How Can Seniors Save Money

how can seniors save money

How CAN Seniors Save Money?

I think I have some useful ideas about how seniors can save money. And I don’t mean by just cutting coupons or shopping for everything at the dollar store.

If you’re reading this blog for the first time, I want to tell you that it’s mission is about “how can seniors make money”.

It includes the disabled/disabled vets as well. Or anyone who wants to learn how to make money from home.

I’ve covered many ideas about that on this site including a review of the best training system for learning to make money at home online.

But even if you are already doing that, given that millions of seniors are retiring (or not, because they can’t) for what it’s worth, here are some great ways to save money that work for me.

After four and a half decades of being a consumer, I have become skeptical and savvy. And I swear, even if I were a millionaire, I wouldn’t buy the products that I won’t buy now.

And as to buying online, be it Amazon, Ebay and other great sites to find deals, Ebates gives you cash back! Get an account, and shop via ebates on your favorite sites. Ebates places cash back into your account as you shop.

I prefer the organic or non-GMO category of product. Whether I’m going to eat it, put it on my skin, or wash my belongings in it, I’m going for the least contaminated product I can get.

For two years I bought a non-detergent (not made from crude oil) clothes washing soap. It was expensive. But hey – I didn’t want to be absorbing petroleum through my skin. Related to cancers of the nether regions, for both men and women.

Then I learned that commercial detergents don’t even have soap in them! Yep, they contain “brighteners” that reflect a fake clean and colors back to your eye. But no soap!

So now I make my laundry soap from equal parts washing soda and baking soda. Borax can be added for tough stains. If you would like to add scent, grate a bar of soap into it.

How To Save Money On The Heating Bill

This method will reduce your heating bill wherever you are. I am in not such a cold place, but this method will reduce your at home heating needs.

You need a microwave oven.

You need a large sock, or a tube sock, and a bag of rice – about two pounds. You fill the sock with the rice but leave room to sew or tie it tightly to keep the rice to save money on the heating bill

I’m sure another grain would work, though I have only done this with rice.

You could use this rice-filled sock when in bed, or while sitting on the couch or a chair.

You would microwave the sock for 3-4 minutes. When you get it out, you may need oven mitts – it will be hot!

You will place this at the end of a bed – where your skin will not touch it. You can place it behind your feet if you’re sitting on the couch, on an easy chair, or at a desk. If you put a lap blanket over your legs and feet you will have a heater for hours!

This means you can turn your heat down during the day, and overnight.

How To Save Money On Toiletries

Let’s say you barely have a dollar, or equivalent, to buy a bar of soap. If you go to the dollar store and can find a huge bar of castille soap (usually made with olive oil), get one!how to save money on toiletries

You can, at about a quarter of that bar at a time, grate it (with a cheese grater) into a large pot. Add water (about two quarts to a quarter bar) and let it dissolve. You can stir it once in a while. It will turn into a liquid soap with which you can:

  • Wash your hair
  • Shave
  • Use as a shower soap
  • Pet shampoo
  • Wash your car
  • Er – wash anything!

How inexpensive is that? It is so much cheaper than buying the harsh detergent shampoos and soaps at a dollar a piece!

Dangers – Dryer Sheets

I had read a few things previously about dangers in dryer sheets. And just today I see a page at the Dr. Axe site explains a lot more. You can click on the link if you want to get the details on some of the chemicals you release into your air and absorb through your skin.

One great recommendation of his is to use wool dryer balls. You can buy them scented, or add your own favorite safe scent with an essential oil of your choice.

I read some customer reviews on a few of the brands. One thing that many said was that drying time was less with these wool dryer balls. You save money two ways:

  • No more buying dryer sheets
  • Use less energy to dry clothes

Here are some I found on amazon, a whole page of brands and prices to choose from.


See how I made that link big and easy to click? I did that so you could click, and buy some if you want.

Then I would get a small commission from amazon for sending you there. That’s the purpose of this web site, to show you how to make some extra revenue. More about that here.

How To Wash Your Home For Cheap

Invest in a gallon of white vinegar. You can wash windows, your kitchen, your bathroom and your floors with it. You can flush your drains with vinegar and baking soda.

spray vinegar and water
Re-use brand bottles

Get a dollar store spray bottle (or re-use an empty brand bottle). It will be for mixing half vinegar and half water for washing glass, counter tops and floors.

For scrubbing the tub and shower walls you can use the spray with baking soda and a brush. Voila! Gleaming clean.

Pretty, colored, and artificially scented cleaners are expensive. And some are related to cancers because of their chemistry. Who needs it!

Home Made Bug Killer

I use two.

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Liquid soap with essential oils

I buy the diatomaceous earth from amazon and the oils from Swanson Vitamins. Some brands call the earth “insect dust” because it is like a powder.

You can scatter the dust around areas where you see bugs. It is a bit messy but is non toxic, it won’t hurt your pets or kids. Some people buy the food grade and eat it, and give it to their pets to get rid of parasites. If you want to do that do some search on the topic.home made bug killer

You can dust pet beds and rugs if there are fleas. You can also dust your pet’s fur, avoiding the face.

I have used it for house spiders too. I have dusted around the edge of the bed sheet with it, and under the bed, as spiders like to bite. Ugh!

It can be used for bed bugs. I haven’t had to try that application – whew! I would seek professional advice if I needed to.

Liquid soap  – as made above – with one part to about eight parts water in a spray bottle with 10 drops peppermint oil, will kill most bugs. I used to have more bugs coming in (crickets, centipedes, the garden variety). I spray around the door outside and they don’t come near it.

A Rescue Blanket Will Help Keep Heat Out

These are at the dollar stores. If you have a large window that is positioned to heat up a room, you can tape one up over the whole window. They let light in, but will make a significant difference to the temperature inside.keep heat out

This is not home decor and it might look weird to the neighbors but your room will be ten to fifteen degrees cooler. I began using them because the owners here butchered the shade trees that made a tight canopy which covered all the big windows.

