, or have started to think ahead about working differently when you reach retirement age, you need get the best available training to build a marketing business on line.

You may be that person who, with or without any experience doing business with a website or other computer uses, will learn exactly how to set up a blog or a few, with the correct attributes for monetizing, or, making money.

hands at laptop keyboard

That must sound pretty exciting to you if you’ve worked the nine to five most of your adult life and have taken all the hits from the economic disasters.

That goal can be realized and it depends on you being able to set up a web site correctly.

Reports say that millions of baby boomers are retiring with barely enough income to live on. That’s really sad and kind of scary isn’t it?

Reading all those reports of seniors living on or way below the poverty line led me to write Not Enough Money In Retirement.

(That post points you to many details of how to learn to make a business oriented web site. It also features the portability of a business run from your computer.)

 Make Money While Traveling Around The World


I became interested in marketing with a blog a few years ago. It seemed I kept reading about this and the success some entrepreneurs had, and they were mostly in places far away from where I was in North America. One prominent trainer lived in SE Asia with her baby then went on the move after growing from a poverty existence to great success from making and selling websites.

world map painted on hands

Through her marketers forum I met other people who were helpful, but were way ahead of me – why?

Because they could build their own websites. And I was using a free Blogger blog. I couldn’t do much with it, it was one long journal with the earlier posts disappearing at the bottom.

Blogger is different now and it’s great for hobby blogging. It is not impossible to make some money with that platform, but WordPress, used at Wealthy Affiliate, is easier to configure for marketing.

You just have to know how!

You can start learning now with no up front cost.


And I mean you get true free use of the huge Wealthy Affiliate training community!

The beginner classrooms are open to you for seven days.

Take advantage!

Give yourself as many hours as you can with them!

In the community you can discuss your goals and dreams with site owners from Australia, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, North America, the UK and Europe.

You get the benefits of their experiences and companionship. That’s a true bonus right there, isn’t it?

The following stories about some senior friends of mine are examples of retirement living. Your goals are unique and I hope to inspire you to shape them further.

Make Money While Traveling In Your Rv


I knew one couple who had retired, sold their home and then they bought a comfortable RV. They travel during most of the year but have favorite places where they may stay for a while.

motor home in high country

They are also properly trained bloggers and can add to their retirement income with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate income comes from commissions paid to you when you have a reader from your blog click over to a retailer site and make a purchase.


You can GO HERE for an in-depth review of the biggest and most user-friendly training site for affiliate marketing web site construction.


This lifestyle allowed them to roam and see many places they had always wanted to visit. They could navigate the country along any route they liked, visiting family and friends on the way.

Is that freedom or isn’t it?

I know another retired person who lives in his trailer home and does day trading. He is free to travel while working daily.

Many RV parks have permanent living spots and some have a restaurant and community center. Wifi is everywhere!

Retirement RV Living


Retirement RV living is a lifestyle choice with its unique set of pros and cons just like any other.

It could be a fulfilling option for many years and its stresses probably stem from the same causes as those that occur when you live in one spot – not enough money.

Which is a problem you can solve!

(My other article about RV living is HERE. More details for you if that’s an area of interest!)

Extra money increases options and options are…Fun!

Have you ever taken an RV vacation (or a barge tour or river cruise…Any kind of vaycay) and thought “yeah I could just keep on going with this!”.

And you could if you had an extra income from working in your home with effectively designed web sites, whether it’s in your RV or dream country cottage.

If you’re going to be working after full retirement age, you can enhance your lifestyle enormously if you know how to profit with a blog.  At home, on RV trips…in all the places you could possibly be!

river at Prague tour boat

Think back on your favorite vaycays – can you imagine doing them again while posting to a blog two or three times a week?

And reading and commenting on your fellow bloggers’ sites?

(Adding comments to blog posts and getting others to comment on yours is one technique to improve your site and its presence on line. Just one of the many things you can learn.

And a tremendous advantage is having a community for that.)

Quick recap:

  • Get started for free
  • Build two practice WordPress web sites the right way (part of the free trial)
  • Take real classroom lessons and apply them as you set up your blog
  • Enjoy the support of a friendly community while you learn

Click here to start your adventure – learn to build a professional blog on your computer with Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s your retirement dream? Please do tell me and my readers, we’d love to hear about it. (Use the box below).

And feel free to ask any questions too!


Not Enough Money In Retirement

not enough money

“Not Enough Money In Retirement”? Need help?

how to learn on the internet“Are you talking to me? You bet I do not have enough money in retirement!”

If you have never worked on the internet, never started a blog, never heard of keywords or search engine optimization – fear not!

I am going to help you with all of those things right now. First a little about me that I didn’t divulge on my About Me page.

