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make money at home with a blog

Starting An At Home Business is simpler than ever!


Have you ever wondered about blog writing for money? And about how people learn to do it?


It is one of the most accessible legitimate work from home jobs for seniors. For seniors who are thinking about retiring, or who have retired.


For disabled people too, who have to spend most of their time at home. And who may be bored, or have a need for an income they can earn at home on their computer.


It is also an accessible job for anyone, for you, whoever you are, if you want to train to make a successful business website, the right way.


There are many wrong ways, and I say that from sad experience!


Many years ago (please don’t ask me my age :)) I found a great blogger community on line.


I got lots of marketing tips. I learned a teeny weeny bit of code.


I used a free blogger blog for a while, but it is limited, for business.


All the wonderful peeps in the forum had websites which they made by writing code!


I will always appreciate their companionship and tips, But I had to move on.


When I found the training and community I have stayed with for ten years, I made twenty plus web sites.


They are all commercially doing well, some more than others. I decided to focus on one. This one!


Why? Let me be painfully honest. I haven’t quit my day job yet. But I see that day!


Yes I do, but I also see that day is NOW for you, if you have the 40 plus hours per week as a retiree or a disabled person.


You can progress three to four times faster than I have done. With the training I have accessed, earning revenue on line is well within your grasp.


I like that!


And how easy is it? Was it ever easy?


It is much less difficult than brick and mortar business building!


You don’t need a product to promote. Why?


Because there are millions of products made by others that you can blog about, as an affiliate marketer.


If you’re skeptical, you should be! There are countless scams about how to make an income on line out there!


Here is an example of affiliate markering. A demonstration.


Click on this link – this one –  to a website about the BodyBoss portable home gym.


You will see the home page and its promo about the product. The link you clicked on is an affiliate link.


That means if you purchase something there, the affiliate who sent you there (could be you) gets a commission.


Promote a popular product = commissions.


You’re interested and that’s how you got here, right?


Wouldn’t you love to know the secret formula – the inner sanctum of cloistered knowledge…that only a few have and it seems they don’t want to share?



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(That link above will take you to sign up for a free account).


You know, that’s exactly what it seemed like to me when I first tried it.


I couldn’t find one place that gave the whole picture.


That is why I am going to show you exactly how to find out about getting started. If you are:

  • A senior or senior couple living on social security benefits
  • Among the millions who have been laid off or retired early
  • Among the millions whose pension went up in vapors
  • Confined to your home
  • A disabled veteran


…You don’t have time to waste.


Finding the right training is difficult. There are many make-money-at-home scams to run in


wish I would have known about blogging


place with if you have no guidance.


The simple way is to first find (and you just found it!) a source of step by step instruction, steps that you can fully implement and see the results, on one or two free giveaway websites, made by you.


If you are patient and focused you’ll see the outcome within hours.


Another advantage to your learning curve would be to have access to countless questions and answers.


Many newbies have gone before you using this top of the line education (over 150,000), and many experienced web site owners in this community offer their expertise daily – 24/7 – to help new business owners get started.


What’s more, even good training can become obsolete with the changing trends of the market, and of the search engines’ behaviors too.


The trainers I’m talking about are on it. Any new rules or tips are integrated immediately. And shared!


After vetting many training courses, I am going to tell you about a special web site that I use myself to a good result. So let’s see if it might work for you.

Do You Need More Money?


That’s almost a silly question, right?


With food prices rising, rents going up and corresponding, service costs are going up, anyone needs more money if they want to keep to their budget.


For example, in my area the municipal cost of living raise announced for 2020 was 2.5%.


Yet, in the past twelve months food prices have increased by 25%-30%. Not even a close match!

Blog Writing For Money


This is something you can do at home, while traveling, and on your own preferred schedule.


It is an easy way to earn decent income, once the training has impacted your skill at the free giveaway websites you’ll be taught to use.

I have looked up the statistics about the level of income most US seniors are retiring with these days. It is a grim picture.


Many senior households, persons with disabilities or disabled veterans live close to the poverty level. Six and a half million seniors live well below it.