They tear easily, but work.

Thrift Store Clothing

Thrift store clothing should be washed separately and immediately. It should be put in a hot dryer for an hour. This heat will kill bed bugs, just in case.

Bed bugs can come into your home via new clothes too. New clothes may be saturated with pesticides so I always wash them before wearing.

Natural Wood Polish, Homemade

I buy organic coconut oil for cooking. A tablespoon in a saucer with a couple of drops of lavender oil is enough to polish my furniture. Use any oil scent you like!

Essential oils seem expensive but half an ounce will last a long time. The cheap oils are just perfumed -er – cheap oils!

essential oil kit
Get the USDA Certified Organic

Essential oil quality isn’t well regulated. “Therapeutic grade” and “natural” don’t mean much. I recommend the Certified Organic.

I keep old cotton socks for polishing wood. I put it over my hand and I can then get into the carved or small places.

These tips will really trim your budget down a lot.

Homemade cleaners are so much better for the environment too!

Do you have any ideas you would like to add to this? Please share in the comment section!

save money tips

Are you wondering how I learned to write a blog like this?


Make A Living On Your Computer

retirement rv parks

Make A Living On Your Computer

If someone told you there is a way to learn how to make a living on your computer, you would want to know about it, wouldn’t you?

Probably anyone would look into that, and especially if you’re at or near retirement age. You look forward to getting away from the nine to five life.

You want to know the ways you can earn some income either at home – or maybe while traveling – doesn’t that sound good?

home sign

All the posts on this blog present a different aspect, or piece of the big picture about starting an online based business for seniors, or for anyone who needs to, or prefers to work at home.

There is training available for building a web-worthy blog which you can build upon to bring in pretty decent revenue once your site has gained presence.

This training is available at Wealthy Affiliate and I will explain how it will help you learn the real way to blog and connect with vendors of products, digital information packages, and services.

There is a volume of creators and vendors who will share revenue with you if you send buyers their way.

How can you? With your blog!

home office
Learn to blog properly.

But you need to know where to start, right?

I bet you’ve seen dozens of sites telling you how to make a million, or hundreds per day, all automatic, “set and forget”.

Those cons are annoying aren’t they? Leave your intelligence at the door :).

And I’ve bought a couple of those myself. (Cringe!)

So you can simply start where you are. At whatever degree of experience you have – which may be none – working with your computer.

You’ve got a computer, an internet connection, and you’ve got time.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got time to waste.

No time to waste!

That’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate University for the ideal instruction in how to blog and earn money.

You can CLICK to go there right now for no cost and look around at the training classes.

And DO a bunch of them. For real.

Because you don’t want to get scammed do you? I can promise you that unlike the hundreds of scams on the web, this site has been delivering the good stuff for years, and it has a top reputation.

How To Make Money Without Leaving The House


If you’re unable to leave the house to work anymore, or have started to think ahead about working differently when you reach retirement age, you need get the best available training to build a marketing business on line.

You may be that person who, with or without any experience doing business with a website or other computer uses, will learn exactly how to set up a blog or a few, with the correct attributes for monetizing, or, making money.

hands at laptop keyboard

That must sound pretty exciting to you if you’ve worked the nine to five most of your adult life and have taken all the hits from the economic disasters.

That goal can be realized and it depends on you being able to set up a web site correctly.

Reports say that millions of baby boomers are retiring with barely enough income to live on. That’s really sad and kind of scary isn’t it?

Reading all those reports of seniors living on or way below the poverty line led me to write Not Enough Money In Retirement.

(That post points you to many details of how to learn to make a business oriented web site. It also features the portability of a business run from your computer.)

 Make Money While Traveling Around The World


I became interested in marketing with a blog a few years ago. It seemed I kept reading about this and the success some entrepreneurs had, and they were mostly in places far away from where I was in North America. One prominent trainer lived in SE Asia with her baby then went on the move after growing from a poverty existence to great success from making and selling websites.

world map painted on hands

Through her marketers forum I met other people who were helpful, but were way ahead of me – why?

Because they could build their own websites. And I was using a free Blogger blog. I couldn’t do much with it, it was one long journal with the earlier posts disappearing at the bottom.

Blogger is different now and it’s great for hobby blogging. It is not impossible to make some money with that platform, but WordPress, used at Wealthy Affiliate, is easier to configure for marketing.

You just have to know how!

You can start learning now with no up front cost.


And I mean you get true free use of the huge Wealthy Affiliate training community!

The beginner classrooms are open to you for seven days.

Take advantage!

Give yourself as many hours as you can with them!

In the community you can discuss your goals and dreams with site owners from Australia, the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, North America, the UK and Europe.

You get the benefits of their experiences and companionship. That’s a true bonus right there, isn’t it?

The following stories about some senior friends of mine are examples of retirement living. Your goals are unique and I hope to inspire you to shape them further.

Make Money While Traveling In Your Rv


I knew one couple who had retired, sold their home and then they bought a comfortable RV. They travel during most of the year but have favorite places where they may stay for a while.

motor home in high country

They are also properly trained bloggers and can add to their retirement income with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate income comes from commissions paid to you when you have a reader from your blog click over to a retailer site and make a purchase.


You can GO HERE for an in-depth review of the biggest and most user-friendly training site for affiliate marketing web site construction.


This lifestyle allowed them to roam and see many places they had always wanted to visit. They could navigate the country along any route they liked, visiting family and friends on the way.

Is that freedom or isn’t it?

I know another retired person who lives in his trailer home and does day trading. He is free to travel while working daily.

Many RV parks have permanent living spots and some have a restaurant and community center. Wifi is everywhere!

Retirement RV Living


Retirement RV living is a lifestyle choice with its unique set of pros and cons just like any other.

It could be a fulfilling option for many years and its stresses probably stem from the same causes as those that occur when you live in one spot – not enough money.

Which is a problem you can solve!

(My other article about RV living is HERE. More details for you if that’s an area of interest!)

