Personal Safety Tips for the Elderly Living Alone

Hello again readers, and thanks for visiting again today. While this is a home blogging business focused site, I recently have had my thoughts pinned on some personal safety tips for the elderly living alone.

What Brought That On?


I fell on icy stairs and broke a bone. It’s winter here, and the driveway, sidewalks and stairs should have been rapidly attended to. Anyone who lives in a winter clime knows that temperature fluctuations cause slush to freeze, and then become hidden under new snow.

I knew that! I thought of staying at home for a couple of hours to see if the snow would stop, if the sun would come out, and if the snow would start melting.

But, I take care of a more senior person, and I decided to tackle the day. I was very careful descending the stairs, and luckily I was hanging onto the railing when my foot shot out from under me.

Has something like that ever happened to you? You don’t have to be a senior for that to happen. For anyone, it’s a life change in a nano second.

And hopefully not too drastic.

icy road
Stay in!

Now That You’re Older Put Yourself First


Most of us are brought up to be considerate of others and help as needed, right? As a society we depend on each other to survive and thrive. Whether it’s family or friends, don’t we like to think we make ourselves available to people in need?

We take care of our spouses children, and eventually parents, and help with other people’s families too. Who doesn’t need a community and a network of safety nets?

I am not frail or lacking in surefooted steps, or balance. But accidents circumvent all that, don’t they?

My elderly would not have minded a bit if I had called and cancelled that day. Silly me.

Or, socially programmed me? And maybe you too?

We don’t want to feel we let someone down.

We want to be loyal to our values.

From a strict upbringing, we don’t want to be seen betraying our traditional dictates.

Altruists will just do the helpful thing without thinking it over.

Can you relate to those ideas?

I can’t claim to be altruistic but I do feel for someone who is worse off than I am. paralyzed on one side.

That’s what prompted me to forge ahead in the less than optimal conditions.

Don’t do that!

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My Full Time Blog Business – I’m Getting There!


Wouldn’t you love to make a comfortable income working on your computer? I am slowly getting there, and I certainly won’t give up!

All the posts on this blog are written for you, to inspire your ideas and know-how. To help you imagine what you might write a blog about.

Got a life long hobby that you love talking about? Talk to me!

You can earn commissions recommending products related to your hobby. Items that can be purchased on Amazon, at Walmart, Target, Home Depot and more.

After years of patching together numerous course on different aspects of this earning method called affiliate marketing, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. It is an online training community where all the requirements of writing a good blog are assembled in order, with do-it-as-you-go classes.

Here are some relevant articles that will explain more.

How To Build A Blog With WordPress

How To Learn Online Marketing For Seniors

I Want To Work For Myself What Should I Do


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Understand Your Healthcare System


I didn’t figure out till five days later that I never even saw a medical doctor at the Adventist Health ER, the only one in town. I saw an FNP according to my discharge papers. What is that? I suppose the fact that I didn’t know means I have been lucky enough not to end up there earlier, and am inexperienced. 

 A moment of gratitude for that! At this web page, I learned the following.

“Education: The FNP typically has a BSN (Bachelor’s
of Science in Nursing) and an MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing). The
Master’s program typically takes 1-2 years, therefore the total
schooling post high school is 5-6 years.


  • take health histories and provide examinations
  • diagnose and treat common illnesses and conditions
  • order appropriate diagnostic tests
  • interpret x-rays and lab results
  • prescribe and manage medications and other therapies
  • provide health teaching and counseling
  • refer patients to specialists as needed”

This explains my puzzlement as to why I could not get a cast or boot before discharge. I thought I was talking to a medical doctor and I thought he was being a weenie and just not making a decision. I knew this would lead to one or two follow up appointments and I wanted to keep it simple!

I worried about when I would get back to work. I bet you would have been too, right? How many weeks/months would I be on crutches?. If you have used crutches you know what a workout that is!

If you’ve never used crutches, here are two things you’ll be told:

  • Put your weight on your hands, not your armpits
  • Place your good foot between the crutches, not ahead of them.

Once I got home I quickly learned:

  • Push all the area rugs out of the way because they may slide
  • Wear something with pockets – you have no hands!
  • Use a bag or backpack to push water, food, and refreshed ice pack from the kitchen to your comfy place

If someone is there with you, let them do it all – it’s a hassle!

If someone is coming over to help, make a list so you don’t forget that one thing

Really important – posture – when you put your good foot down make a postural plumb line

So what is that? I am a retired ballet dancer/teacher. When my sciatic nerve and hip muscle started flaming up, I knew I was doing something wrong. Here is a brief video showing you good posture. You don’t have to watch it all, the first minute explains it.

If you get straight after every step, relax your shoulders and take a deep breath, you will benefit greatly.

You will still be sore from the initial few days of unexpected exertion, but you’ll be all right, in most cases.

Conclusion – The Best Work Is At Home


I hope you don’t slip and fall, ever. I am making extra income working at home, and my goal is a comfortable (or more!) monthly revenue. I will then never feel obliged to leave the house in bad and potentially dangerous conditions.

I recommend you do  a little thinking about personal safety tips seniors need to consider. Know what your boundaries (that you deserve!) might be in difficult situations.

If you’d like to learn with a no-cost experiment in building a blog,



Have you tried blogging? How did you learn? We’d love to hear your story, just use the comment box below.