Your Dream Vacations In Retirement

blog writing for money


Or, at your own vision of the perfect place where you can relax and earn while you learn?


This is not out of the question with the implementation of the affiliate training courses I recommend.


There will not be an overnight explosion of success, and I can’t guarantee anyone’s progress.


Yet, I can guarantee the opportunity.


Starting an at home business can begin right now! You can move through it at your own pace and you will find out all about:

  • Web site hosting – what it is
  • Choosing domain names “mywebsite….” appropriate for your topics of interest
  • Using WordPress, a platform for websites that is extremely user-friendly
  • How to write content for pages and posts that are attractive
  • The many video class by class demonstrations with which you will discover the “real” how to do it all


That is just the beginning of the body of knowledge that you need, and will get, to support yourself with blog writing for money.

Opportunities – Seniors Helping Seniors


Helping other seniors (or anyone who needs some more income) is one thing you can do writing blogs for money.


That is one topic you can write about as you learn. Your experience, your problems, solutions, and discoveries of how you can make your life better working on a computer, will be valuable to others who need help.




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What Will This Cost Me?

Nothing, for seven days. View as many basic lessons as you can while you build a real web site.


Those classes, with lots of Q&A, can be viewed repeatedly if needed.


If, within those seven days, you decide to learn more, you can do another month of viewing more classes and webinar replays, for $19.00.


Or will that be two burgers and fries?


Four more weeks of classes!


After that it is $49.00 a month. Yet there are more discounts for members, they have their Black Friday sale too.

“But what if I’m not a writer?”


Blog writing is more conversational and casual than writing articles for established magazines, or technical sites.


Your spelling and grammar should be good, but it really is more like talking to people, rather than lecturing.



seniors helping seniors learn jobs


Writing blog posts is a covered topic in this training system, with examples given about:

  • How much to write
  • How to use headlines and short blocks of text
  • Adding images correctly


These basics are well covered, so that you can build a successful asset (your website), a real on line business.


And even more, many of the site owners who use the community share their own ways for composing and publishing their web pages.


Think about the topics you love to talk about. Your hobbies, your favorite pass times and places.


There is something you can talk for hours about, right?


There are ways to make money on line blogging about all those things.


This is a no risk offer.


You’ll find all the information you need!



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Reverse Mortgage Risks

please explain a reverse mortgage

“Please Explain A Reverse Mortgage”


Someone asked me recently to please explain a reverse mortgage. BE AWARE of this potential trap.


Remember when you bought your home? You got a mortgage, a huge loan, and you put a down payment into the purchase, real money you have worked for and saved, and that’s how you came up with the purchase price.


If you got a 30 year fixed rate, at the end of the thirty years you may pay double or triple the price of the home.


You can usually pay it off faster if the loan contract allows you to, saving a lot of money in interest charges.


So many years later, you’re a senior retiree, or within years of retirement (you have to be at least 62 years old to apply for a reverse mortgage), and let’s say you have paid off the home, or paid it off at about 80%.


You’d like to retire but you don’t have much in the way of savings.


Your social security income, combined with that of a spouse if you have one, is not enough to live on, and continue paying the property taxes and home maintenance.


Then you hear a radio ad, or see a television ad, performed by a celebrity you know and like.


They tell you that you can sell your house back to some kind of financial institution, which will pay you a favorable monthly amount for your home.


reverse mortgage risks


This business will buy your home, slowly, over time.


How much time?


This depends on the loan contract.


During the effective duration of the contract, you can live in the home. Your spouse can as well, even if you die, as long as the spouse is on the loan.


Your spouse MUST be on the loan.

“What Are The Reverse Mortgage Risks?”


Reverse mortgage risks is a high profile topic on consumer and government sites.


Both the FTC and the FBI issue warnings.


If you outlive the reverse mortgage loan it’s payable in full right then according to Forbes.


If you are given a few months grace, the loan amount continues to increase.


And that could wipe out your savings if the house sale can’t pay it.