Extra money increases options and options are…Fun!

Have you ever taken an RV vacation (or a barge tour or river cruise…Any kind of vaycay) and thought “yeah I could just keep on going with this!”.

And you could if you had an extra income from working in your home with effectively designed web sites, whether it’s in your RV or dream country cottage.

If you’re going to be working after full retirement age, you can enhance your lifestyle enormously if you know how to profit with a blog.  At home, on RV trips…in all the places you could possibly be!

river at Prague tour boat

Think back on your favorite vaycays – can you imagine doing them again while posting to a blog two or three times a week?

And reading and commenting on your fellow bloggers’ sites?

(Adding comments to blog posts and getting others to comment on yours is one technique to improve your site and its presence on line. Just one of the many things you can learn.

And a tremendous advantage is having a community for that.)

Quick recap:

  • Get started for free
  • Build two practice WordPress web sites the right way (part of the free trial)
  • Take real classroom lessons and apply them as you set up your blog
  • Enjoy the support of a friendly community while you learn

Click here to start your adventure – learn to build a professional blog on your computer with Wealthy Affiliate.

What’s your retirement dream? Please do tell me and my readers, we’d love to hear about it. (Use the box below).

And feel free to ask any questions too!


How To Be Your Own Boss Online

how to be your own boss online

Have you wondered about how to be your own boss online?

I’ll bet almost everyone has wished once or many times that they could be their own boss. Anyone can, if they are interested in learning how to work with a blog and make money.

Could that become full time? It most certainly can if an individual loves the challenge of building a website, or blog, and adds content about a specific item or type of item (called a niche, or small piece of the market) that is sold by a retailer.

When a reader follows a link from said blog to the retailer and purchases, the site owner gets a commission. This can be done on a small scale or a large scale. Entrepreneurs online may be making a few hundred dollars a month from each of their dozens of affiliate sites.

How To Make Income Online From Home

I outline the details in Getting Started (you can just go there now   and this page will stay open for you to come back to). You can begin for free, for your own boss set coffee breaks

In a nutshell:

  • Yes you do need a website
  • At Wealthy Affiliate you can build two trial websites with access to the “how to” training
  • You will learn all about affiliate marketing, and earning commissions from products purchased from you
  • The specific instruction on how to write great product reviews is taught
  • You can view the Q&A list of thousands of newbies who have gone before you

How To Make Money Selling Products From Home

I have placed two links below in order to demonstrate two different benefits of Wealthy Affiliate University. The first is that I personally do not have any experience selling from Ebay yet.

And the second is, that the more experienced members of the community add training posts on specific topics and in that way they share their own successes. Working as an affiliate with Ebay is one way you can sell products from your own boss at home with ebay

So just as another member might share the details about some pointers I write about, I have a volume of information to share also.

Make Money On Ebay Part One

Make Money Online With Ebay Section Two

You might want to bookmark this post so you can see that instruction again, once you’ve built a trial website on Wealthy Affiliate, and you begin to organize your blog for future monetization (the make money part!).

Niche Products To Sell Online

The best niche  products (corner of the market) for you to sell online are a product or a line of products that you really love and have appreciated for their quality and use.

Just to spur your imagination, here are a few I’ve marketed successfully:

  • Satin ballet pointe shoes
  • Vitamins for high blood pressure
  • Flexibility exercises for seniors
  • Vitamins for heart health
  • Healthy oils for a good memory
  • A muscle roller for tension release
  • Stretching exercises for golfers

That is the short list of mine. What is your list? What do you love to buy or wish you could buy?

The picture of the Classical Stretch DVD below is from Amazon. This is how you would use it, as an amazon affiliate: you would post it and embed a link going to your amazon page. A customer would buy it, and amazon would credit you with that commission earned on the sale.

In other words if you buy it, I will get a small referral fee. That’s my “affiliate disclosure statement” which you should see anywhere a blogger is an affiliate marketer.

exercises for seniors for bone buildingAmazon provides easy to get links to any product you review once you have signed up as an affiliate.

One of my favorite bloggers makes tote bags and sells them online. If you are a crafter maybe you have stuff to sell and will love that venue. Another skillful person I know sells aprons on Etsy.

See how I’m linking them here? I am not marketing their wares, but I could, and those links to them are useful in the same way that the links you will use to market products made by others will be useful to you.

Probably the biggest retailer you could market for is Amazon. You can become an affiliate with your country’s amazon and amazons in other regions. I go over the main retailers HERE and it’s well worth a read!

This post is an overview, and every post on this site (except the one about reverse mortgages) is geared to help you see how you can work at home, especially if you have to work at home.

Please leave any questions or comments below. I’d love to hear from you and help you further if I can!


Senior Low Income Living

low income senior living

Senior Low Income Living – Who Is Ready To Stop Working?

The topic of senior low income living can refer to many things. Some seniors can no longer enjoy luxuries like a yearly cruise or fly to a far away resort, unless they continue to work full time.

Yet the majority live way below an income that is even comfortable. Tens of millions cannot retire at the full retirement age, and need to plan for when they cannot work at all. This article will help you with getting a picture of how you can earn income on the internet – no scam! – and how you can get started with a ton of training for no cost, no payment information asked for.

At an article states that ” A private room in a Virginia nursing home would now cost $82,125 a year; in 10 years, the price tag goes up to $133,773.”

That is one example of living in retirement and it is irrelevant to the many seniors who are trying to figure out how to retire sometime in the future. Their budget isn’t anywhere near that amount!

So what is relevant to you right now? Something like:

  • Will I (we) need to sell our home and move into something much smaller?
  • Is there a better city for me/us to live in on a low income?
  • Is a senior community of folks about my age better – and will the cost be low enough?
  • Is my neighborhood still as safe as it was when I/we chose it or should we change?
  • Can I/we still live close to the family?
  • How will I get assistance for living if I need it?

In Portland Oregon a 55+ community living center starts at $695 a month. In Algonquin, Illinois, near Chicago, “low income affordable” units start at $2153. Yikes!

