Strength Training Exercises Seniors Choose

What are the concerns seniors have in selecting strength training exercises? Cost of equipment? Their own fitness level? Can they be done at home? It turns out that there is a time-proven guide for the strength training exercises seniors choose the most.

The Exercise Seniors Video First Choice

When anyone chooses a video for exercise these are the things they look for:

  • Cost – not everyone, but seniors on a limited income will consider this
  • Equipment for strength training anf flexibility and its cost
  • Is there enough space at home or is a gym space needed
  • Is there real science behind the exercise style
  • Will I hurt myself if I’m out of shape
  • How much time will it take if I’m still working (even if I’m working at home)
  • What if I’m arthritic and stiff
  • What if I have high blood pressure
  • What if I have crippling joint pain

The exercises and information I recommend addresses all these considerations. You can do fitness regimens at home, requiring little space.

The space your body takes up with arms outstretched.

That’s one hurdle overcome, am I right?

Safe Exercises Seniors Need


I used to teach older people classical ballet. That’s pretty challenging fitness training but I know why it was a routine of safe exercises.

Individuals, maybe seniors, doing ballet are only challenged by their personal limitations of strength and flexibility. A class of seniors can do the same exercises.

If taught correctly there is no strain on muscles or joints.

There is no over exertion required at least, not by a professionally trained teacher.

But where is the science in this? And who is going to explain it to me so I can understand?

I don’t get cellular biology or chemical behaviour in the body that might get me aging backwards.

Did I say Aging Backwards?

Yes I did and that is the body of information I am recommending you get to launch your personal journey reversing your aging process.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to truly understand how your cells and muscles work to keep you younger and slow down aging?


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Most of us know that our brains are sending messages to our body every millionth of a second, or something like that.

Did you know that some of the most important messages that come back to your brain are from the cells in your muscles?


Physical Exercises Seniors Can Love


When I was teaching seniors I always explained why the ballet exercises could benefit them in their daily life. For instance:

  • The deep knee bends strengthened the hips, back, thighs and calves, increasing balance
  • The quick foot exercises increased balance and reflexes
  • The arm exercises opened up the chest muscles and deepened breathing
  • The leg lifting exercises strengthened the back muscles
  • The short jumping exercises increased lung capacity – good for longevity and heart health

The book Aging Backwards is not based on ballet, but the author’s experience is. She is a graduate of The National Ballet School of Canada, one of the best in the world.

Like many retired dancers she went on to explore many aspects of physical training and injury rehabilitation needed by many athletes.

 She underwent treatment for breast cancer and created “Classical Stretch – The Esmonde Technique: Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Post-Surgery”.

This is rehabilitation for the traumatized muscles and connective tissues after surgery.


Exercise Seniors Video – Two Choices


The book Aging Backwards is where you start. After you have read about how your muscles determine how fast you age, and how you can start reversing that, you will want one or both of these videos.

One is “Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners: Mobility and Bone Strengthening – Classical Stretch by ESSENTRICS”

And the other is
Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners: Posture & Pain Relief – Classical Stretch by ESSENTRICS”

These two sell as a box set for a discount. Amazon describes the book:

“An updated edition of the
eye-opening guide to anti-aging…”,

..”Every day, we have a very clear choice: We can grow older or we can grow younger.”

In recent years the field of aging research has exploded with new clinical findings. Many widely accepted ideas about aging—including those about
the inevitability of our declining metabolism, our dying brain cells, and our deteriorating muscles and bones—have been debunked. Today we know that the physical signs of aging are far more a product of
lifestyle choices than of calendar years. Aging Backwards offers an exciting and comprehensive plan for actively slowing down and even reversing the aging process through gentle exercise that develops
strong, flexible muscles.

Why focus on strengthening muscles?
Because as Miranda Esmonde-White, PBS fitness personality and creator of the Essentrics technique, explains, our muscle cells are the keys to our longevity. The powerhouses of our cells, the mitochondria, keep us looking and feeling young—and muscle cells contain more mitochondria
than any other part of our body. If we can keep our mitochondrian fires burning, our muscles—not to mention our bones, hearts, lungs, and skin—can all experience the vitality of youth. And the best news of all is that it takes just thirty minutes a day of gentle exercise to keep muscles strong. 

With eight basic age-reversing workouts that
build core strength, lengthen and tone muscle, increase flexibility, and speed weight loss, Aging Backwards offers the information and tools to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.”

That’s pretty incredible, isn’t it? 

If I were only Over 40 now, I’d still want to start these exercises! Stretching and strengthening combined, plus the anti-aging messages to the brain – I’d be on it!

Aren’t you, truly, seriously?


We can only start where we are.

If you have medical conditions, please consult with your doctor.

Here is a video of Miranda talking about this book Aging Backwards.


OR HERE FOR THE DVD Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners: Mobility and Bone Strengthening

AND HERE FOR THE DVD Age Reversing Workouts for Beginners: Posture & Pain Relief

Are you a senior who exercises? Please tell your story, share your experience with your workouts. Use the comment box below.

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