Is Doing Affiliate Marketing On Books A Good Idea

Is Doing Affiliate Marketing On Books A Good Idea


So I’ve been asked the question, is doing affiliate marketing on books a good idea, and this really matters if you’re a book lover.


Do you love books? Do you love to read? Do you love to talk to talk to your friends about the books you read? 


Do you belong to a book club, or wish you did?


And, are you interested in making money on line? If so, you can get started with the best Step-By-Step guide for retirees starting affiliate marketing writing.


This blog is focused on helping people plan for a better income in retirement, or learn how to  blog for money if they’ve already retired and are feeling a financial crunch.


Yet, all these blog building principles apply to anyone, in most places 18 years old or older, who are of age to have a business.

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


If you’re ready to learn about the basics of affiliate marketing,  without paying up front, click below.





This topic of the book loving niche comes to mind because , first, I am an avid reader. And I totally get it if you love to read too, often when you “should be” doing something else.


If you’re an avid reader who periodically loves to talk about the book you’re reading and why you are enjoying it, each of those conversations is potentially a blog post.


A blog post that develops the volume of information on your blog that will, at some point, get the attention of Google and other search engines. This will bring you more readers who love your topic, your categories of books, or just one blog post about one book. 


How simply is affiliate marketing for beginners


  • Affiliate marketing IS simple
  • Affiliate marketing IS easy to learn (but not by yourself)
  • Affiliate marketing is simplified by the right training materials
  • Affiliate marketing isn’t a super fast way to make money but it gains momentum 
  • It gains momentum with your persistence
  • It gains momentum with your consistency in publishing posts


Where should beginners try out affiliate marketing


The training site I heartily recommend, after being a member for ten years, is the site you go to if you click on the blue button. 


Firstly, you can see some classes for free. You’ll get an idea of how the step-by-step training gets you going in the right direction to create a legal, business blog.


The paid membership is monthly, with no contract (quit anytime). If you’re going for the long haul, annual membership gives you a discount price. 


After trying different trainings in blogging, I discovered this is the best one to produce, and stay updated on the constantly changing requirements for blogging successfully. So, getting back to affiliate marketing on books…


Books can be quite low-priced, especially e-books. So commissions can be small. Yet many people I know who love books, only want the hard cover versions. Those will bring bigger commissions, naturally. It also gives you more products to recommend and receive affiliate commissions for, on your book lovers blog. Like these:



Victorian book shelves

is doing affiliate marketing on books a good idea antique shelves



Mid-century modern style book shelves – this image below is an affiliate link of mine, and that is what you can have too.



Bookends can be found in amazing array of themes and styles, to please every book lover. Antique themes, dog breeds, marble, metal, and wooden ends. So many! 



I am sure you get the point – the many related products people want to read more comfortably, to store books of varying value (maybe requiring glass covered shelves) and even recliners or wing chairs – per your imagination and research, right?

How do I use content marketing to promote affiliate products?


What we’re talking about here, writing blog posts to attract interested readers and help them find the items they’re looking for, is called content marketing.


And it keeps coming back to one issue – you need a really good blog.


For example, if you decide you would like to be an Amazon affiliate, Amazon will first want to see your blog, and see that you are getting significant traffic to your material.


This may take a few months, depending on your blog learning schedule, and if you’re learning the right way to build your blog. That’s why I recommend starting with digital products from ClickBank. You don’t have to have the same initial qualification, and you can probably make some money as you learn. 


Her is an article about ClickBank:


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System


How can I create content that promotes my affiliate products effectively?


So you’ve chosen books, or some other category of items that you’re extremely enthusiastic, or passionate about. Next you need to know how to write an attractive, easy to read blog post. While the energy of your interest will fuel the work, knowing the following will organize your writing, save time, and give you a routine for writing the articles:

  • Finding good titles 
  • Writing sections with good headlines
  • Adding images or videos to your posts
  • Offering a comment section, or not
  • Add links to references you might mention


You will, with the right training, learn how to choose categories to organize your blog, and how to arrange them on Menus. Examples being:

  • Sci fi books
  • Mysteries
  • Non-fiction
  • History
  • Author histories
  • Children’s books
  • Graphic novels
  • Art books

And so many more! And with just one, or a few of those categories, you will be able to develop your site to gain volume and authority. 


Can I use affiliate marketing to promote my book?


Yes you can! It can be part of your book lovers blog, or a blog unto itself. I have done this with an e-book I wrote:



You can also be an affiliate for Etsy, for book related items and accessories like book shelves, book stands. reading lights and specialty items like antique lamps.

, and for, for books. 


Become a affiliate HERE.


In order to qualify for affiliate status for various book sellers, you must have a good blogger site that is gaining traffic on the internet.


For that, click on the blue button below, and take a look at some classes to give you direction and more ideas!





More blogging ideas:


Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


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