I Need Help For Rent!

If you search “rent help for low income seniors” you will find many sites for applying for government assistance to subsidize your rent or monthly utility bills. It would be good to examine all of these and see if there is any program you should get into.need help with rent!

Waiting lists for subsidized housing can be years long, so apply now!

In a recent article on this website I talk about ways to learn how to start a home business with blog writing for money. Click here if you’d like to see my recommendations.

This entire website is dedicated to showing seniors (and the disabled) ways to make money at home on the internet. And every aspect is covered.

All my articles take you to a world class training site where you can learn every detail right from scratch, about building a good website and choosing venues that will lead you to earn commissions from retailers or single vendors.

Still Working But Want To Retire?|

Millions of seniors have not been able to save the $1,500,000.00 amount recommended to live in retirement, at about 65% of the annual income they used to have.

Many seniors keep their jobs after full retirement age and save their social security benefits as best they can for a few years. That’s a very small safety net compared to 1.5 million dollars.

Some opt for a reverse mortgage of their home to increase their income. Read about reverse mortgage risks here, and view your choices with the help of an attorney.

Many don’t have a problem with keeping a roof over their head, but would like to enjoy their senior years with a challenging and exciting business they can do at home or from on the move – and that’s why I would like to help you with this information.

What Is The Process To Build A Website

What Is The Process To Build A Website?

If you have never worked with a website, never mind built one for yourself this can be an intimidating idea. Your solution is to get what you need for:

  • Website building tools for free
  • Internet marketing strategies for a small business
  • Get it from proven internet marketing strategy specialists
  • Learn true beginner internet marketing training so you don’t fail
  • Discover what are the the best affiliate commissions you can earn with a blog

Here are the details I’ve outlined for you about Wealthy Affiliate University  – Click!- a huge educational site with not only video classrooms that take you through each building block of a website, but support you with thousands of Q&A’s on every topic.

This website is “alive” meaning it is updated daily because the internet how to’s change from time to time. Also the site owners improve it for users continually.

You will first get a free online internet marketing course with no personal details asked except for what you feel like sharing within the community.

After training and building TWO trial websites (for free!) and gain insight as to how you can become a professional blogger, you can elect to continue training at the rate of $49.00 a month for access to the volume of tutorials, and the new weekly webinars.

Click here for the best free internet marketing training online!

If you have any questions or comments about this training please leave it below! I will get back to you.


Do Youtube Videos Make Money

do youtube videos make money

Do YouTube Videos Make Money

Often readers have asked me do youTube videos make money? I’m not a video maker myself but I think I’m missing out on something.

So here’s another question for today: have you made slime yet? Stay with me because I’m going to illustrate something important about how youTube videos do make money.

A lot of money, for some.

Need A Quick Slime Recipe?

If you senior readers here have grandkids, I bet you’re way more clued into the Slime Phenomena than I am.

In fact, I only just heard about this morning on Bill Handel’s radio show. I’m driving along as usual watching the crazy traffic on the way to work and the word “slime” keeps tapping at my awareness.

a quick slime recipe

 Then I hear the phrase “six figure income” and I start paying attention! It turns out that Karina Garcia, a twenty three year old woman in Southern California has retired her parents and siblings and bought a huge family home for her family.

And right now there’s a run on Elmer’s Glue, one of the slime ingredients. The Elmer’s Glue website and the Michael’s craft store website now show recipes for slime.

Does Karina make slime? No. Does she sell other people’s slime?


Ms. Garcia started a youTube account and began uploading videos about different slime recipes, the ingredients in slime recipes, and much more.

She is now making between $100,000.00 and $200,000.00 a month! From YouTube.

Here is one of her videos about a quick slime recipe:

And as of today, this video has had 3,379,594 views! And Ms. Garcia has a couple of hundred videos!

Why did she do this? Because Slime has been around for years. It first showed up on Nikelodeon.

And how does she make the money?

Huge corporations, one being Coca Cola for example, pay youTube for advertising on her videos because they draw a lot of views.

And Ms. Garcia gets a cut.

Best Home Online Jobs

This story shows us how making youTube videos is obviously one of the best home online jobs.

tiny home office

The idea is to make videos about an ongoing “hit” product. You don’t have to own, sell it, MLM it, make a rip-off version of it or even write about it.

Bets are though, you will at some point want to make a website to help increase a retirement income.

So here’s a plan – learn how seniors can make money online with a website, marketing a product. Someone else’s product…This is called affiliate marketing.

You can test drive some classes and experience a training community for free, to see if this would inspire you to build a business blog.





The Slime opportunity has been taken up by many other video makers, but you may have a high interest in something very different anyway.

You can go here to learn about promoting Clickbank products  . Those are digital instant download informational packages on thousands of topics. You are probably quite knowledgeable in a few of them!

For example a popular one is about woodworking. And then think about the potential for related videos. It could start at building a workbench exclusively for wood working. I’m no expert but per my imagination you’ll need:

  • A good place in the home or
  • A good place in the garage
  • Maybe a garden shed workshop
  • Good lighting
  • Perhaps an electrical source
  • Good ventilation because you may use wood glues or paints/varnishes

O.K., there are six videos right there. You would want to watch a

promote Clickbank products wood working

lot of wood working videos to see how you can present a unique angle to your viewers.

Increase A Retirement Income

Look at popular wood works and dissect them for your viewers. If you know a lot about wood working you’ll come up with many more ideas than I ever could.

These videos can be short. They can link to your website, and your website can link to them.

On your website you could also promote wood working products or designs from:

  • Amazon
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s

and more! You can become an affiliate marketer for those stores and earn commissions when a shopper goes to the vendors through links on your site.

That’s a lot to take in right?

And how do you get started? At Wealthy Affiliate you get a free trial – no payment method asked for, nothing – seven days where you can view hours of lessons AND you can put together a real practice website which you can later convert to your own dot com.

