Why It Is So Hard To Make Money Online

Do you know a dozen or more people who make a living on line? I don’t personally know that many but I certainly read a lot about many who claim to. I know of hundreds who are working on it. And do they know why it is so hard to make money online?

What To Do When You’re Bored Online


Does that ever happen to you? It does to me sometimes even though the internet is so engaging, inspiring and marvelous. Yet, some days you need to relax, widen your focus a little and just drift.

Do you ever start a news article and then click on a featured news flash below or at the side and then end up reading half a dozen stories?

Then you realize you don’t care about any of them, truly. That’s boredom, isn’t it?

Other writers have learned how to guide your attention. And advertisers are tracking your every move (just notice what ads pop up on the sides – they are related to every topic you click on).

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Where am I going with this?

Add A Website To The Search Engines


Yes, you. Why not? (Please stay with me, I’m going to get to the point of the title of this post.)

You, seriously, could add a website of your own to the search engines. Consider the hours you doodle around reading news and Quora posts and FaceBook and the thousands of other forums and newsletters, even though you’re kinda bored!

I find myself doing this sometimes and yet oh-my-gosh I would certainly benefit by doing anything more productive.

And, know what? Years ago I started a blog, a free Blogger blog, writing about technical things I knew from a previous career.

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I thought I could make a little money writing online recommending amazon books and other sources of information on the subject.

But truly, it was also a great escape for me at a time when what I really needed to know, was what to do about a panic attack.

Because life seemed to be, at that time, an ongoing mild panic attack.

One day I searched that topic and lo! I discovered it was a topic of great interest. I found that many blogger posts I read about it promoted an ebook that a reader could instantly download and benefit from.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Made Easy


Not only did I discover that many bloggers online were promoting the same ebook, an instant download at an affordable price, but I discovered that there was an ebook in the category of my previous career.

It was on this same marketplace, called ClickBank.

I learned how to join and how to link my blog posts to that ebook. I eventually had over three hundred posts about the general subject.

You can CLICK HERE if you want to know more about ClickBank.

At this point I wasn’t even trying to make so much money online that I could quit my day job, or make a huge additional revenue in retirement.

Yet aside from the “lunch money” $1,200.00 I made in ebook commissions that year, I saved another $1,000.00 plus in taxes.

That was a surprise. My tax guy outlined the expenses I could claim, as I was now in business.

At that point, having replaced my “boredom” reading online with easy writing, I never would have wondered why it’s so hard to make money online.

hand and fishing reel

Is there anything you could write easily about? Like for fun!

  • Fishing?
  • Back yard gardening? (my mom could have!)
  • Composting?
  • Learning positive affirmations?
  • Exercise/workout/lose the belly fat?
  • Survivalist supplies?
  • Pets, kitty litter, increase your jump height?

And so many more…

ClickBank marketing can be made easy if you know how to write a blog.


I Want To Make Money Online For Free


A lot of people have said that to me. Free. Seriously? You already pay to read and even get bored online. To keep this in perspective, there will be some costs to make money writing a blog.

Yet these costs aren’t anything like starting a bricks and mortar storefront type of business.

You may decide to develop a web site you own (that excludes Blogger because it’s not a platform for commercial sites).

This involves having a specific place, or “real estate” on the internet. You will pay a monthly charge between twelve to twenty dollars.

You will need a domain name and it’s registry will have a yearly cost of about twenty dollars. Although you can save on that with buying two years or five years at a time.

And the most important element is…

You will need training on how to set up a blog properly for selling ebooks or physical products. You will at some point want some personal help from a blogger who has done what you’re trying to do.

wealthy affiliate image get started here
CLICK on the picture to learn how!

That’s where Wealthy Affiliate comes in, a vast training site of organized classes and tons of peeps who will help you learn.

You can click here to find out more about that training!

Because It is So Hard To Make Money Online Without…

  • Training
  • Examples
  • Live help
  • Mentors
  • Using images skillfully
  • Adding or making relevant videos
  • Getting found online
  • Writing an engaging blog post
  • Signing up with affiliate marketing vendors (Amazon, Target, Home Depot, Walgreens and many other retailers)

You have probably shopped on Amazon. Look at how many categories there are! And then look at how many individual items there are in each category. It’s overwhelming.

If you are inspired to write about any of those categories and items in them, Amazon will pay you for recommending them to buyers. Imagine!

The average American spends 24 hours a week online. There is an interesting reference about that information here.

Without the right training, making money on line is really hard. It always takes focus and effort. Yet it can be very rewarding.

It is certainly never boring!

Have you ever wondered about how all this works? Have you tried blogging? Please share your story if you have! How did you get started?

Just use the comment box below.


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