Blog Writing For Money

Starting An At Home Business is simpler than ever!


Have you ever wondered about blog writing for money? And about how people learn to do it?


It is one of the most accessible legitimate work from home jobs for seniors. For seniors who are thinking about retiring, or who have retired.


For disabled people too, who have to spend most of their time at home. And who may be bored, or have a need for an income they can earn at home on their computer.


It is also an accessible job for anyone, for you, whoever you are, if you want to train to make a successful business website, the right way.


There are many wrong ways, and I say that from sad experience!


Many years ago (please don’t ask me my age :)) I found a great blogger community on line.


I got lots of marketing tips. I learned a teeny weeny bit of code.


I used a free blogger blog for a while, but it is limited, for business.


All the wonderful peeps in the forum had websites which they made by writing code!


I will always appreciate their companionship and tips, But I had to move on.


When I found the training and community I have stayed with for ten years, I made twenty plus web sites.


They are all commercially doing well, some more than others. I decided to focus on one. This one!


Why? Let me be painfully honest. I haven’t quit my day job yet. But I see that day!


Yes I do, but I also see that day is NOW for you, if you have the 40 plus hours per week as a retiree or a disabled person.


You can progress three to four times faster than I have done. With the training I have accessed, earning revenue on line is well within your grasp.


I like that!


And how easy is it? Was it ever easy?


It is much less difficult than brick and mortar business building!


You don’t need a product to promote. Why?


Because there are millions of products made by others that you can blog about, as an affiliate marketer.


If you’re skeptical, you should be! There are countless scams about how to make an income on line out there!


Here is an example of affiliate markering. A demonstration.


Click on this link – this one –  to a website about the BodyBoss portable home gym.


You will see the home page and its promo about the product. The link you clicked on is an affiliate link.


That means if you purchase something there, the affiliate who sent you there (could be you) gets a commission.


Promote a popular product = commissions.


You’re interested and that’s how you got here, right?


Wouldn’t you love to know the secret formula – the inner sanctum of cloistered knowledge…that only a few have and it seems they don’t want to share?



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(That link above will take you to sign up for a free account).


You know, that’s exactly what it seemed like to me when I first tried it.


I couldn’t find one place that gave the whole picture.


That is why I am going to show you exactly how to find out about getting started. If you are:

  • A senior or senior couple living on social security benefits
  • Among the millions who have been laid off or retired early
  • Among the millions whose pension went up in vapors
  • Confined to your home
  • A disabled veteran


…You don’t have time to waste.


Finding the right training is difficult. There are many make-money-at-home scams to run in


wish I would have known about blogging


place with if you have no guidance.


The simple way is to first find (and you just found it!) a source of step by step instruction, steps that you can fully implement and see the results, on one or two free giveaway websites, made by you.


If you are patient and focused you’ll see the outcome within hours.


Another advantage to your learning curve would be to have access to countless questions and answers.


Many newbies have gone before you using this top of the line education (over 150,000), and many experienced web site owners in this community offer their expertise daily – 24/7 – to help new business owners get started.


What’s more, even good training can become obsolete with the changing trends of the market, and of the search engines’ behaviors too.


The trainers I’m talking about are on it. Any new rules or tips are integrated immediately. And shared!


After vetting many training courses, I am going to tell you about a special web site that I use myself to a good result. So let’s see if it might work for you.

Do You Need More Money?


That’s almost a silly question, right?


With food prices rising, rents going up and corresponding, service costs are going up, anyone needs more money if they want to keep to their budget.


For example, in my area the municipal cost of living raise announced for 2020 was 2.5%.


Yet, in the past twelve months food prices have increased by 25%-30%. Not even a close match!

Blog Writing For Money


This is something you can do at home, while traveling, and on your own preferred schedule.


It is an easy way to earn decent income, once the training has impacted your skill at the free giveaway websites you’ll be taught to use.

I have looked up the statistics about the level of income most US seniors are retiring with these days. It is a grim picture.


Many senior households, persons with disabilities or disabled veterans live close to the poverty level. Six and a half million seniors live well below it.

Your Dream Vacations In Retirement

blog writing for money


Or, at your own vision of the perfect place where you can relax and earn while you learn?


This is not out of the question with the implementation of the affiliate training courses I recommend.


There will not be an overnight explosion of success, and I can’t guarantee anyone’s progress.


Yet, I can guarantee the opportunity.


Starting an at home business can begin right now! You can move through it at your own pace and you will find out all about:

  • Web site hosting – what it is
  • Choosing domain names “mywebsite….” appropriate for your topics of interest
  • Using WordPress, a platform for websites that is extremely user-friendly
  • How to write content for pages and posts that are attractive
  • The many video class by class demonstrations with which you will discover the “real” how to do it all


That is just the beginning of the body of knowledge that you need, and will get, to support yourself with blog writing for money.

Opportunities – Seniors Helping Seniors


Helping other seniors (or anyone who needs some more income) is one thing you can do writing blogs for money.


That is one topic you can write about as you learn. Your experience, your problems, solutions, and discoveries of how you can make your life better working on a computer, will be valuable to others who need help.




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What Will This Cost Me?

Nothing, for seven days. View as many basic lessons as you can while you build a real web site.


Those classes, with lots of Q&A, can be viewed repeatedly if needed.


If, within those seven days, you decide to learn more, you can do another month of viewing more classes and webinar replays, for $19.00.


Or will that be two burgers and fries?


Four more weeks of classes!


After that it is $49.00 a month. Yet there are more discounts for members, they have their Black Friday sale too.

“But what if I’m not a writer?”


Blog writing is more conversational and casual than writing articles for established magazines, or technical sites.