Please if you find a better deal than that, let me know!

Source of top image.

click on square to make money
Click on the square to start today!



Health Benefits Of Working At Home

health benefits of working at home

What Are The Health Benefits of Working At Home?

I imagine there are a million answers about the health benefits of working at home, considering that millions of people might want to make money from their home and quit their job right now.

Ready to get started making money with a blog now? Learn about it HERE.

I’m not talking about remote work as an employee – I’m referring to you being your own boss. Imagine these health benefits:

  • Fall asleep when you are naturally sleepy and get enough sleep
  • Wake up with no stress
  • Prepare a breakfast from fresh food and eat it in a relaxed manner
  • Take a walk/exercise/do yoga/run/swim
  • Make another “cuppa” and call your mom/child/friend for a quick chat

See where I’m going with this? Doesn’t that sound amazingly relaxed? Good for your health?health benefits work at home

The work at home choice can be really good for you. Of course there is still some pressure to w.o.r.k.!

It’s different pressure when it is self imposed, right? You don’t have a job, or maybe you are at the preparing to retire stage. Planning to figure out a self-employed gig you can actually pull off?

Kiss the commute goodbye? Seriously is this ever going to be possible?

This whole wonderful and somewhat scary idea isn’t a fairy tale, if you get your ducks lined up properly. And I am going to tell you where you can learn how to do that!

10 Advantages Of Working At Home

I still have a job, but I can picture the day when I won’t. I am making progress toward matching my job salary with my commissions earned from blog writing.

  1. As a senior I have varying sleep patterns. This is normal, yet there’s that nine to five thing that really puts a damper on feeling good. I’d love to be paid for opening the office at five in the morning when I’m feeling wide awake and heading out for the house at two in the afternoon.

So, yes I’d love to set my own hours! You too?

2. I learned from a pretty scary mid-life health crisis that it is better to buy fresh foods and avoid the packaged, chemical-laden frozen boxed foods, or discount store pesticide laden produce. The drug and antibiotic fed meat sources aren’t so good either.

I need more time to shop in a healthy manner and prepare fresh meals. And eat when I’m hungry, and not eat if I’m not. Cooked, raw, smoothie, whatever.  Aren’t personal choices healthier in general?better health with fresh fruit

I spend half a day on a weekend preparing food to take to work the following week. I’d love to see friends and family more rather than doing that.

3. The car. Thirteen years old and going well, but I’m not going to be silly and buy a new one. So I’d love to drive it less. I’d save on gas too. Giving up that mileage to work and back would lower my insurance costs too. Big advantage!

4. Scheduling doctor and dentist appointments when I need them and not put them off until a day when I lose the least work time.

5.Referring to the internet training system I use, Wealthy Affiliate,  whenever I need to. Sometimes in the middle of my work day – Pop! – a light bulb goes on about improving a certain aspect of my websites. I want to stop everything and log on to consult one of the experts in the community.

I’d love to be able to seize those visionary moments! Carpe momentum!

6. Working when I darn well feel like it.  It’s not like I don’t think a scheduled time or a measure of discipline doesn’t matter. It does. Yet, if I get an idea for blog content late at night, and I have the energy to start a draft, I want to! Without worrying about maybe sleeping a little later.

It is beneficial to get a routine into place, yet also good when you can take a break if you need to.

I’d love to have that advantage for the odd times when such an inspiration just shows up.

7. Exercisekey in the health benefits of working at home. Whether you go to a gym or work out at home, it is your choice, how and when.

8. Clothing – professional dress code attire costs. I’m done! I would love to have more money for the occasional day trip or other occasions. Or, just save it!

9. Work station. Sometimes my table, sometimes my couch. The patio! I decided to learn how to find keywords one day with the cool breeze wafting by and the birds singing above. Keywords bring readers to your blog and just click on that blue link to find out about those!

I mostly work on my laptop but sometimes I like to watch the Video Classrooms at Wealthy Affiliate on my television – love the big screen for the details about online training for the web. Click on that link, if you’re warming up to this exciting idea of the senior jobs in retirement that are actual work at home activities.

10.  Mobility. Taking my laptop to a cafe, the library or the park. It is just great to go to an environment where I talk to people and get ideas for and work online

This includes out of town trips, and dog sitting or house sitting at another location. Your writing and publishing routines are never interrupted!

Freedom! What an advantage!

An Easy Internet Business Start

My article about the Wealthy Affiliate training advantages is here. I call it easy because:

  • It is a living website, updated daily by the owners and expert members.
  • Because it is not stale, there is no constant un-learning and re-training involved
  • Easy because there is a Classroom Lesson for each necessary step taken to build a website
  • Accessible to anyone – no cost to try out building two practice websites and getting them online
  • Able to view hundreds of FAQ’s about making money online details

You can investigate this world class training about marketing online with a free trial. CLICK To Get started right here.

Here is another valuable health tip – “Bone Marrow Broth Benefits“.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please contact me below!


Learn To Find Keywords

learn to find keywords

How Does A New Blogger Learn To Find Keywords?

This site is focused on helping seniors, the disabled, and anyone who needs or wants to work from home and make money by marketing products or information on the internet. If you have already started on this venture, and want to know how to profit from a blog, you must learn how to find keywords.

Keywords are the words that people enter into a Google, Bing, or Yahoo (and there are other search engines that are used) search field. These words connect a seeker with websites that give information containing those words or similar words and phrases.

When you search for an item like “how to find the best keywords for your site”,  you are transferred to a “SERP”

learn keywords for internet marketing
Help people shop online!

or “search engine results page” with a list of informational websites. You can then click and read the best content, which shows on the first page.

This is well ranked content, because it has used well chosen keywords which have connected you to the site. This is how internet marketing works!

How To Find Keywords For Blogging

If you click here to my Getting Started post (this tab will stay open so you can click right back!) and zip to the bottom, you’ll see a graphic showing the Wealthy Affiliate System Starter Account benefits and to the right, Premium (paid) Account benefits.