If it is a bad time for you to sell, the lender can foreclose on the home.


Now you have no house and any savings will be dissipated by moving and the cost of renting.


Worse yet, now you’re so many years older.

The Pros And Cons Of A Reverse Mortgage

  • Mortgage companies usually charge fees to initiate a loan and it will also have closing costs just like any other mortgage.
  • These loans are considered expensive and complicated.
  • Intermittent costs may occur for the ongoing administration of the mortgage.
  • The balance you owe on the loan increases every month and interest may be high.
  • The monthly payout reverse mortgages (most typical) are subject to varying rates and may increase your balanced owed.
  • This loan can eat up all the equity in your home, leaving a diminished or no legacy for your heirs.
  • You, the home owner, are responsible for all expenses and maintenance. In fact, some loan companies withhold payouts to save for upkeep. After all, it is likely that it will end up being their home to sell.
  • If you neglect the upkeep or property taxes, some companies will then demand full payout.
  • Interest on these mortgages may not be deductible from your taxable income until the loan is paid back in part or whole.


In the US the government attempts to protect consumers, especially seniors, from reverse mortgage cons by providing counseling for home owners who are seeking financial relief.


These advisors have no financial interest in the outcome of an application for funds.


After such a counseling session, a certificate is issued to the person or couple and that certificate is required for a loan application.


Retirees are “marks” for the shark infested markets of these risky loans.


Advertising, church groups, and the seminar circuits are busy roping in attendees.


Desperate and vulnerable seniors may have their critical thinking faculties submerged by their financial stress.I personally knew someone who was approached by a lender, to apply for a reverse mortgage.


When the terms were outlined, the lender came up with a $25,000.00 closing cost.


Where’s the outrage?

The FBI recommends…

…That you never respond to an unsolicited ad. If you listen to talk radio you’ll hear them every day! You will get the best information from a HUD counselor.

Dept of Justice Seal
Take their advice!

The Federal Trade Commission advises…


…That if during a reverse mortgage application process there is any pressure to proceed, or any feeling of being rushed, to just walk away“.


Federal Trade Commission Seal
Just walk away!

Review all the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage.


Like with any loan, shop around and compare fees, interests and other options.


It is crucial to understand how the loan amount increases, and that there are conditions under which the loan may become payable.


reverse mortgage cons



You may have to pay for a home appraisal and inspection upfront.


Forbes advises that you have an attorney review the loan contract, and that is an extra cost for you too.


It is worthy of note that the bigger banks like Bank of America and Wells Fargo no longer issue these loans.


Your regional Area Agency On Aging can give information on alternate types of loans for home repairs.


Don’t get “sold” on a private lender loan if you have better options.


On the web site it states:


“Reverse mortgages are increasing in popularity with seniors who have equity in their homes and want to supplement their income. The only reverse mortgage insured by the U.S. Federal Government is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM, and is only available through an FHA approved lender. “


Two Important Points


Get a HUD counseling session with a qualified person who has no stake in you getting a loan.


Get a US government insured loan, an HECM.


(The two and a half point – have an attorney review the loan contract.)


Update: I wrote this two years ago.


I just came across a Washington Post article by Jonnelle Marte. which discusses the common financial struggles of people over 60.


The comment section follows mostly the issue of reverse mortgages and it is interesting! Her main points in the article are:


  • Struggles with debt
  • Suffering the complications of reverse mortgages
  • A difficulty with recovering from scams or identity theft
  • Non-comprehension of banking products and fees
  • Managing finances after a spouse’s death


One comment is:


Not mentioned is the widow’s tax penalty. The year after the death of a spouse, the survivor files singly and is bumped to a higher tax bracket, even if his/her income is likely to be lower.


That is something that I think should be changed!


There are more scams and frauds every year involving seniors. Some real shockers, to me anyway.


Here is a real story in this post I wrote about elder fraud, “Recent Fraud Stories – Senior Targeted”.


fraud scams stories


I hope I’ve given some insight here for my friend who asked me to please explain a reverse mortgage.

Would you like to learn to write a blog like this?


