10 Best On List – Senior Discounts Over Age 50

10 Best On List – Senior Discounts Over Age 50

What is actually on the list – senior discounts over age 50? Let’s have a look.

I am going to start with Walgreens, for a reason, a story, I will put a little lower down here. A true story!

I am all for any legitimate discount but it must be a real discount, and sometimes things can just go wrong!

I will tell you how a disabled person I take care of got taken for $11.99 at Walgreens. And I have to say, shame on that store for this snafu putting someone who lives on $950 a month, whose rent is $750, into this thoughtless if not predatory situation.

And shame on his doctor, too, for taking care of the system and not the patient!

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Thank heavens he gets EBT of $188 a month for food!

How Walgreens Failed This Senior

Here is the story. My client informed that Walgreens had called him to say his prescriptions were ready.

I went to pick them up.

As an aside, I don’t shop there. Dry goods, make up, home business supplies, OTC drugs, cough drops et al, are way cheaper at K Mart, which is about to close since the Walmart Super Store opened here recently.

Anyway, I got to Walgreens and when I picked up the prescriptions (there were three), two cost $1.25 each, and the third was not covered by Medicare/Medical. It was $11.99.

I couldn’t ask what it was because that would be not allowed to be revealed due to privacy laws.

I could have called him, but didn’t. I was aware that he had had some tests done recently to then, and that his doctor deemed the treatment necessary.

So I paid it.

Opening The Mystery Package

Back at his place, I informed him of the extra expense. He doesn’t like to take drugs at all, but things happen, right? Our priorities get re-evaluated with age or circumstance.

I opened the three bags, which were stapled together hiding the private information.

surprised cat
Are you kidding me?

Bag Number One was an antibiotic, $1.25.

Bag Number Two was another antibiotic, different schedule for consumption, the big whopper so to speak. $1.25.


Bag Number Three was a 30 day supply of 81 mg. Aspirin – $11.99!!

He Could Have Purchased Those At The Dollar Store!

Yes, for one dollar. And that would be at one hundred, three months supply and then some!

Even OTC, a bottle of one hundred aspirins at Walgreens is not $11.99!

So much for discounts…but that is because healthcare is a business first, right? Before it’s healthcare?

I found this article below, written just after the crash in 2008. I have included it here because apparently, as of this writing,  we’re heading for another crash.

So perhaps this information is apropos, and useful as a guide.

It is just to give you ideas, as times have changed. With the internet, you can use this checklist to find out the current prices of these items.

A tip I found out about at my bank – getting a loan? Be sure to ask for another .5% off your interest for setting up an automatic debit for your payments.

Senior Centers

Some senior centers have a Bread Box, or called some other name, they collect day old breads, buns, pastries et al delivered by the local super markets, coffee houses, and bakeries. When seniors get these staples for free five days a week, it is a great saving!

Most senior centers offer inexpensive lunches, or free lunches with a monthly membership.

They will also provide wifi and computer lessons for members.

Also, studies show that company, opposed to lonliness, decreases inflammatory conditions.

One senior I know gets a free ride to a doctor appointment once a week, scheduled a few days ahead of time. Many other centers offer this too. She can also get a ride to a store or the library.

This takes the burden off the Medicare system, which is a help to everyone.


You Don’t Have to Wait Until You’re 65 to Get a Good Discount – 10 Ways to Save Money When Over 50 by Robin Colner

50 is The New 65

when economic conditions are forcing millions of Americans to look for
ways to save money, hundreds of companies are offering discounts to Baby
Boomers starting at the age of 50. Discounts are available on goods and
services from travel providers to universities.

1. Travel:

of us love to travel, even more so when our children are grown. In
fact, adults over the age of 50 account for about 80% of all leisure
travel. Just about every national hotel chain offers at least 10% off
the room rate for guests over 50 or 55 years old. Be sure to ask for
this extra discount when booking a room including at the
Intercontinental, Fairmont, Holiday Inn and Best Western chains. Westin
Hotels offer its biggest discount for customers over 60.

2. Rental Cars:

You can save even more money on travel expenses when you ask for a
discount on rental cars. Every major company offers a discount for
customers over 50 (Avis offers one for over 65). Be sure to request it
when reserving a car.

3. Restaurants:

While at home or on a trip, everyone over 50 can find stores and
restaurants that offer age related discounts. Many local shops including
hardware stores will give discounts if you ask for them. National
restaurant chains such as Pizza Hut, Bennigan’s, Friendly’s and
Applebee’s offer discounts every day.