In the free – absolutely zero cost – trial account for the best training for a work at home job, you will see on the left, the Keyword Research Tool, and in the next column, that you get Thirty Free Searches with this time-saving software to help you get good keywords as you build your blog.

(Also note on that page, there is much more instruction on how to earn from a blog)

The two most important factors with keywords are:

  • How many monthly searches show for a word or phrase
  • The competition (number of sites showing results for that keyword or phrase) you would be up against

The highest search number with the lowest competition number could be a very good word or phrase to choose.

How To Use Keywords For Your Website

If you don’t have any idea of how to design your own website for free, take a moment to go here to and read about a step by step website builder. You will see how easy it is to start creating blogs with two opportunities to practice, and hours of classroom instruction to help you understand all the components to use keywords for your webite

Once you have found a list of keywords related to a niche or topic you are interested in marketing, you want to make the most of them!

In the free starter trial with Wealthy Affiliate you will find out how, and how much to use your keyword/phrase in your content, meaning, each and every blog post you write.

Using a keyword or phrase in every paragraph you write, for example, is considered Spam by the search engines. Your pages and posts will not rank well. In other words, they will stay hidden in the back pages.

Using your chosen words in a natural conversational way at approximately every three hundred words throughout your information is acceptable.

Keywords and phrases are but one factor in your blog writing. Most important is your actual content. If it is informative and well organized (another free lesson at Wealthy Affiliate University) it will gain favor with readers and search engines alike.

Beginner Internet Marketing Training

I am assuming that you are a senior, a disabled person (or both) or someone who is looking at retiring in the next few years, with not enough money. Yet, anyone can decide to start blogging with the hope of increasing their income, at any time.

The desire and need to work online at home can lead to much time and money waste as you step on the land mines of work at home scams.

I have mentioned Wealthy Affiliate a few times in this post because it is a top of the line teaching system that updates constantly so that you can do your best. My full review of it is here.

To avoid scams, ignore keywords like these – that I found while searching “how to make money at home online”:

  • How to make quick money

    no free overnight money

  • Totally free home based jobs (what’s totally free?)
  • Loans disabled vets (can only be a trap)
  • Make money online free and fast

There are many more of that ilk. Keyword searches are fascinating!

Nothing is overnight. You may take advantage of the free websites I’ve talked about and work at them according to your own pace. Free, meaning, no addition to your usual expenses of internet service and owning a computer.

There are a few more ways to learn to find keywords. Click here to view a real lesson where Kyle, one of the Wealthy Affiliate owners and trainers says ” In this training I am going to show you how you can use a free Google Search within any niche to find an unlimited number of highly sought after keywords. ”

You will be surprised at how easy this technique of how to find keywords for blogging is!

I hope you enjoy that! I’d love to know what you think of this information, so please feel free to leave a comment or question below.


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System

Clickbank logo

What is The ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System

The ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System connects the creators of digital products (e-books) that cover a huge range of products, with buyers looking for the information. What is the ClickBank marketing system? I discuss it below.


ClickBank has twenty three categories of “niches” or topics to promote. The authors of these items have already produced Pitch Pages, or sales pages, where a blogger sends readers, to buy the product.


This blogger is an affiliate marketer. For example, in the gardening niche, here’s a blog  Off Grid Lifestyle. Click on that blue link  and take a quick look.


The top post shows an amazon link (another affiliate program), but most of the links on the blog go to a ClickBank sales page.


Click on the yummy picture of vegetables to the right. It will open to the sales page. If you were to buy the digital ebook, the blogger would get a commission on the $39.97 USD sale.


ClickBank commissions are often about 50%.


For my first few years in internet marketing I sold only ClickBank products. And that was well worth my time! How did I learn to do that? I was introduced to an affiliate marketing training site to which I still belong. I was able to test drive it with a free account. Maybe you will too? 



Best Affiliate Program Commission


ClickBank truly offers a great opportunity for seniors, the disabled, and any individuals who want to start affiliate marketing with a website.



clickbank affiliate marketing system
ClickBank will help you

The worried face in the picture is a person who wants to learn to work on the internet. There are three links to click on in that place on the site. They are:

“The basics about being a ClickBank affiliate”


“This guide”  which is going to walk you through signing up


“This article” which explains how earnings are calculated as you refer buyers


Signing up is typical in that ClickBank needs your personal information in order to pay you!


You don’t even have to tell them all of it right away, but once you’ve made some money and want to receive your commissions, you will then complete your tax information.

Baby Boomer Discrimination


We have all heard of ageism in the workplace. To my astonishment, in 2015 Joanna Lahey  at PBS reported that age discrimination starts as low as thirty-five years of age.


What hope does a senior or disabled person have if they’re searching the top jobs for retirees?


However, if an individual decides to take the plunge and learn something like the ClickBank affiliate marketing system, he or she can avoid the baby boomer discrimination, or any kind of exclusion in the opportunity.


How to do business online from home is a big topic, yet training is available. I have written an article that covers the following topics:

  • ClickBank Affiliate Marketing – Newbies
  • Must Have Affiliate Marketing Tools!
  • Online Business For Seniors”


and this page is here to bring those ideas together.

Internet Business Ideas – Women


And from the PBS article mentioned above – “Editor’s Note: Older women workers now make up half of the long-term unemployed.”

older women laid off
Sixty percent less likely to be called for a job interview.


I highly recommend ClickBank as a venue for one of seniors biggest problems – first in line for lay-offs. Anyone who has had a job knows how discreetly discrimination can be applied in the workplace jungle.


A quick look down the categories of topics here reveals the variety that might be of particular interest to women, or to men, and their gender’s knowledge and experience.


As well,  there  are many common to all. That is not to say that any topic, or niche is gender specific but let’s face it, the genders (all of them) have more hands on history with different areas of life.


To add something important, affiliate marketing is an Equal Pay income potential. No seventy-three cent dollar or equivalent that women in most places receive in commissions!

