Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities For A Passive Income – Is Socifeed One?

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Legitimate Home Based Business Opportunities For A Passive Income – Is Socifeed One?


In the following article I will outline the uses of the Socifeed video automation software and see if it is one of the legitimate home based business opportunities for a passive income.


I can also refer you to a remarkable training website which will prepare you to create multiple streams of passive income over time, augmenting your potential to earn money at home.


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Now let’s look at Socifeed’s initial description by the vendor.


“Brand New Software Automatically Creates 5 MILLION Unique Videos In 1 Click To Get You Unlimited Clicks, Leads & BUYERS in 21 Seconds!”


The vendor reminds us that videos are popular and they’re here to stay.


When you’re on line, it’s easy to click on a short video right?


If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, there is so much information and interesting uploads by “ordinary people” that are quite creative.


This vendor states that the video venue has taken over 80% of the internet traffic and urges you not to miss out.


We know poeple buy from emotional needs, often, right?


The entire advertising industry of the last hundred years has proven this to be correct.


If you could access thousands of emotional trigger quotes to go with a video, you don’t even have to write copy – which doesn’t come naturally to most people.


The purpose of using quotes is to:

  • Grab emotional attention
  • Represent knowledge and credibility
  • Establish authority and confidence


“And when quotes are delivered in a video format, they’re UNSTOPPABLE magnets to your customers’ hearts, minds and wallets!” – Socifeed


Socifeed is a curating software – searching the internet and culling legitimate-to-use videos, and quotes aimed at the topic of your blog niche. It creates a video and adds the right quote, at an astonishing speed – “21 seconds!”


Socifeed will then automate uploading your videos to all social media with which you have an account set up, and followers in place.


Of course the intention is to acquire many more followers, and keep up the presentation of attractive videos.


These videos will take your followers to your web site’s sales page where your visitors can buy your affiliate product, earning you commissions 24/7.


And that’s passive income.


Passive income is income that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. It is called progressive passive income when the earner expends little effort to grow the income. Examples of passive income include rental income and any business activities in which the earner does not materially participate.” – Wikipedia


I will share again. below, how I use a professional training website online that has enabled me to build over ten blogs that generate passive income through affiliate marketing.


Also note my Affiliate Disclosure below (yellow button) that you will see on all professional web pages (everyone’s version is a little different) so that you understand the presenter will get a commission if you purchase the product through their affiliate link.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


The Socifeed creators go on to tell us that:


“We live in a distraction economy, where people have attention spans as long as a goldfish!


With traditional methods, creating quotes CONSISTENTLY to get real results – is hard, expensive and time-consuming.


In fact, influencers and winning brands regularly SPEND A FORTUNE on licensing, freelancers and social media managers to attain their stellar results.


Because THEY CAN afford to.


You need this too but it will take some time, money and technical efforts.”


They are right about that.  Just think about what it costs to have a videographer come and shoot your wedding!


Oh, Ok., maybe you’ll do that fine with your iPhone, but you know what I mean.


To promote an affiliate product and make passive income, you’re not going to have the time to run around making these cool videos.


One associate told me that this product has some Upsells – additional costs – to get the maximum benefit of using this software.  But he also stated that you don’t necessarily need them to benefit from this product. 


What Is The Price Of Socifeed?


$29.00. Wow!


That’s pretty good. But if you use it for 30 days and decide you don’t want to keep your access to it – the vendor says –


“You are covered by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you face any issue or decide you want a refund, we shall deactivate your account and refund you. Most problems are technical which shall be fixed promptly once queried.”


That is always good to know. If you have the experience with a web site and the technical skills to use Sociofeed, I think it looks like a good tool to reach more people online. It is not a difficult software to use, depending on your personal experience in using this type of a tool.


However, you need a place to send traffic – or  – visitors –  to. Having Social Media accounts set up is good.


But when your videos are presented there, where will this awesome volume of traffic go?


Even if you have one sales page set up to receive your visitors, you need a domain name (web site address – www.My Stuff dot com).


And on that domain (your cyber real estate) you can have an awesomely attractive web site, set up to bring visitors to all your content .


Your content (written articles) can refer buyers to all kinds of products within your Niche (category). As an affiliate marketer you can make commissions from the sale of these items.


So Should I Get Socifeed Or Not?


I think it sounds like a good product.


It is NOT a scam.


But are you ready for it?


Do you understand how to make a good blog – with WordPress – the most popular and easily accessed platform on the web today?


Would you like a trial run of building a blog the right way?


A blog where you could refer your visitors to great products that could help them as consumers – or even as wannabee bloggers?


Consumer visitors will buy through your affiliate links, bringing in Passive Income Commissions.


Wannabee bloggers (seniors work from home jobs seekers) may join the web site training membership you’re part of, and you’ll get a commission from that to.


You know, if you’re an enthusiastic bee keeping advocate, or a barn owl supporter, or a technical pro who can talk about the latest This and That – you can make passive income online, once you’ve built a business blog the best way.


If you want to try a week’s free training at the systematic development of a money making blog, click the blue button below.



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