You can get free training to experience first hand how this works. You will make a real blog! Click below to start a free account.



button click to get started


Drop me a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions about reverse mortgages, or other financial concerns that seniors face.


The Best Free Online Website Builder

two free websites

The best free online website builder comes with two giveaways!

Wealthy Affiliate University offers you the chance to create a couple of WordPress blogs with the best free online website builder. You can have access to their video Classrooms training for one whole week!

And how does that actually work?

Go ahead and click on the Get Started Here button below.  A page will present where you just create a user name and password for access to the community. Click. Log In!

get started here image

And you’re there! Take the tour!

On the left side is a list of topics, all the aspects of the how and why of site building. You can select “Classrooms” >> Getting Started and read that first page’s greeting. You will also see below the text, there is an ongoing Discussion thread. The participants are people just like you – starting!

The topics you can select under Classrooms give an overview of those subjects.

Next it gets exciting at Certification Courses >> Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started (Level 1). Click on View Lesson 1…You’re doing it!

And there are ten lessons in this level. Ten lessons to show you how to get those two free web sites going! You will be carefully walked through:

  • Choosing a domain name, example*
  • You will select a theme (WordPress offers many), and it is free also
  • With just a click or two you will see them materialize – truly, in seconds!

build website tutorialsIn order to develop these potentially marketing-style websites you will have seven days of immersion in the topic of making money online! You will become familiar with the components of building an excellent website that will attract consumers to the products or services you have chosen to write about.

*What Is Siterubix?

The siterubix suffix is the name of a site building platform, or structure, that is unique to the Wealthy Affiliate membership website. It is an automated platform whereby you can click “build my website” and voila!

You will have selected a Theme from the WordPress Themes, that will determine how the pages and posts can be blocked out with text, titles, categories, headlines and images. You can change your mind too!

Your theme might be chosen to:

  • Accommodate your portfolio of photographs, art work or products that you wish to show
  • Have a journalistic or magazine style look to present your written articles
  • Show a background image or be very minimal
  • Have a list of your articles and pages on the side, top or both

These free giveaway websites are not going to look like the cookie cutter free blogs we see everywhere. And, the benefits of these trial offers are that they are fantastic practice for when you want to get serious about looking into senior lifestyle jobs, online, for more income during retirement.

How To Build A Website For Dummies?

how to work in seoIt is perfectly fine if that’s your starting point.

Throughout your free training period you have access to videos demonstrating how to build a site, down to the last detail. Depending on to what degree you take advantage of this time, you can do a lot to illustrate your interest or product in its best light.

You will be shown how to build a website step by step!

Themes allow you to pick colors for your site. You can upload your own images to enhance the visual appeal.

The WordPress writing fields give you all the usual writing options in a tool bar on the page, just like a document from Word or a similar program.

I have written more details about Wealthy Affiliate here.

How To Work In SEO

learn to build a web pageSEO is search engine optimization. You will be allowed thirty searches with a Keyword Tool provided by Wealthy Affiliate during your free trial. These are words related to your topic(s) that are commonly searched and that will draw visitors to your site, and this in turn will begin to establish your presence on the world wide web.

That is in Level 1, Lesson 6.

Take advantage of the best free online website builder!  Begin today to “test-drive” the Wealthy Affiliate training and you’ll find yourself in a friendly and top of the line learning community!

Within a day or so you’ll have a few pages published on the internet. You can ask for feedback from other members and many are savvy and will give great tips for improving your site. Hundreds of tips can be found in the Discussion threads.

social mediaOnce you’re pleased with a web page or blog post you can share it with the world! (That is the Level 4 lesson).

I’m sure you noticed the Premium Membership for $49.00 a month. Yet if you feel like trying that out, you can, for the next three weeks. Cost? $19!

Dropping by to add an update: a website owner using Wealthy Affiliate shares his success at making money with his free website, for those who think maybe you can’t succeed until you pay for a dot com…read about it HERE.

Drop me a comment below if you have any thoughts or questions about the lessons and site building!


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