Beginner Internet Marketing Training


There are no totally free home based jobs. However, you can start

blog writing for money
Learn blogging!

some training with no cost on top of your:

  • Computer
  • Internet service
  • Power source
  • Time and place to sit and learn


You can find out what a basic website is like and how you set it up to start talking (writing in a relaxed conversational manner) about your chosen niche or product.

What Are The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing?


The best answer to that is, the niches that hold your highest interest, topics you can really talk up a storm about that you love to share with people. And I bet you can find some on Clickbank.


Look at all the categories that interest you. Seek results by the Popularity “High To Low” filter.


You will see the products with the highest commissions (some as high as 75%). Click on their titles to see the sales pages, and read all the way down. Some are a tad over-the-top but do well.


One warning: some ClickBank vendors give their affiliate marketers sales pages that are “booby-trapped”. For example:

  • Your reader clicks from your blog page to the vendor’s offer page
  • Right at the top is an email address capture box (for a free sample maybe)
  • You have now lost that reader which YOU referred to the vendor


Thus the vendor benefits from your work, and you don’t get a commission.


Just don’t promote products that have these “leaks” from you to the vendor.


Most sales pages only give “Add to cart” buttons that go to the Buy page which tracks back to you.


Vendors certainly can promote their products with as many websites as they like. They do compete with their affiliates. But mostly not as I described above.


You will have a nickname of your choosing associated with your a ClickBank account, and an additional ID for every product you promote, if you wish.


That is so you can tell which products are selling best.


Get the benefits of free introductory and professional training by clicking over to a site that teaches you how to blog for money.






This  is for everyone who wants to increase their income by working at home on their computer.


Next, you can prepare a website for your ClickBank affiliate marketing system.


This training will explain every detail you need to know to lay the foundation for this business model.



button prompt 


I’d love to know what you think of this. Please leave me any questions or comments below!

Related material:

Is Profitorial Worth It – Or Is It A Scam


Not Enough Money In Retirement

not enough money

“Not Enough Money In Retirement”? Need help?

how to learn on the internet“Are you talking to me? You bet I do not have enough money in retirement!”

If you have never worked on the internet, never started a blog, never heard of keywords or search engine optimization – fear not!

I am going to help you with all of those things right now. First a little about me that I didn’t divulge on my About Me page.

What I didn’t really ‘fess up to on that page is, I really needed a “for dummies” training ten years ago. I would have saved so much time and money if I had known what I needed. I knew I would not have a high enough income to retire, and I did lose traction seeking the real “how-to”.

Internet Marketing For A Work From Home Business

I guarantee* you will not waste time and money like I did.

(I’m not calling you Dummy, please don’t think that. But I know there’s nothing like starting out trying to learn the in’s and out’s of blog writing for money to make you feel dumb!)

You came here for a personal reason today. Perhaps you’re:

  • Unemployed
  • Under-employed (had your hours cut)
  • Want to start a business
  • Senior jobs after retirement is a topic on your mind
  • How to earn from a blog – you want to know!
  • Income after retirement – you know you won’t have enough
  • Average income – retirees – you’ve read about it and it’s a nightmare
  • Making a little money blogging and you’d like to up your game
  • You are officially or unofficially disabled and need to increase ss income

I don’t use the word “guarantee*” lightly. I don’t know what anyone besides myself can or will do about learning, applying, improving their skills or helping others too.

Not Enough Work At Home Jobs

This factor really should be overcome in this day and age. I know a few people who can easily do ninety percent of their job at home except “they want me to go in for these stupid meetings”.

What’s stupid is not the fact of meetings, but that the meetings can all be done via skype or some other

not enough work at home jobs
Work at home seniors!

electronic means, as you enjoy your morning coffee. But the corporate model demands close supervision and control of people, so perhaps this will never happen.

Recently at Online Work For The Disabled  I cautioned job seekers to look closely at “work at home” job ads at Monster .com as some required a “% of travel”.

Yet there are senior citizen business opportunities – internet business for seniors!

You can click around this website and every article and page is directly related to online business for seniors, the disabled, those seeking encore careers after 50, or 60, or a person of any situation who simply wants to learn how to make a website that they can market from.

Internet Marketing Online Specialists

I have found a top of the line training school where you can learn from tried and proven specialists, how to

online marketing specialists
Learn from specialists!

start, earn while you learn, just keep getting better at providing information to people who are shopping, looking for the best deal or specialty product, and who knows – you may be that person who has exactly the info they’re seeking.

They will buy the item they want, and clicking through to the purchase from your website earns you a commission.

This internet marketing academy is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can read a review about it here. If you want to try out that system (no cost to you) I’ll see you there!

Do I Need A Website To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

Technically, you don’t but I highly recommend it as it is the best way to create a business that will develop and last for years. Wealthy Affiliate will provide two free websites for you, and show you how to build them properly.

So once you’ve logged in to start with some free instruction (exactly the same as what the paid members start with) and you get a blog going, what connects prospective buyers with your site?

Keywords! Keywords are the words people “google” or search with online. There is a method for you to find these keywords.

How To Find The Best Keywords For Your Site

There are a few techniques you will learn, to find keywords. For example: search “patio umbrellas” and most likely amazon, Target, Walmart, and Home Depot will show. Your little blog will be down below, or several pages in. Invisible!

But, if you have an article about “wooden framed canvas patio umbrellas”, buyers looking for that particular item can find your article and consequently click over to wherever you have affiliated.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword tool for their members. This tool saves a lot of time for bloggers to

seo classroom video
Click on the picture for a class!

pinpoint the best keywords/phrases that they need to write into their article content, and use in the title. In the trial period, you will have thirty searches with their keyword software to search.


This video class is about how to set up a “plug in” – a tool that automates the search engines’ (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) ease of finding your site. It uses the keywords in your title and description of your blog to signal your presence on the web.

You will further help your web presence by adding posts with helpful content – two or three per week – that will raise the value, or ranking of your site. Ranking is where the search engines put your site or posts, and the front page is where we all want to be!