4. Retail Shopping:

National retailers tend to offer discounts to adults over 50, 55 or
60 on specific days of the week. For example, Bon Ton Stores has an age
related discount one day per month while Kohl’s and Bealls Department
Stores give discounts one day each week. Banana Republic offers
discounts to anyone over 62 every day. Did you know that many of the
stores in premium outlet malls throughout the country offer an extra 10%
discount to any shopper over 50? Online stores, also known as e-tailers
such as ebags.com are catching on to the trend of 50+ deals. You still
have to ask when you place an order.

5. Banking Services:

Saving money at the bank is an especially nice experience. Several
national and regional banks such as Bank of America offer special
features for 50+Boomers such as unlimited free -checking, preferred
interest rates on savings accounts, free safe deposit boxes and other

6. Fitness:

Looking young helps you feel young, but looking young and fit can be
expensive. Luckily, many fitness center chains offer discounts
including Bally Total Fitness and Gold’s Gym. Ski resorts will also
offer senior discounts on lift tickets throughout the season.

7. Automobiles;

Routine maintenance is critical to prolonging the useful life of an
auto. Many Jiffy Lube stores offer a 10% discount on maintenance
services to anyone 55 or older.

8. Technology Support:

Many of us know how to find discounts on computer equipment, but
don’t know what to do after we buy them. There is actually a nationwide
service called Zip Express that offers 15% discounts to 50 plusers on
in-home installation and help with the use of televisions and digital
cameras as well as computers.

9. Pharmaceuticals:

As we grow older, we tend to use more prescription drugs as well as
OTC medications and nutritional supplements. Pharmacies all over the
nation such as CVS, Rite Aid, Eckerd’s and Longs Drug Stores are
offering discounts of at least 10% on prescriptions and many other
items. Sometimes these extra discounts are available on specific days of
the week.

10. Continuing Education:

Most state universities offer senior citizens the opportunity to
audit courses for FREE or a small nominal fee. It is worth the trouble
to ask if this option is available to adults in their fifties. Keeping
your brain challenged is one of the best ways to keep feeling young and

In these challenging economic times, it often seems like
finding ways to save money is like finding a needle in a haystack. The
good news is that there is a Website that has put all these discounts
together by category. It is called 50plusdeals.com. In addition to its
editorial listings, the site also presents “Special Offers” from
selected partners and suppliers who have products and services of
interest to 50 plus consumers.

According to market research expert
and CEO of PreRetirement Resources Group, Andrew Garvin, the most
important way to find discounts when you are over 50 is to ask for them
-every time from every vendor. “If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you
do ask, you are bound to save a lot of money.”

Robin Colner is an Internet marketing consultant and web
entrepreneur who specializes in the Baby Boomer and Seniors markets. She
has been involved in the launch of several websites designed to help 50
+ adults improve their lives, health and finances. As the Chief
Marketing Officer of PreRetirement Resources Group, Robin is committed
to encouraging Boomers and Seniors to become more cyber savvy and learn
about ways to save time and money. Be sure to visit
[http://www.50PlusDeals.com] to discover over 150 great ways to save
money when you are over fifty. In addition, the site includes Special
Offers from selected partners and a 50plusStore.

Article Source

disabled woman
Things happen. Take care!

Image by Tomasz Mikołajczyk from Pixabay

Have you ( or a loved one) ever had a surprise like this one when you thought you were being helped? Do tell us your story.

Use the comment box below.


6 thoughts on “10 Best On List – Senior Discounts Over Age 50”

  1. Hello,

    Really, aspirin?  LOL, that’s not right.

    Thanks for this great list.  I had no idea that banks offer special senior accounts/features.  I’ll have to take a look at that one.

    This is actually a treasure trove of information and, knowing this, can be used to help plan activities too.  Think of it, it’s hard to feel like part of the community at times, now I can go back to school or join a gym, all while getting a discount for doing so!

    Thanks again,


    • Thanks for weighing in here Scott. There are many discounts for seniors and they are definitely worth searching for in your areas! I’m glad you found my (and the contributed) article helpful.

  2. Wow! Seeing this is really great and would really help to cut cost on my spending, henceforth.  I really like that you have shared all these possible ways to get discounts. One thing I’m sure of is most of my colleagues in this age group do not know about all of these before. I will not just make use of the information, but I will also share it out to them. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi Rosarrick. It really is beneficial to line up all the activities a person is involved in, and make sure you’re getting all the available discounts! Best wishes!

  3. I cannot thank you enough for this librating information you have shared with us all on this post. My dad has been complaining about the bills and the various things that were consuming his cash. He is age 57 and very qualified to benefit from all these discounts. Thank you so much and needless do I need to tell you that you have not helped only me but all the seniors I know of too.

    • Hi Rodarrick – I appreciate your feedback here. I hope to help all seniors who are feeling the financial pinch of an unpredictable economy. They may be needing to train more for perhaps an on line business, something they can do  minor investment (mostly their time) or simply find out how to take advantage of any benefits they are entitled to. 


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