What Exactly Is Digital Marketing – Can Seniors Learn It

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing – Can Seniors Learn It


What exactly is digital marketing? If you are the curious person who landed on this site, I am going to give the overview  as simply as I can. Obviously, digital marketing is marketing online instead of with:

  • Billboards
  • Newspapers
  • Neighborhood flyers
  • Postcards and flyers sent through the post office
  • Neighborhood community boards


All of those in-the-real-world methods of marketing still exist, and all thrive. At this point, now that you are a senior, or close to arriving at that age, your goals may resemble something more like this:

  • Work from home 
  • Work while traveling anywhere
  • Staying with family here and there, as you like 
  • Save your vehicles/gas usage/time  Schedule all your activities for optimal health 
  • Have the financial wherewithal to purchase the best nutrition/medication
  • Have the income to purchase the best fitness tools designed for your age 
  • Have the side hustle revenue to start at that bucket list
  • Have the income to purchase new digital tools, a fast laptop, desktop, and some digital marketing training 


Am I close? I started with digital marketing training when I hit 60. I’d heard about it, and I had evening and weekend hours to devote to it. I bashed around in the dark for a couple of years (and despite that made some money!) until another digital marketer referred me to a training site, where I started with a free account. And you can too!




This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


What are good ways to learn to become the best digital marketer


  • You learn the basics about what you need – the essentials to starting a blog, or website of your own 
  • You find a community that has been around for over a decade and will therefore keep investing in itself and its members
  • You find a community where you can quickly upload the bare bones of a site
  • You find a community that shows you how to develop your site, both creatively and legally, specifically designed for business
  • You find a community where help is at hand 24/7
  • You learn how to compete for guaranteed targeted visitors to your website


Which is the best digital marketing course


The best digital marketing course will offer:

  • Training you can view and review as many times as you need 
  • Step by step instruction, with which you can DO as you learn and SEE the results on your published blog as you progress Legacy Q & A’s on the lessons you go through, which you can consult and learn from
  • A Live Feed where you can get your questions answered anytime
  • Rapid tech support response if something goes wrong with your site
  • Discounts for members on domain names (yournewsite.com) 
  • Ongoing updates on the requirements of digital marketing be they laws, styles, Google updates
  • AI training, which at this point you cannot ignore 
  • Hundreds of training videos by members who cover any and every topic of the field


Once you’ve started your free account, you’ll grasp the integrity of the instruction and the major help features. Some of these are:

  • Choosing a topic to blog about, or a category of related topics like Gardening Tools, Gardening Tools For Men, or for Women et al
  • Add required pages to your site such as About Me, Contact, Privacy Disclosure, all those things you see when you go onto a site online
  • Providing a template for those pages which you copy/paste then customize for your blog
  • Ongoing training of a most important topic – getting targeted web traffic with which you can out-do your competition


Why should I choose digital marketing

I mentioned some factors above already, which have to do with your lifestyle choice, or aspirations for your retirement. You may prefer to keep working, or maybe you have to keep working. You don’t want a new commute or a schedule you love to hate. You, or your partner may need extra rest, extra care, or you might just prefer to work all night and sleep all day.


>>>You want freedom to choose all these things, right?<<<<


With digital marketing you can use your site to promote, as one example, a book you write – print or digital, for book sales income.


You can also, as an affiliate marketer, promote someone else’s print or digital product, for commissions on their sales. You have chosen, or will choose, a topic or niche (a narrowly focused audience) that you have much enthusiasm for. This will prevent burnout in producing the volume of content your site will need to compete with other sites on the web.


You will need to publish consistently in order to develop visibility online, however, you still have the freedom to choose your working schedule, in order to do that.


The Importance of Targeted Visitors


You have gained an edge for attracting targeted web traffic, because you have chosen a specific niche with an audience already in place. There are specific techniques which you will learn, to bring you free targeted website traffic. This works for many successful bloggers who make a good income.


If you have the budget, you can learn, at the training site I recommend, how to use paid ads in the most beneficial ways. You can learn how to outsource content writing, if you can pay for that. It will develop your blog faster, naturally. You will have training on developing a YouTube channel, and how to use it for affiliate marketing. You will learn the requirements and rules for marketing on YouTube.


Some bloggers have a YouTube channel, and many don’t have a blog, they only use YouTube for their digital marketing business. There are many choices! You don’t have to choose right now, or decide on your niche topic, or pay any money to get some good ideas on how all this works. And it will work for you! CLICK on the button below!





Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?


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