By the way Kyle, who you hear talking on the video class, and who you can see in the picture is one of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. He is very active on the site.

How To Find Images For Your Website

The image at the top of this article is from the Pixabay site. Those images are royalty free and can be used

images for your site
Photo by me!

without attribution. I use a lot of them and I (look right) put an attribution on the sidebar of my site.

You can use your own images too. Here’s a tip I learned a little late in the game – size your images before uploading them to the post!

The cool thing is, I learned that at Wealthy Affiliate, and I found out there are several ways to do it. There are a few lessons in the training that detail the best use of images.

What Is The Best Affiliate Program Commission?

That will be the topic of my next post. I don’t mean to tease, so my answer to that question is Clickbank. There’s quite a bit to say about it, it’s a great opportunity, and if you’ve decided to look into affiliate marketing to remedy not having enough money in retirement, you will want to know about Clickbank.

So click over to Wealthy Affiliate University and get a head start!

Please leave any questions or comments below. I will get back to you, and I’d love to hear from you.


Baby Boomers Killed America

senior working at home

Newsflash – Baby Boomers Killed America! Say what?

I was just researching an entirely different topic about baby boomers (that being baby boomers need more money, continued below) and discovered that there are Baby Boomer haters on the internet. Shocking…

…and Laughable! What a crazy premise, that Baby Boomers killed America. Here are a few of their other stunning headlines:

  • The baby boomers have ruined the world
  • Baby boomers need to die
  • Baby boomers are the problem
  • There is a Baby Boomers social security problem

There is more of that venomous ilk. I referred to a specific boomer-blaming article in a previous article HERE.

I wonder if this hating would apply in the same way to the disabled, or disabled vets, who require social services and health care – aren’t they also a “social security problem”?

This is just the weirdest mindset, to my way of thinking. Applying logic to this premise, then, the current Baby Boomer haters are saying that when they reach retirement age and collect their Social Security benefits, they too, will be “destroying America”. Nutty!

The Baby Boomer Economic Impact

In the US and in all countries the Baby Boomers have a positive economic impact. Those who can, travel a great deal, prospering local and far away economies. Airlines, trains, bus tours, hotels, restaurants, taxi cabs, car/boat/bicycle rentals, tour guides, museums, cruise ships, et al, would not agree that retirees “need to die”.

senior makes economic impact
Homeless vet was a volunteer caretaker.

Many retired people are active as volunteers in their communities, while they are busy “destroying” their country with every breath they take.

Those who cannot afford any luxuries still consume for their basic needs.

And, don’t forget, those who receive Social Security or Old Age Pension benefits and who can’t afford to quit their jobs, still pay taxes! They are now paying tax for a second time on income previously earned, and they are contributing into the system at the same time.

Best Second Career For Baby Boomers


A new career for baby boomers is the topic I was researching for when I bumped into the hater material. Recently I became aware that a friend had become involved in an MLM (multi level marketing) business. He is past retirement age and still working full time.

I don’t recommend any MLM company as a good business in retirement. My reasons are:

  • You must pay monthly ($100 – $400 or equivalent is the usual) to stay in the system
  • You must buy the products whether you can sell them or not
  • You must attend rally-like trainings (your time, your car, your gas)
  • Many charge monthly for your “back office” web portal when you can create your own websites for free
  • They are called “home businesses” but you are never at home!

I used to work a couple of MLM businesses. I didn’t really get it that you pay them to LET YOU work for them.

Oh the irony! Here is a person who is old, still working and actually working twice as hard, and is paying out about one third of his social security benefits to be allowed to work!

One theoretical positive about MLM recruitment is that there is no senior age discrimination. They will take anyone’s money.

Seniors Working At Home Independently

“Juner” is an example of a senior making good on her retirement time. She lived with her daughter so she had room and board covered. She had 80% government health coverage but paid almost half of her monthly benefits to get the other 20% coverage.

Discover Ebay!

June liked to contribute to the household and had always been fiercely independent. (Later, the homeless vet in the picture above, “need to die” John, helped take care of her).

And Juner found ebay! She bought lot bags of scrap jewelry, and sold the valuable pieces separately and for profit. She nearly always found some gold or silver pieces in the bags, and even came across some with diamonds.

June worked online, at home, without incurring any major expenses. She paid to ship her jewelry, and that is all.

Ebay selling is just one of the ways a person at home can make money. I describe more ways here.

I consider Juner a blessing in my life. I’m so glad she’s among us, “destroying America”.

Disclosure: Juner and John are just a few years older than boomers, but I prefer to give examples from personal knowledge.

Why Choose Work At Home

the best jobs for baby boomers at home
Best second careers baby boomers at home

I have outlined some good jobs that can be worked at home here. These are employee jobs, and always check if a position requires you to go into the place of work.

I know I can only speak for myself, but I bet you can relate:

  • I have put a lot into my (now very down-sized) home and I like to be here
  • I appreciate my boss and job but I still want to retire
  • I think I have an edge on this ‘seniors working at home’ job because of Wealthy Affiliate website training
  • I need more money to put into some other creative ideas
  • I want to avoid senior age discrimination if I need an encore career
  • I want more time to visit (fill in your friend/family names _______) John and Juner

What Is The Best Free Internet Marketing Training Online?

This is very important. To be offered a real, not fake, free trial, is rare. And it’s gold!

  • A free trial where you don’t have to give payment information, and remember to cancel within X days
  • A free trial where you can investigate a huge training community with constant updates
  • Where you can participate in Live Feed questions and answers
  • View a couple of thousand Q & A’s about building websites for free

Here is my guide about how to get started with other seniors working at home.

Just for a laugh – here are a couple more hater headlines I found:

  • Boomers – selfish generation
  • Why are baby boomers so selfish

Unbelievable! But you know, there is still a Flat Earth society out there lol.

I hope you’ll leave any questions or comments below. I’d love to hear from you.


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