More info for you, about working online from home:

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16 thoughts on “Personal Safety Tips for the Elderly Living Alone”

  1. Hi Dee,

    I am so very sorry to hear about your fall. Hopefully you heal up soon. I also live in an area with a wintery climate and it has been very slippery this year. I have fallen myself multiple times. Luckily the last time I fell was straight into a snow bank so I was fine but how scary it must be for older people. When they were still alive, I always used to worry about my grandparents going out in poor weather and would help them when I could. These are great tips you provide and I think they will definitely be helpful for all! I will pass them along to some older relatives. Thank you! 

    • Hi Dan, thanks for visiting my post here. It indeed is an adventure navigating around with crutches and the cast. I am so lucky it wasn’t a more major event!

      Thank you so much for sharing this with older people!

      They never need excuses not to go out in bad weather. I know many who say “I will do it because I said I would, regardless.” That is honorable to a point.


  2. This really educating for this post for the old ones. Sometimes, I do get panic whenever I envisage getting old. But a post like this always gives me hopes. Learning how to make money from what we have a passion for is really the easiest thing to do. I have started learning to blog because it will be best to earn money while staying at home. Nice post 

    • Thank you  Kehinde. I am so glad to see many young people blogging and learning marketing online. They have a bright future!

  3. The snow can really be dangerous and I actually know of some countries that wish they had snow while the countries that get a lot of snow wish for it not to be that much. You might have gotten injured but thank God it wasn’t too terrible that might have led to something more serious than a broken bone.

    This is a lesson to us all whether we are old or young to not take the snow lightly as they can be more dangerous than presumed to be.

    • It is dangerous when not handled well. My building management didn’t act fast to shovel or salt. That is negligence plain and simple. But it will teach me to look out for myself better. Sometimes it’s good to be stubborn!

      I am glad it is a simple break.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  4. It is a great article and advice for the elderly on security on slippery sidewalks and ladders. You’re right that Wealthy Affiliate’s platform offers a great opportunity for older people to work at home, too, and feel helpful. It improves mental health. I, like you, live where the sidewalks tend to be slippery, and I know how carefully I had to move to not fall and broke my feet or arms. Be careful.

    • Hi Andrejs. I truly hope to help seniors, and anyone, find Wealthy Affiliate, if they want to market online. I don’t like to think of people wasting so much time trying to figure things out on their own, and buy course that don’t teach them properly.

      Thanks for dropping by today!

  5. Hi! Thank you for these useful tips. And I relate to your experience. Most of the time we don’t want to let people down and we’re more than whiling to walk the extra bock so that our day comes out just as planned. But there are always safety issues involved.

    I’d be super happy if I could have a home based business. That would save me so much difficulties departing home on a snowy day. But I don’t know how to code. Do we need to code to set up our own site at Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hi Henry – that is an important question! For years I felt limited in my blogging because I couldn’t code. I used various platforms, but they were owned by others and all had limitations for marketers.

      When I found Wealthy Affiliate I discovered the automated parts to blog building as a member, and I was exhilarated.

      A person can build out a blog fast, with consistent work, and see results in good time. No code needed!

  6. Thanks for the article. It’s motivating!! Yea the best work is truly at home. I am working very hard to become the boss of my own. I don’t want to be answerable to anyone on how I choose to manage my time and my schedules .I so much appreciate this awesome community Wealthy Affiliates that has thought me the legitimate means of working from home. Now I have my own website and am not gonna relent. I will fire on until I get there. 

    • Hi Kinechi! I applaud your determination. It is wonderful that we have this opportunity to create a life that we want, on our own terms. It is certainly worth the hard work. To your success!

  7. I am almost 64 years old and have had eight total knee replacement and revision surgeries, so I know a little about getting injuries. I have walked on crutches, canes and have rehabbed myself many times, since my first surgery in 1990. After one of my surgeries I was discharged, after four days and went into  the pharmacy to pick-up my pain meds. I was just walking on a cane and had shower shoes on,but as I made my first step into the pharmacy, the floor must have just been waxed. My injured leg went to sliding and I went into like a lunge, like a stretching exercise. Well needless to say the staples holding my incision together popped out, blood and fluid went all over the white floor of the pharmacy, what mess! It is easy for seniors to fall. I had to go back to the operating room to get stapled back together. It is easy for anyone to fall, even in good weather,but for seniors to go out in inclement weather is bad Just stay home and work on your computer. Wealthy Affiliate is the best way for anyone to learn how to make money online, the training is step by step training, that anyone can master. If you get stuck on the training just ask a question and someone will be there to help you within minutes. How do I know this I am a member myself. I know how hard it is to make it on Social Security, just stay at home and learn how to make extra income that seniors need to have a decent lifestyle.

    • Goodness you have had the experiences to know how this works! Yep, I should have stayed in, as I will do next winter. Unfortunately my building owner is a slow or non-response to needed maintenance.

      I have not yet quit my day job but will never give up my attempt to do so. That’s why I’m sticking with the Wealthy Affiliate training.

      Thanks for your feed back!

  8. This is a lovely and insightful article on personal safety tips to be considered. I appreciate the fact that you shared your personal experience with your blog readers which serves as an eye opener for me.I am just getting to know about some secrets you shared about healthcare system.

    With respect to the full time blogging, The benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is enormous. There are tons of lessons to help you fully understand the wide scope of affiliate marketing. There are also awesome tools like jaaxy, site health, site feedback, site comments and domain registration.

    • Hi Ola, thanks for your input here. We live and learn, don’t we?

      And thank goodness for a great training site like Wealthy Affiliate. One day I’ll work at home, full time.

      To your success!


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