Can I Help My Parents Make Money

Can I Help My Parents Make Money

This web site is focused on seniors, the disabled, or other people who want to stay home to work. Because of that I get asked a lot, can I help my parents make money

If their parents were not high earners, or if they made some bad financial decisions in the last ten years or so, they could be heading for retirement years without enough income.

They maybe should be retired but can’t stop working.

One or both of them may have developed a medical condition that makes working the 9 to 5 a grinding challenge. And that would simply increase medical costs and create high stress.

This is especially dire if a parent, or both, was laid off and forcibly retired early, before they could qualify for a pension from their company. There ‘oughta be a law’, right?

Seriously, why is that even legal? There are various ways a company can run a fund for employees yet it seems this doesn’t turn out too well sometimes.

grandpa and granddaughter

Retirement Jobs At Home


Some unwilling retirees can get into lucrative consulting jobs. Yet, this can require travel, and being away from their spouse on a frequent and sporadic basis is an exhausting and emotionally unrewarding lifestyle.

A single person does no better this way. It is a lot of work just to work.

Naturally people will start thinking about how to create retirement jobs at home. I dealt with some ideas about that in my article (click on the title to read it) What Is A Good Side Hustle.

Here are some specific ideas you might mention to your parent/grandparent/step parent/relative:

  • Make things with your woodworking skills and sell on Amazon or Ebay
  • Find a good ebook about woodworking that you can promote and sell for a good commission
  • Make youtube videos about a skill or craft you excel at (more below about that)
  • Make lists/notes about everything you love about your favorite hobby (to use laster)

If you click here to see the ClickBank marketing opportunities you will learn how to find hundreds of digital products that can be sold as an affiliate, for a good commission.

Clickbank logo
Good Affiliate Program Commission

I personally think that it is a great way to start working retirement jobs from home. It may be the fastest way to bring in income online, if you have set up a proper blog for that purpose.

What Is A Legitimate Work From Home Business

Anything that is legal in your area!

Anything that interests you enough to blog about every day. In the beginning, anyway.

I was talking to an older couple about this recently. They both came up blank when I asked them did they have a hobby they could promote on line.

Including, writing or attending to the written material of theirs in some way, every day.

He shook his head and she blurted out “C’mon honey you can’t stop talking about fly fishing when the guys are over!”

He acknowledged that to be true. He said “You mean just because I like it I might be able to blog about it and make some money?”

“Yep” I said. “Where do you get your fishing supplies?”

With a grand gesture she opened a closet door behind her. It was floor to ceiling Amazon boxes. I laughed.

“You won’t have any trouble at all” I told him. “If you can blog about the benefits of all that stuff and recommend it in the right way, you’ll make some money!”

In the stack of boxes, I saw one for a Heavy Duty Sportsman Cooler and if you CLICK HERE you’ll see the one I mean.

I saw one for a Springbar Highline 8 person tent – you can CLICK HERE to see that canvas villa!  (I’ll explain why I’m showing those links a little further down.)

He blushed a little when he saw my eying that box. “The guys and I went in together for that one” he explained. “I could never afford something like that myself.”

So then I explained how he could promote all kinds of things that he could never afford for himself. He still knows about them, has looked at them, and can recommend them (the right way).

the word shop with mouse

Then I turned to her and she had such a sad look on her face. I almost didn’t want to ask. And I didn’t have to. She plunged into her story.

“All the years I worked at the firm I could shop at Macy’s and even more expensive stores. Now I’m an expert at bargain hunting the Walmart and Target sales”.

Point is, I told her, you’re an expert. (And what householder isn’t?)

Then I started telling them about what I love to talk about, and write about.

How Can Affiliate Marketing Work


So if my fishing enthusiast friend wanted to promote all those fishing/camping goodies he could become an Amazon affiliate.

First, he would create a blog with some interesting content, so that Amazon could see that he’s ready.

She could create a blog about many of her favorite things (including the expensive one) and be an affiliate with several retailers.

And how can affiliate marketing work?

It works because people both need to and love to shop, and they shop a lot online!

computer monitor and shopping items

Now I am going to talk about those links above, which, if you clicked, you saw that you end up on amazon.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you logged in and bought that $700 tent.

I get a commission. And maybe a few people a week go to amazon from my links and purchase that item or something entirely different.

And let’s pretend my fishing equipment blog has 100 pages on it that readers click from a few times a week each (or more!).

They are shopping and I’m getting affiliate commissions.

And, to be fair and legitimate, I put this notice at the top of all my promotional posts:

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here.

You know how in high end stores where shoppers have a person find everything for them and bring all the different sizes and color versions they want to them?

And that in store shopper gets a commission from the customer’s purchases? That’s what you’re doing, online.

And you don’t have to do all that running around the place for them.

Your work all happens before they get to the store (from your link).

Your work (or your parents’ or friend’s) is building a web site the right way, that will help you create an income.

  • From home
  • On your terms
  • On your schedule
  • Maybe while traveling (that sounds cool, doesn’t it?)

How Can I Create My Own Website For Free

I’m willing to put money down on most people asking you that. Yes, I’ve heard it that much.

And it is a totally sensible question. Because this can be a real business and a lot of energy will go into it.

So what will it cost and how do I know I can really do this?

I have found a place called Wealthy Affiliate where serious marketers train. The coolest thing is that you can build not one, but two websites for free.

You can do ten classrooms for free in a seven day period. That’s a lot!

Instead of having me go into the details of how this all transpires, do this:


There’s no better revelation than just doing it. Seeing your website appear and start growing.

I hope you can show this article to your parents so that they know there is potential to create retirement jobs at home. And of course you can do this too!

Have you ever started a blog? Have your parents? Please share your story, or any questions in the box below.


6 thoughts on “Can I Help My Parents Make Money”

  1. Can I Help My Parents Make Money? What about me right? only (half) joking
    I like you idea that everyone needs a side hustle. I agree that the government won’t pay you enough in retirement so you need to think about creating ways of generating extra income yourself.
    I agree that a hobby is a great place when you first want to create a website from home. Fly fishing is a great example of a niche site that someone can create if they are passionate enough about it.
    Thanks for writing this great article.

    • Hi Glenys. I thoroughly appreciate the “what about me”! I sure wish I had been on this blog writing track when I was an Over 50! However, better late than never!
      Yet it’s heart warning to have younger peeps asking the question of how they can help their retirees parents now well Over 60 to make an online income.
      To your success!

  2. I think this is an important topic to talk about, seniors employment. We know that this is a huge demographic yet part time employment for senior citizens is rarely talked about. Thank you for this article and I agree, affiliate marketing offers a wonderful opportunity for retirement aged folks who want to make some income. What I love about it is how you are free to pursue the thing you really love to do, but now its your job.

    • Hi Dr. Doug. True it’s too bad that everyone can’t retire completely at the expected age. Yet if they learn it right, for example with training like Wealthy Affiliate’s, they might have the best job they’ve ever had. Best wishes.

  3. Hello Dee,
    Thanks for acknowledging the more mature folks around us. Yes, they need things to keep themselves busy even in their golden years. Great article and lots of wonderful suggestions.
    Thanks so much for ‘breaking it down’ and making it easy to grasp.
    All the best.

    • Hi Michelle. I’ve often wished that more seniors would get into blogging their memoirs – we’d have much better recorded history. And perhaps people could even do that while blogging for money! Appreciate your thoughts!


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