How Can Seniors Make Money

How Can Seniors Make Money

Many seniors, the disabled who must work at home, and a parent who wants to stay home with young childrenneed more money!

Most seniors in or near retirement know they’ll need more income than they have planned for. Here are some answers to the dilemma of how can seniors make money.

This blog focuses on working from home on a computer/tablet/phone and every article deals with one or more components of that idea.

I would like to help you if:

  • You’re already still working after full retirement age and are seeking a way out
  • You’ve been laid off just a few years shy of retiring with a decent pension
  • You’ve lost property in the bank/mortgage debacle and retirement age is looming
  • You’re disabled with little family or social support
  • You really love the idea of self-employment with control over your life

Earn Money Being Online

Everybody’s heard there is a way to earn money being online. Yet there is a mystique about that. Just how is it done?

I know a person who has an Etsy page where she sells well sewn household products. But what is my chance of ever finding it before I find the same products on Amazon, Target, Walmart or on another retailer’s web site?

I know someone who sells gold, silver and precious gem products online, yet again, how do people find him online? Try searching just about anything and see if Amazon doesn’t pop up first!

Neither of these folks owns a web site that they constantly create, refresh and bring viewers to. They each had a website built for them which cost a lot of money…And it just sits there. The designers who created those sites have moved on with no attachment as to how the sites serve the owners.

You need your own website!

What Is The Cost Of Building A Website

First, let’s imagine that you, a senior, a disabled person, a mom who wants to work at home online, or a person who isn’t getting much satisfaction out of their office job, are simply in the daydreaming stage.

You have personal skills and experience that you believe can be applied to your participation in the vast internet marketplace.

You already have a computer and internet connection at home. Two basic costs, already covered.

You have ten to twenty hours a week you can devote to learning about online training for the web and if you don’t have a product of your own to sell, you can click on that link and learn how to sell others people’s products as an affiliate marketer

As for website costs, I have found the best place to save money on the componentsbuild your own website required to create a website, or professional blog, as well as top of the line immersion training to get you well on your way to success.

I recommend Wealthy Affiliate, a community of students and trainers, all learning as they earn. Here is a review of its business model. This membership site offers every detail about building a pro blog with which you can earn money.

Now I will compare costs incurred if you join ($47.00 a month) and start your business there.

  1. You will learn during the training, how to choose a niche (neesh or nich depending where you’re from) ,or corner-of-the-market product, that you would enjoy making/selling yourself, or promoting what is already selling well.
  2. You will decide on a domain name (what websites are called, and that is something you pay for. I bought my first domain names at Godaddy for $27.00 a year each. Godaddy is a fine and reputable site.
  3. You will learn how to set up a WordPress blog. WordPress has a great reputation for providing professional style site creation. Sites need to be hosted. That means that there is a physical server somewhere where your website connects to the world wide web. Currently I pay Hostgator, another well-reputed site, to host a couple of my sites, at $11.95 a month.
  4. Now that I use Wealthy Affiliate for building my new sites, site hosting is included in my membership cost. So deducting that other monthly hosting cost of $11.95,  my real cost is $35.00.
  5. With my Wealthy Affiliate membership, domain names cost $13.99 a year, half of the usual cost I was paying.

The huge advantage of the membership at Wealthy Affiliate is the training, on top of education on laptop and saving moneythose financial savings.

I certainly have not found another business I could get into for that low monthly fee!

Website Building Tools For Free

“But I can’t spend anything right now!” you wail inwardly at me muttering, “Doesn’t anyone get it?” So stay with me here! Website building tools are provided for free on this inclusive community site. Inclusive of:

  • Two user-friendly websites with which you can learn and practice
  • Tools embedded into the site function to enhance your visibility online
  • Thirty searches with the Keyword Tool to enhance your content
  • Outlining the first three pages you’ll put on your site
  • Demonstrating it task by task until…

…In an afternoon you will have a “live” website online! Your free trial period is a week, so just imagine what you can do if you give a few hours a day to building your website further.

A series of classrooms are yours for the watching and performing the tasks. A volume of queries and responses accompany every lesson. You’ll be in the company of many other newcomers!

You will see how professional marketers pitch in with tips and help the newbies streamline their education.

You’ll see how much control you have as you decide how many hours, which hours, and where you will work (desk, couch, back yard). It’s a lot of work building a blog, yet it’s fun, it’s rewarding and it can be very social too, if you want that.own your own business online

Financial returns come later, perhaps within a few months. You build a foundation that you can keep developing for years! Truly your own business!

I hope I’ve outlined sufficiently here how seniors can make money. And how anyone who wants to work at home, or independently, can earn the income they need.

You can click here and get started for free right now!

Please leave any questions or thoughts about this below!


4 thoughts on “How Can Seniors Make Money”

  1. Hi, this is a great post. You really show how anyone can start their own business with Wealthy Affiliate, whatever their age or experience.
    Having built my first website with within WA I had no idea how much you could be saving by purchasing or transferring an existing site into the hosting that is included in a premium membership.
    It really is an affordable option for anyone who wants to work for themselves.

    • Hi Jenny! Thanks for your input here. I sure hope that seniors and really, anyone, who wants to be self-employed and achieve financial independence, discover Wealthy Affiliate before they spend hundreds or thousands with a typical online scam! Regards!

  2. Hello Dee,
    Thanks for taking the time to ‘break it down’! Yes, these days we can find more opportunities to ‘work’ even when we have lost the traditonal ‘job’ for whatever reason. Having your own product, website, work hours are things to aspire to, and you have surely given some inspiration. I am sure this will help others.
    Thanks and all the best.

    • Hi Michelle. It is amazing how the activity on the web just keeps growing! I hope people who want or have to work at home find the best way to take advantage of earning some income with their computers!


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