How To Work At Home Online

How To Work At Home Online

Almost 3000 people a day ask that question and search for the answer about how to work at home online. I certainly would like to, wouldn’t you?

Well I do, but only part time. Wouldn’t many of us love to kiss that commute goodbye!

I am still working on that goal, with fantastic support and training from an online community.


That link just above is called an affiliate link. If you were to become a member after your free trial at building a web site, I would get a commission from your fee.

This in no way affects the amount you pay. But it does help me maintain myself on line! (And thanks btw!)

That is why this site is called Wealthy Affiliate.

It shows you all the ways you can become an affiliate with many companies, and make commissions when your readers at your blog follow your suggestions, and purchase something.

But to back up a little, first its training will teach you step by step, how to build a blog that readers will find informative and helpful.

building tools

Ways To Work At Home Online

There are different ways to work at home online. Once you start the Wealthy Affiliate classes and follow the blog building steps, you’ll start to get a picture of what you can do (if you don’t have one already). Here is a chart that shows the membership options:

3 column chart

If you’re a complete beginner at posting to a blog or site of any kind, here are the steps you’ll go through first, whether you’re a free or paid premium member.

What I outline below is all available for zero cost!

1.Introduction by Kyle, one of the owners of the site. Kyle gives a brief outline of the initial training and a video to walk you through the areas of the site.

2. This lesson covers how you will monetize your site, or set it up to make money. It explains what affiliate marketing is. There is another video to illustrate this.

“There are 3.75 BILLION people online as of 2018 (YOUR audience) and these people are searching for things all the time.” -Kyle

3. “Niches” explained. Another video, to remove any intimidation you may be feeling about the defining moment of choosing a target audience.

4. Now it gets pretty exciting. You will actually build your first website, courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate. The walk-through makes it easy! You’ll choose a website name and a domain name. “”. Site Rubix is the platform on which you construct your free blogs (up to 25 with paid membership).

“The powerful hosting you have access to you here is unparalleled in the

Managed WordPress hosting industry. We truly specialize here in
providing a secure, robust and FAST platform for you to run your
website.” – Kyle

You are going to now follow the steps outlined and create your first site! It will take about 30 seconds or so.

stop watchYou want to try it don’t you?

Yes I Want To Work At Home Online!

So to continue…

5.  There are a few steps to learn that will make your site function easily for you. These are all covered one by one, and you will repeat this when you set up any new site you might build later. Once you log in to your dashboard, everything you need to write and publish is there. You will complete the initial configuration of the site.

6. Next is a step that could be complicated if you were to try to learn and configure the use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization (getting your site found by people searching for things on line). Yet at Wealthy Affiliate there is yet another simple walk-through to set up your site with what is called a Plugin.

A plugin makes your site code accessible to Google, Bing, and Pinterest so you can be found easily.

And there is no code that you need to know. Whew, right?

Wealthy Affiliate INternet marketing University banner

Training To Work From Home

Is training to work from home sounding like something you can learn? I am going to tell you some more about the free beginner classrooms, or you can just go and start!


7. “Site Content offers you some unbelievable features that are going to make your life as a “blogger” much more efficient.” – Kyle

What is Site Content?

First, I’ll just say that content is all the information on your site.

It’s the reviews, articles, and pages that can be viewed and enjoyed by your readers.

Site Content is truly la creme de la creme of writing aids.

It is a place where you write, format, spell check, grammar check, and add images to your blog post.

You can then directly publish your material onto your site.

Site Content will allow you to create templates for your posts. This alone will save you so much time!

You will be able to keep track of your word counts.

You can organize your posts into categories or “buckets” in Site Content.

And of course there is a video to walk you through its features so that you don’t miss any of the advantages of this incredible writing tool!

In step 7, you will also create two specific pages that all websites have.

And you’re going to PUBLISH them. Yep, visible on the internet. You.

Can you see now, that doing this all as you learn ensures you won’t get lost? Every step is completed before you move on. That’s cool, isn’t it?

8. This step is about Menus. Menus are the titles, or buttons, usually along the top of a web page, that you click on to access topics that the site covers. They can be on the side or bottom area, but most will be along the top.

This helps establish the ease of your readers navigating around your site.

direction signs

9. All about Keywords. When you go to Google or Bing or Pinterest you enter words at the top, right? Words that describe what you’re looking for. Those are keywords.

You will learn to find keywords to help your readers find you, among all the other web sites that cover the same or similar material. Wealthy Affiliate has a tool for finding keywords called Jaaxy.

It is a quick way to target the right words for building your blog posts around.

You will learn exactly what to look for in choosing keywords. No mystery, no wasted time.

One keyword or phrase can be the anchor idea for a blog post. Twenty keywords are potentially twenty posts.

You’ll never lack for anything to write about!

It truly can’t get any easier than this. Or any less expensive since it’s free lol!

Do you already have a blog and need a keyword tool?

Jaaxy keyword tool banner on monitor
Click to get Jaaxy!

So do you think blogging and going through the training is for you?

It’s not for everyone, but here is a list of the people who can benefit from proper training about how to build a blog:

  • You are unemployed or under employed and you’d like to start your own business on line
  • You are expecting to retire in a few years and you want to explore a way to work at home
  • Do you need to work from home? Get away from the 9 to 5 rat race? Disability?
  • You are a mom who wants to stay home and bring in some income too
  • You need to take care of an elder but keep some revenue coming in
  • You are a student who would rather work on line than than spend time going to a job
  • You need a blog to promote your brick and mortar business

​10. Congraulate yourself! You have done so much in just a few hours or days!

At this point, you can become a premium member and keep building your web site!

There are many reasons to want to work from home. Whatever your reason may be, you must learn to blog the right way.


Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “How To Work At Home Online”

  1. Hi Dianne
    Many thanks for this great information about Wealthy Affiliate, it does sound like a great place to learn.
    Did you really learn to build your website at Wealthy Affiliate?
    You have done a great job!
    Al the best
    Chrissie 🙂

    • Hi Chrissie. Yes, I did build this web site with Wealthy Affiliate training. Thanks for visiting it and leaving a comment! I have done other sites without this wonderful community, and it took me much longer having to figure everything out on my own. Best wishes!


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