Skills Needed For Online Business

Skills Needed For Online Business

If you want to do business online, there is a skillset you can learn to accomplish this. It would be ideal to learn all the skills needed for online business in one place.

It would also be handy to have a community of people learning how to build a business on line to get feedback from as you go. That would help a lot, don’t you think?

It has been my experience that learning goes a lot faster and better progress is made, with daily help. Live chat and a huge list of hundreds of FAQs are great aids.

That’s one reason why I am happy to recommend the Wealthy Affiliate online business training for you to get the skills you need to gain a presence online.

A presence that will lead to earning an income.

You could break this down into four steps:

1. Sharing an interest on a blog by writing about it.

2. Getting traffic to your blog from readers who have the same interest

3. Giving referrals to your readers for products or services that enhance their interest

4. Earning commissions from vendors who supply items for that interest, or “niche”

These four steps describe affiliate marketing. Selling other people’s products.

You can also sell your own, be it a product or service.


weekly plan on board

How To Be Your Own Boss From Home

There is a tried and true way to study how to be your own boss from home. That is what I an going to outline in this post, for you.

That is the typical goal of many bloggers. To eventually retire from their day job and have enough income coming in from their marketing on line.

And this is truly possible. It takes study and planning just like any business plan. However, the trail has been blazed already.

You don’t have to be an explorer or pioneer. That’s the good news!

You do need to have consistency both in studying, and executing the skills you acquire. This is how you will see the results you want.

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How To Be Your Own Boss In 12 Months

Do you think you can learn how to be your own boss in 12 months? Do you even know what you need to know to do that?

I sure didn’t when I started out. I used a free Blogger blog (owned by Google) that was easy to use.

I was very consistent. I wrote a post five days a week and posted each one to about thirty article marketing sites.

Article marketing isn’t done so much anymore, but it got me a lot of readers then. I promoted a ClickBank digital book and made enough money to keep me interested.

You can CLICK HERE to read my article about ClickBank.

However, I became aware that I needed my own Dot Com, my own site.

Number 1. from above. I hit a wall. I had the interest. But no one could tell me how to make a web site!


And think about a passionate interest you have.

  • An activity
  • An area of study or philosophy
  • A genre of useful products, or just one item you could recommend to people

Keeping that in mind, click on the link just above, get your free account, and you can start making a blog.

You have already targeted your readership by choosing the focus of your site.

See how easy that is? You can do this!

Within the training in this expert community there are suggestions for writing schedules, how to use free tools on line like Google Analytics to track your progress, and how to continually improve your sites.

It seems realistic that you’ll be seeing income in 12 months. If you’re a beginner. Perhaps as much as a thousand dollars a month.

I can’t promise you that because it’s your hard work (or not) which will create your results.

For those of you who have experience with working on line already, or who have a full time study schedule, you will be able to learn how to be your own boss in 12 months.

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Join One Of The Top Online Writing Courses

Wealthy Affiliate University is considered one of the top online writing courses.

This is not academic, technical or creative writing, but the mode of communicating that is required for # 2 above.

Getting traffic. Getting visitors to your blog with a natural, conversational style of writing.

And the magic ingredient – keywords. Words to integrate into your conversation, words that people type into a search field to find you.

For more about that, you can click over to my article Learn To Find Keywords

And right here is another reason I recommend Wealthy Affiliate for a training and support community.

A keyword tool that you would otherwise have to pay for is included in the membership.

(It is called Jaaxy and you can CLICK HERE to look at it.)

Along with training on how to get the most benefits out of its use. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it?

Another incredible feature of membership is that your interaction with other members is designed to add to your blog’s traffic and value.

scrabble pieces spell keywords

I Want One Of Those Free Online Business Writing Courses

Would that be you? If so hang in here because I have great news.

For a seven day period, you can do 10 classrooms for free, no cost at all.

To see those 10 classes outlined, click here.

Even more, you can build two websites during that training. Isn’t that amazing?

Can I Avoid The Cost Of Making A Website

Let me recap so you can see the benefits here:

  • You can create a free starter account
  • You can view 10 classes with video, text instructions and lengthy discussion about details
  • You can build two sites which can become professional sites when you’re ready
  • You’ll have detailed training on # 3 above, recommending your item with the correct links
  • # 4 will follow, with your consistent application

So yes, initially, while you put this altogether (in your free trial period) you don’t have to deal with the cost of making a website. Or two!

Read my overview of the Wealthy Affiliate benefits HERE.

I hope I’ve helped you see how easily you can learn the skills needed for online business.

Can’t wait to try it out?



2 thoughts on “Skills Needed For Online Business”

  1. I’m so glad I found Wealthy Affilate a few months ago. I have learned so much from all their excellent training. I wish I had found it a few years ago. You have explained it all very well.

    • Hi Craig. I almost slap myself when I think back to a few years ago when I thought I couldn’t afford to keep up with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s why I’m so passionate about promoting it now. I don’t want others, especially seniors or disabled individuals, to run in place while they’re trying to create a better future. Best wishes for your successs!


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