Avoid Internet Traffic Scams – Is Genie Worth It?

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Avoid Internet Traffic Scams – Is Genie Worth It?


People come to this blog to find out how they can find or create work from home jobs.


That is what all the articles are about, at this site.


One of the main challenges in putting up a blog online, to make money, is to attract visitors to your site. I plan to help you avoid internet traffic scams, and I detect some red flags in Genie. 


A new product, Genie, describes itself like this:




Click One Button  To Blast Any Link To 20 FREE 

Traffic Sources For UNLIMITED Visitors In 60 Seconds!

The Most Powerful Traffic App You’ve EVER Seen!

I try not to be too picky, but my initial reaction is that there is no “World’s First” anymore in affiliate marketing techniques.
Affiliate marketing is how you make money by sending internet traffic to a vendor’s site, where a purchase results in you getting paid a commission.
The more traffic your site gets, the higher the chances of you earning some income.
What’s more, the technique being sold  here is the same as other recent packages are promoting. 
This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Why is this sales hype so eye catching – it’s just sales hype, right?


When you think of the sudden economic downturns many people have suffered in 2020, it’s understandable how this ‘Hopium’ can grab the emotional triggers we all have.


Of course we all want something quick and easy to do to make some money online.


This presenter makes it sound like you can start generating income, just like you’d pop a dinner into the microwave, and voila!


You can sit back and relax and enjoy it.


How appealing is that?


If you’re someone who has wondered about working from home on your computer – as in be your own boss – you’ve heard the best way is to have your own blog, right?


That is the truth, but it is an intimidating idea if you’ve never tried. If you’re not interested in Genie but want to go the tried and true route to starting a business online, get some real life experience at it first.


Click the blue bar below to view some basic web site creating classes, with no investment up front. (Well, your time.)





If you’re still with me, here is some more information about Genie.


Right away I could see it is NOT for beginners, or newbies who don’t know how all these different sales systems work for affiliate marketing.


Who Is Genie For?


Ironically, I’m not sure it’s for anybody.


If you understand how you drive traffic to an affiliate linked sales page and get commissions, you don’t need Genie.


You could watch a few review videos (mostly by people trying to sell it), and see right away what they’re doing.


Then you could just go do it.


One group it is for is the experienced marketers group.


This would include people who have thousands of social media followers


Those followers are not friends and family – they are business minded individuals who don’t mind hearing about opportunities, unlike your pals, who will just feel spammed.


Genie offers an app for:

  • Email marketing – which marketers are already doing with a reliable proven auto responder
  • SMS marketing (communicate with customers through text massages)
  • Message bots
  • Social media


This is  a Four App package, not the 20 described in the headlines.


Genie is not going to get you free traffic.


It may help you organize and direct the traffic you already have – so again, it is NOT designed for beginners.


For example, you can import your Facebook contact list into your Genie app. You can bring in your email subscribers and message subscribers et al.


That means you must have contacts in place or there is nothing to put in Genie.


The app offers a email responder for a small one time fee.


(Email responders automate messages going out to subscribers in a scheduled fashion, offering them advice and invitations to click over to your sales pages).


Email responders usually charge a monthly fee, and for this you will get decent customer service.


With no monthly fee on Genie, you pretty well can assume no one is watching the pot!


Once more, this is not about starting a real business online like you can develop with a proper business designed web site.


What Do I Need To Build A Good Business Blog?


You need a blog, or a web site

You will need a domain name and a place to seat your blog online (hosting)

You need to learn SEO – choosing keywords that will make your posts visible

You need some legal pages

You need to write a lot of good content, consistently

You must learn the tools that Google and other search engines provide, to track your traffic

You will need a source of information about updates about blogging

You will learn how to find images to use that are not copyrighted

You should learn to elicit engaging comments and discussions from readers


These are not intuitive details!


The easy way to get all these important skills (that once learned, you apply over and over again) is to join a professional community getting all the classes you need.


All you have to do is follow video presentions and apply the instructions as you go.


None of this is difficult!


Like building a wall, you place each brick or stone into its right place. You want every part aligned, levelled and spaced just right so that the wall won’t fall down!


If you don’t know how to do this, you may end up spending many many hours fixing and updating how you are presenting your web site to the readers you want to keep visiting your material.


Knowing about making good headlines and short paragraphs, interspersed with interesting images, results in easy to read and engaging articles.


This will help you get conversions –  your readers will buy the products you’re promoting in order to get commissions.


This is the essence of affiliate marketing.


An ideal job to work from home, or wherever you are!


As you improve your skills and your blog gains traction with its visibility online, you will make more money.


Your goal is:

  • Get enough content onto your site
  • Attract repeat readers
  • Gradually work a little less, increasingly
  • Continue to make money (passive income)
  • Start your next money making blog


With good training, this is actually easy to do.


What it does require from you is your time, and a publishing schedule to keep you on track.


After all, this is a real business that you own.


It is not somebody else’s system that may shut down or degenerate in its efficiency after you have spent a few hundred dollars to have access to its various functions.


That’s why I recommend that you click on the blue button below and start some free classes now. You can choose from the few discounts explained inside, to join the membership and develop your work at home job!



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