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Online Business For Retirees

If you’re a  retired because of a disability and you’re looking for options to earn some income at home, read on about real work at home jobs for the disabled. Avoid the scams! I can show you where to get the best training so you have a clear idea on how it works and how you’ll get a good start (with no start up money needed) in this field.

Disability income from the state barely covers essentials. It allows you to (in the US, and it may vary from state to state):

  • have one home
  • have one vehicle
  • have up to $2000 in your bank account per month, including your disability amount

This is extremely limiting to say the least. A person must have free room and board from family or friends, or they’re on the street.

Tent Cities And Tunnel Dwellers In The US

Just yesterday I viewed a few videos on you tube about tent cities and tunnel dwellers in the US. Thousands of individuals who live this way have disability income, with which they cannot pay for a room, or apartment, and utility bills.homeless need money

Many have a vehicle, and now they’re living in it. Parked permanently in some off-grid encampment, they cannot afford automobile insurance or maintenance costs.

Locally, the subsidized housing wait list is at over 50,000 applicants.

I see vehicle dwellings parked at the various public libraries, waiting for them to open so the drivers can go in and get on line, or just read all day. For warmth in the winter, cool in the summer heat.

With access to the world wide web, some of them may be working and earning some money on line.

At Home Or At The Library – You Can Earn!

If you’re reading this article on your computer at home you’re ahead of many lifestyle-wise. Yet if you’re starting lower on the ladder, you can still get ahead.

I personally know a lady who has several disabilities and is often in bed for days. Yet she maintains a free wifi in librariespresence on line by means of her laptop or iPad and she earns a supplemental income to her disability check.

The key to building success in this way is the right training. And, not having to pay a fortune for it.

The best opportunity is a free seven day trial with intensive training in the different aspects of

  • web site building
  • blog writing
  • finding products or services to promote
  • competing effectively
  • discount internet services (domain names and hosting)
  • support for all your questions (FAQ and live chat)
  • companionship of other beginners and experienced site owners

“So What Is The Actual Job?”

Through the training I recommend, Wealthy Affiliate, you would be writing reviews drawing shoppers to your web site(s). When those shoppers click to vendors such as

  • Target
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Saks
  • Nieman Marcus
  • Home Depot…

…just to name a few out of thousands, you will be paid a commission from their purchase.

There are also affiliate marketplaces that manage the transactions between the affiliate, the vendor and the shopper. These managers provide the affiliate web site owner with links, images and banners so that you don’t have to know any code to make a site look appealing.

“But What Does This Job Really Look Like?”

This self-employment looks like you sitting at your computer, wherever it is. At your work station (mine is usually my couch) and as I’ve seen many writers joke about it “in my jammies”.

This a perfect job for anyone who is confined at home for any reason. Those without physical disabilities but who can’t deal with crowds or the cut-throat corporate life can work on their own at their own pace.can't deal with croeds

Yet this is a real job, not a hobby. There is a body of  professional knowledge involved. The reason why I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training is because every detail contributing to your financial success is covered.

“But I’ve Never Worked In Sales!”

Affiliate marketing is not sales. You are referring shoppers to a good source of the products they seek. All you have to do is provide information,  and with your honest opinion and personal passion about a product, you will engage with a reader and inspire them to follow your advice.

It is work! It is a business. And like any business it will get easier as your site(s) gain traction and become fulfilling financially.

Focus On Your Favorite Things

What do you love?

  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Antiques
  • Art
  • Books
  • Electronics
  • Silk carpets
  • Toys
  • Model trains
  • Nutrition

Make your own list! And click over to my page Getting Started so you can see how jobs for the disabled at home can be created, tailor made for you, by you.

A Real Story About My Disabled Friend

jobs for the disabled at homeOne of my best friends, John, is a disabled 78 year old Marine Corp Vet. He came upon hard times and lived in a camper for a year, on my street. He has disability income and medical insurance, but not enough money to rent even a room.

Over the past year I and a few friends pulled our resources together and now he is living in a small house in a country town. Life is less expensive there, as opposed to the typical coastal city with its high prices on everything.

At first he felt overwhelmed going away from “everything”. He has favorite markets and places, like we all do. But how does he really get “everything”? He shops on line!

(The photo was taken at my friend Bodiemor’s house, one of the ladies who helped John get relocated. He is a dog magnet.)

My point being that many people shop on line now, even for their local groceries. Almost anything can be delivered to your door. And it is a real job, to help people shop on line and get paid!

Here is a picture of Gail, the lady who found his home in the country town and is helping him stay in it.

Woman with Wolf

We’re dog lovers all, and run with wolves (that’s a real one!)if we can.

John now has some options for supplementing his income. If he chooses, he can take the Wealthy Affiliate opportunity to sort out the scams from the real work at home jobs for the disabled.

You Can Help Others

Your job as an affiliate simply makes it easier for people to shop, and you get paid for it. You can provide information about the best products and deals, saving your readers time and money.

You can share this training with other disabled persons and in turn they can improve their lives as well.

I hope I’ve explained this well. My purpose is to give you a jump start on how blog writing for money works. Click on that link and sign on for more details!

I also hope that I’ve kindled your optimism and vision for your future as you’d like to experience it.

Please leave me any questions or comments about this,  below.


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