Your spelling and grammar should be good, but it really is more like talking to people, rather than lecturing.



seniors helping seniors learn jobs


Writing blog posts is a covered topic in this training system, with examples given about:

  • How much to write
  • How to use headlines and short blocks of text
  • Adding images correctly


These basics are well covered, so that you can build a successful asset (your website), a real on line business.


And even more, many of the site owners who use the community share their own ways for composing and publishing their web pages.


Think about the topics you love to talk about. Your hobbies, your favorite pass times and places.


There is something you can talk for hours about, right?


There are ways to make money on line blogging about all those things.


This is a no risk offer.


You’ll find all the information you need!



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24 thoughts on “Blog Writing For Money”

  1. Most people think they need to be an official writer to start a blog and this is simply not the case as you have stated in your article. Anyone can learn to write and start a blog and Wealthy Affiliate provides the training and helps with confidence. I would encourage anyone with a desire to start a website to just do it.

    Good article, thank you


  2. This is a very informative post. I really like your short paragraphs…very easy to keep reading. Your “Free Giveaway Websites” is a real “eye grabber!”

    Well done and keep up the great work.



  3. I agree that writing a blog can be a somewhat huge obstacle. But actually, it is rather easy if you think you are just telling a story.
    You just write down your conversation and BOOM, there you go! You just write a blog.

    Monetizing it needs some several steps. I’m glad you are offering that steps.

  4. Hey Dee I enjoyed reading your review on wealthy affiliate. and think your right. The time to act is now because, their are so many opportunities on the internet that you can work from home. Keep up the good work and have a nice day.

  5. I’m not exactly a senior but I am a recently disabled person for medical reasons and I think this would be a good fit. I imagine that training can be a make or break a situation for sure.

    Your comment that ” blog writing is more conversational and casual” than regular writing was a relief. I always thought you had to have writing experience to do Blogging. The wealthy affiliate program you mention does seem to be a great place to start, especially if it is a community like you say.

    You mentioned something about seniors helping seniors. Is this wealthy affiliate community only made up of seniors?

    Anyway as I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for the information.

    • Hi Debra! Thanks for visiting here today. No Wealthy Affiliate is for all ages. I think the youngest person I know in the community is 16. And there are all ages in between. I’m sorry to hear about your disability. Yet, maybe a new career on line will be a better life than you could have imagined! I hope so. Regards.

  6. Can I write? That was one of the first few questions I asked myself when deciding to blog write for money. The best part is we can write about our interest or hobbies, meaning less writer’s blocks to overcome.
    I enjoy your writing about Wealthy Affiliate, the paragraphs are short and to the point, it makes it an easy read.
    Cheers to Blog writing for money!

  7. Excellent article Dee, this is exactly what I need to share with my mom, I am sure she could start blog writing, but it is scary to start. Thanks for this informative post.

    • You’re welcome Tara! I hope your mom tries this. There’s so much to be l;earned and the results are rewarding if that’s something she wants to do. Best wishes to you both!

  8. In retirement you need to keep your mind busy even if you have the money to do what you want. I was not a writer and did not like composition in school. I have continued to learn what it takes to make a simple blog, write like you are trying to explain it to a friend, solve their problem. It is an ever evolving process.

    • This is true John! We can always improve and get more fluid in our work. I’m glad I have Wealthy Affiliate to keep referring back to whenever I feel it’s getting to be an effort like it was in the beginning. Thanks for your thoughts here.

  9. Really good article Dee, you are so right to mention that anyone who wants can write, no matter their age, and it is an excellent choice for seniors at home who want to increase their income.
    Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best places I have seen on the World Wide Web for this endeavor and I truly recommend it to anyone – young and old!
    Wishing you $ucce$$ – Orion

    • Hi Orion thanks for visiting my post! I think it is easier than ever for anyone to start a blog and get their thoughts and ideas shared. It is also much more simple a process to learn to set up a blog for making money once it is well developed. Best wishes!

  10. Hi Dee,
    You certainly hit all the poignant reasons why someone may want to explore writing a blog…and for all those reasons, that person could be sucked into one of the ‘trainings’ that will leave them with a bit less money, but no internet success. Some of those ‘trainers’ make money by selling, not by really training.
    To point your readers in a good direction, one for whom the success rate is 2.5 times the industry norm, is a great service.
    I hope many will check it out. I did, and I’m having a blast building my business.

    • Hi Annie. I have to agree it is so much more enjoyable knowing that one isn’t running in place! I have paid for many trainings that offered a piece of the puzzle and I spent a lot of time trying to put it all together. It’s great to have Wealthy Affiliate to do all that!

  11. Hello Dianne,
    Great article. You touched on all the points, the ‘what ifs’, the ‘how can I’, and little tips to get going. It really does not matter what age you are, you can indeed start ‘blogging’ on the side until you are confident to take it a ‘step further’. Great platform, hosting, education, are all a part of making it happen.

    • “Great platform, hosting, education, are all a part of ” – Wealthy Affiliate! It is a one stop shop for blog building. And the fact that a person can make test sites so easily (with no extra cost) and learn fast helps the results manifest in months instead of years! You said it well Michelle!

  12. Beginning to write a blog is a hurdle for some people. I am not a writer and did not think I could write anything anymore. However, joining Wealthy Affiliate I learned that anyone can write and build a business online. I know that if I can do it anyone can. Everyone has interests or hobbies and it’s easy to just begin there!

    • This is true Cynthia. I am so impressed with many of the blogs I read, in that they are engaging when a writer is relaxed and conversational. In fact when I started learning more at Wealthy Affiliate I began to see that the best format for a business blog was short paragraphs and short sentences. Very conversational. Anyone who wants to can learn. Thanks for your feedback here!


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