What Is A Done For You Online Business – Make Money With AutoProfitSites?

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What Is A Done For You Online Business – AutoProfitSites

Auto Profit Sites is a buzz today, with promises of making you money in 60 seconds. Everything is done for you!

What Is A Done For You Online Business?


Seems like it’s similar to buying clothes off the rack. Is this true?


Auto Profit Sites claims the following:

  • BRAND NEW Automated Traffic & Sales System
  • 100% Done-For-You Cloud Based App
  • Perfect For New & Experienced Marketers
  • 4/Figure Day Training Included To Get You Started
  • NO Tech Skills, Experience or Email List Required
  • Make Sales or We’ll Send You $75 In Compensation!
  • 180 Money Back Guarantee

How Much Does AutoProfitSites Cost?

As of this writing, the price is $17.05.
The vendor reminds us repeatedly, as we make our way down the sales page, that the price will go up every hour.
The buyer is directed to log in and then just add your affiliate links!
There is a first assumption – you are already an affiliate marketer, and you have clickable links to certain products.
You know what it is all about, right?
It is perfect for experienced or new marketers and further claims to give you (from the sales pitch):

Traffic & Sales 

App Generates UNLIMITED, Free BUYER Traffic & 
High Ticket Recurring Sales In 60 Seconds!
I don’t know exactly how fast this works for an experienced marketer who will quickly get organized and click through the app steps.
I do know not much is going to happen to a newbie marketer, in 60 seconds!
This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.
This is my guess where they are, in their online business career:
  • Doesn’t have a website
  • May or may not have a business FaceBook page
  • Maybe does or does not have a Twitter account
  • Might have an Instagram account
Would you like to build a real business style website (might take half an hour, to be honest), for free? Would you like a week of classes that explain how this marketing online actually works? If so, just click on the blue bar.
What is important to know if you’ve got an automated system sending out posts to these platforms, your friends and family are going to get spammed like crazy. And probably will be very ticked off!
Business people online may expect this and not block you, but they will stop paying any mind to things you promote.
AutoProfitSites will give you a site within their system.
They will set up your content with your affiliate links (if you have any), or as far as I can understand, you will affiliate with their product.
And where does that unlimited traffic of ready buyers come from? (It is free.)
As it turns out, it comes from you.
Yep, this all goes to your own social media contacts.


If you don’t have hundreds of followers on FaceBook, Instgram and Twitter, you better learn how to get them fast.


Certainly, nothing will happen in 60 seconds. Seriously, that is a blatant lie.


When one of your contacts clicks through to your site, they are invited to sign up for a free webinar.


This is where the email list accrues, for the list-building and auto responder you will buy (probably about $15.00 per month).


This is where a high end product is sold, and where you may make a large commission if they buy, and keep, the item.


The list will also be mailed other affiliate offers you may have lined up to be added. Or not.


Is AutoProfitSites A Scam?


I have to call this one borderline!


There is no respect for a newbie marketer’s level of comprehension or lack of experience in how this might work.


Not that we don’t see through this kind of hype, we do, but it is still misleading and full of emotional hooks.


Everything can’t be “easy”.


It can take months to build up a following if you want quality contacts. Where do you start?


When does that “60 second” event happen?


It is simply common sense that if you are going to build a business on line so that you can have a work from home job that will eventually support you, it is going to take some expert training.


With everything Done For You, how do you pick up and carry on if you don’t like this system?


If you don’t make enough money to have it worth your time?


The blog training I recommend will teach you all the secrets of business marketing with a blog(s).


It will show you how you landed on this page today.


You don’t need hundreds of FaceBook/Twitter/Instagran followers to have a successful affiliate marketing blog. I’m not saying you shouldn’t, but it is not a requirement.


I want to save you from the doing, then doing over like I did when I was first blog writing.


I want to save you the time consuming writing then re-writing blog content when you’re learning the right styles and formats for blogging.


The blog(s) you’ll set up for free where I am still a member of this international and savvy internet marketing site, may always need some editing and updating – but not complete re-writes.


You will learn to build a good looking site the right way. It will cost you more than $17.00.


However, the cost will not go up every hour or day, like AutoProfitSites is, as we speak.


The vendor estimates it will cost you about $10,000.00 in your first year to build a successful site, pay for hosting and domain name, and have it kept up.


That’s even more reason (because that is true if you just hire pros) to try a no-cost plus time investment of a few days, to start blog building yourself.


You want a work from home job because:


You’re a senior or senior couple who needs more money in retirement

You have a medical condition or disability that makes working at home a preference, or requirement

You want to get out of the nine to five rat race

You want to set your own hours

You’d love to work while you travel

Because __________________(fill it in)


After you have done your complimentary blog creation, you can opt to continue in this community for one month, at the low price of $19.00.


Your top cost would be $495.00 for a year, or $49.00 a month. Nowhere close to $10,000.00!


The cool built in value with my trainers, is that you can build

25 web sites!


Imagine if in a year you were making $2,000.00 a month from your marketing blog. Then you create another, and another, and…


You get the idea, right?


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