How To Create A Website On My Own

“How To Create A Website On My Own”

I sought this information for years! I found a succession of tutorials online that helped me understand the aspects of making money online. Yet all those skills depended on having a website that you own. And finally! I found out how to create a website on my own.

(Ready to get started right now? Follow this link and go!)

What a relief! I could finally begin to plan a future with making money online! The Wealthy Affiliate University, The Open Education Project, offers training on building a website especially for affiliate marketing. From scratch.

I don’t mean writing code, oh no! The basic foundation is set up for use.

Their video walk-through classrooms demonstrate clearly what the “inside” of a website looks like, and how to set it up to your advantage as a promoter/review writer.

The reason why this works for anyone is that it is a task-related training, where you do every single task as you go along. And exactly how does this work you may be wondering – since you don’t have a website, right?

This system offers TWO websites for free, to practice on as you learn. The system for create my own website with wordpressthe site is called WordPress. You have probably seen a lot of sites online, and if you read to the bottom of an article you noticed “Proudly powered by WordPress” or a similar phrase.

WordPress is easy to learn. And to make it even easier for their students, the Wealthy Affiliate owners, Kyle and Carson have created their own version of it to teach with.

It is called Siterubix and the web addresses are “ That’s not considered a top of the line address like a simple, but it is still a great benefit for you.

  1. After working on the site and publishing it, it can be converted to a
  2. Some very successful internet marketers (six figure incomes) use it successfully

After developing a trial website – which by the way is a “real” site appearing online – inside the Wealthy Affiliate membership, transforming a Siterubix site, or blog, to a domain name you own, is automated. It’s just a matter of a few clicks.

HERE is an example of a practice blog that sells a real Kindle book, and it can be changed to a any time, if the owner deems it beneficial. You’ll see at the bottom of the pages “Omega WordPress Theme by ThemeHall”.

“A Job On My Conditions”

That’s what my friends say when they talk about working online for a living. “I want a job on my conditions” because:

  • Tired of worrying about lay-offs
  • Tired of doom and gloom about the economy
  • Threat of forced early retirement
  • Want to retire and work from home

The in-depth article “How To Profit From A Website” covers the following:

  • Finding training that starts from the actual beginning, for newbies
  • Continue learning on the “earn as you learn” path
  • The benefits of a community of both newbies and pros who will help you
  • The benefit of starting with no upfront cost

The advantage of this kind of supportive site is that you never have to go at it learning websites Every class has discussion with questions and answers shared among those just starting. Yet these Q & A’s are also contributed to by professional marketers who post mini-trainings on the finer points of building successful businesses.

Do I Need A Website To Be An Affiliate Marketer

Yes, you really do. Certainly if you want to put some time into a successful business model that will generate income for years to come. I say that because giant retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart are the stores that need your help!

And there are many more.

Your blog(s) become advertising for them, with your expertly written reviews (discussed at length in the courses I’m recommending. They give you an identity link that tracks your referrals, or click-throughs to their sites and they pay you!

Sell Health Products From Home

If you have any experience either as a consumer, or as an employee with businesses that sell health products like home equipment or vitamins, protein shakes or green smoothie mixes, you can sell any or all of those products from home.

That’s one among thousands of possibilities!

As an affiliate marketer, you will select the retailer who sells the niche (nich or neesh) items you know how to write about. You have your favorites right? Writing reviews is easy if you just start like you’re talking to a neighbor.

You will learn how to format your review posts, using headlines and images to enhance the visual presentation. You will embed your identity, or affiliate links so that shoppers will leave a track back to you so you can get your retailer with affiliates

Regarding Amazon’s “fourth quarter of 2015, the e-retailer reported more than 304 million active customer accounts worldwide.” from statista .com. I mention that because while you will need to learn to compete for readers, the volume of consumers looking for deals is astronomical!

You can log in to the free trial offer right now and take a look around the website. Then start the classes! You will create a website or two of your own and “test drive” the training.

What’s to lose? And lots to gain. After the trial period, membership is $49.00 a month and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting out of it beforehand.

I hope I see you there!

Please ask any questions you have below and I will get back to you!


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