What I didn’t really ‘fess up to on that page is, I really needed a “for dummies” training ten years ago. I would have saved so much time and money if I had known what I needed. I knew I would not have a high enough income to retire, and I did lose traction seeking the real “how-to”.

Internet Marketing For A Work From Home Business

I guarantee* you will not waste time and money like I did.

(I’m not calling you Dummy, please don’t think that. But I know there’s nothing like starting out trying to learn the in’s and out’s of blog writing for money to make you feel dumb!)

You came here for a personal reason today. Perhaps you’re:

  • Unemployed
  • Under-employed (had your hours cut)
  • Want to start a business
  • Senior jobs after retirement is a topic on your mind
  • How to earn from a blog – you want to know!
  • Income after retirement – you know you won’t have enough
  • Average income – retirees – you’ve read about it and it’s a nightmare
  • Making a little money blogging and you’d like to up your game
  • You are officially or unofficially disabled and need to increase ss income

I don’t use the word “guarantee*” lightly. I don’t know what anyone besides myself can or will do about learning, applying, improving their skills or helping others too.

Not Enough Work At Home Jobs

This factor really should be overcome in this day and age. I know a few people who can easily do ninety percent of their job at home except “they want me to go in for these stupid meetings”.

What’s stupid is not the fact of meetings, but that the meetings can all be done via skype or some other

not enough work at home jobs
Work at home seniors!

electronic means, as you enjoy your morning coffee. But the corporate model demands close supervision and control of people, so perhaps this will never happen.

Recently at Online Work For The Disabled  I cautioned job seekers to look closely at “work at home” job ads at Monster .com as some required a “% of travel”.

Yet there are senior citizen business opportunities – internet business for seniors!

You can click around this website and every article and page is directly related to online business for seniors, the disabled, those seeking encore careers after 50, or 60, or a person of any situation who simply wants to learn how to make a website that they can market from.

Internet Marketing Online Specialists

I have found a top of the line training school where you can learn from tried and proven specialists, how to

online marketing specialists
Learn from specialists!

start, earn while you learn, just keep getting better at providing information to people who are shopping, looking for the best deal or specialty product, and who knows – you may be that person who has exactly the info they’re seeking.

They will buy the item they want, and clicking through to the purchase from your website earns you a commission.

This internet marketing academy is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read a review about it here. If you want to try out that system (no cost to you) I’ll see you there!

Do I Need A Website To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Technically, you don’t but I highly recommend it as it is the best way to create a business that will develop and last for years. Wealthy Affiliate will provide two free websites for you, and show you how to build them properly.

So once you’ve logged in to start with some free instruction (exactly the same as what the paid members start with) and you get a blog going, what connects prospective buyers with your site?

Keywords! Keywords are the words people “google” or search with online. There is a method for you to find these keywords.

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Site

There are a few techniques you will learn, to find keywords. For example: search “patio umbrellas” and most likely amazon, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot will show. Your little blog will be down below, or several pages in. Invisible!

But, if you have an article about “wooden framed canvas patio umbrellas”, buyers looking for that particular item can find your article and consequently click over to wherever you have affiliated.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword tool for their members. This tool saves a lot of time for bloggers to

seo classroom video
Click on the picture for a class!

pinpoint the best keywords/phrases that they need to write into their article content, and use in the title. In the trial period, you will have thirty searches with their keyword software to search.


This video class is about how to set up a “plug in” – a tool that automates the search engines’ (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) ease of finding your site. It uses the keywords in your title and description of your blog to signal your presence on the web.

You will further help your web presence by adding posts with helpful content – two or three per week – that will raise the value, or ranking of your site. Ranking is where the search engines put your site or posts, and the front page is where we all want to be!

By the way Kyle, who you hear talking on the video class, and who you can see in the picture is one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. He is very active on the site.

How To Find Images For Your Website

The image at the top of this article is from the Pixabay site. Those images are royalty free and can be used

images for your site
Photo by me!

without attribution. I use a lot of them and I (look right) put an attribution on the sidebar of my site.

You can use your own images too. Here’s a tip I learned a little late in the game – size your images before uploading them to the post!

The cool thing is, I learned that at Wealthy Affiliate, and I found out there are several ways to do it. There are a few lessons in the training that detail the best use of images.

What Is The Best Affiliate Program Commission?

That will be the topic of my next post. I don’t mean to tease, so my answer to that question is Clickbank. There’s quite a bit to say about it, it’s a great opportunity, and if you’ve decided to look into affiliate marketing to remedy not having enough money in retirement, you will want to know about Clickbank.

So click over to Wealthy Affiliate University and get a head start!

Please leave any questions or comments below. I will get back to you, and I’d love to hear from you.


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