Prepared Food Delivery Programs – Can An Affiliate Make Money?

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Prepared Food Delivery Programs – Can An Affiliate Make Money?

Can I Learn Online How To make Money Online?


Yes, you can and that will be the topic of this article, after we discuss the prepared food delivery programs of  bistroMD.


bistroMD is a company that delivers diet food meals to people who want to lose weight in a healthy way. 


bistroMD provides a variety of meal plans, an extensive blog, a social community, access to certified dieticians, and information about getting better sleep and effective exercise.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


One example of a blog post informing the dieter, is about cauliflower.


“The growing popularity and love for cauliflower are likely attributed to a couple of factors. One: The innovative opportunities offered by the food industry, including from Green Giant, Birds Eye, just to name a couple. And two: A natural response to gaining interest in gluten-free, low-carb, and plant-based diets.


Whatever continues to spiral the hype of cauliflower, there is no denying the veggie has quite a notable nutrient profile. It is also a versatile ingredient and can be prepared in many nutritious and delicious ways.” – more here.


Cauliflower became popular as a starch replacement. Finely chopped into rice-size pieces, and substituting for a grain in a pie crust, is well known to most dieters.


That is from a huge volume of food and nutritional information provided for its customers.


bistroMD describes itself as “Powered by the science of metabolism correction”.

The company describes its affiliate terms as such:



  • $45 per sale!  Some of the highest commission pay outs in the Wellness and Weight loss categories
  • Earn a $100 bonus after the first 5 sales!
  • Bonus structures for top performers!
  • 45 day cookies


  • Top performers typically earn over $6000.00 on a monthly basis
  • Dedicated Program Manager
  • Existing brand awareness
  • Product demand
  • Attention grabbing banners
  • Bi-weekly newsletter”


I bet you’re willing to put in some training time and blog building for that!


Reversing metabolic syndrome is a big goal for many dieters. If you’re over 40 or over 50, you may have experienced what a challenge this can be.


This area of health may be one that you have a background in and can therefore write excellent promotional material about it.


bistroMD provides an enormous amount of information that will give you many topics to write your own input about, on your web site.


It may express a passion of yours, to help other people get some real traction on boosting their metabolism and perhaps adding years to their lives.


Or, it may be the excellent business opportunity offered by this popular prepared food delivery programs outfit that inspires you to recommend it.


The business founders followed their passion in creating the nutritionally based bariatric-savvy meal designs to keep dieters on track.


If you would like to learn how to make a good blog for business online, read on! 


You can help a lot of people achieve a healthy weight and create a lifestyle change that will sustain it.


And, in doing so, you can build up a blog that will become a magnet for those individuals, by your use of the special skills required to become a successful affiliate marketer.


And you will build a line of revenue for yourself that can become a full time income, if you learn to develop a blog the right way. 


Do you want to start right now?


BUTTON join for free



You can join a professional training community for free and do some real life blog building. 


Of course you are going to pay for training to fully develop a blog, but you will get actual experience at starting a business website before you commit to that.

Why Might I Choose This Company For Affiliate Marketing?


bistroMD offers its affiliates a very competitive commission for promoting its diet meal plans. 

It offers inclusion of a wide market of dieters:

  • General weight loss interest
  • Women’s specialty meals
  • Men’s specialty meals
  • Gluten free meals
  • Diabetic friendly meals
  • Heart healthy meals
  • Great snacks


Once you have a blog in place with twenty to fifty posts written, you can apply to join an affiliate conglomerate like CJ (formerly known as Commission Junction).


It is a management site for many vendors who offer decent commissions for sales of their products recommended by publishers online.


These vendors want to see a somewhat developed blog before they will approve an affiliate marketer. That blog can be a work in progress, as long as it is drawing some traffic.


Regardless of the areas of your interests and background experience, you will want to pick a product(s) that brings you a good commission for your efforts.


Amazon used to be a choice site to affiliate with, but it has reduced commissions so low that many marketers have turned away in disgust.


Learn Blog Writing For Money The Best Way 


Which is the way I finally learned after much misguidance!


I wouldn’t want you to take the years I did building a so-so blog because I didn’t know the pro skills. Plus trial and error by oneself can get lonely and frustrating.


Despite those circumstances, I did make some money, more than enough to cover my online expenses. Expenses like:

  • Buying a domain name
  • Paying for space on a server – “hosting”
  • Paying someone to install your site on the host site properly
  • Paying for someone to help you find a good theme (suitable appearance for your topic)
  • Buying updated “how-to” courses as the rules and trends on the web change


The training world I am going to send you to will give you all the above for free, to make two blogs. You will get basic lessons in blog building, the same lessons paying members get, for one week.


If you’re as excited as I think you will be, you will go on to pay for a full month’s access to more instruction for $19.00 USD.


(Regular Premium Membership is $49.00 per month or $495.00 per year – 12 months for the price of 10).


You will be able to follow experienced bloggers who give a lot of tips in the form of blog posts and videos, to refine your understanding of how to build a successful blog.


You will be able to buy “” domain names for about half the regular market price.


You will be able to build up to 25 sites hosted for free, as a member.


Are you ready to start blog building?




I couldn’t help but go look up this article I wrote ten years ago. I was very much into promoting DIY meal making and organizing. And I think I got some good ideas into this article.

But, seriously, who has the time? Now, I promote bistroMD.  


“Weight loss menus are important and lack of organization will bring about failure in your efforts to diet. On busy days (like most days!) it is awful to get stuck hungry without the right meal available. If you, for example, have started a two week fast weight loss diet, you are serious about dropping the fat and staying healthy as well. The faster the weight reduction, the more crucial it is to eat foods full of lean proteins, healthy oils, and plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Having at least one week prepared and posted in your kitchen is ideal. Five small meals a day may enhance fast, safe weight loss, since more frequent eating of the right healthy foods gives you a metabolism boost. Know what your breakfast will be, and get everything ready every night before you go to bed. I suggest this because in the event you sleep in, or have to go somewhere earlier than usual, you will not end up sabotaging your diet plan because of the rush.

For many people, the next three meals will be eaten away from home. If you share fridge space at the office, organize your meals in tubs or bags, so that you can, again, not sabotage your diet planning with poor organization. If you feel deprived at all when you begin your diet, either from the smaller portions, or from not feeling as full, use chop sticks to decrease your bite sizes. This will also slow you down a bit, another good dieting technique. Your brain takes at least fifteen minutes to tell you that you are full. Take your time, chew each bite until it is completely pureed, and then your brain can signal your body correctly.

Have your last meal of the day ready to prepare when you get home. If you are extremely hungry and want to eat right away, you will not goof up by grabbing a few bites of the off-limits foods while you make dinner.

Keep up your enthusiasm! Post a photo of THE THIN YOU on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. Don’t diet in isolation. Take advantage of others’ experience, and get some more ideas here about how to get the best weight loss menus. 

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