Are Affiliate Programs Worth It – Can I Start With No Money?

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Are Affiliate Programs Worth It


What Percentage Do Affiliate Programs Pay?


Affiliate programs pay from !% commissions up to 30%, in general. I’m talking about search results I find when investigating the issue of are affiliate programs worth it, for a person looking for an opportunity to make money on line.


There are expensive items that pay a small commission and cheaper items that pay bigger commissions.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Ten percent to thirty percent commissions are choice earnings!


There is always some math to do while investigating the benefits of different affiliate opportunities.


Ultimately the choice you make should be geared toward your own interests because there will be a lot of writing to do!


Is Affiliate Marketing A Good Career?


There are many successful marketers who would say yes to that!


People making six figure incomes promoting other people’s products, and earning commissions on purchases made through their blog links.


An affiliate link is what you use to send a person to a site where they will buy. It connects you to the sale so that you get paid for your hard work.


The affiliate programs that are worth it, give cookies of a 30 to 90 day duration, or a lifetime duration.


What does that mean? A cookie is a coded connection, from your blog to that buyer.


A site like Amazon or Ebay offers a 24 hour cookie. That’s why I don’t recommend those sites for a blogging beginner.


If you send a buyer to them, and the buyer isn’t ready to buy, or simply gets interrupted in their shopping session, you don’t get a commission if they return and purchase over 24 hours later.


The product I review below, GlassesUSA, offers a 45 day cookie.  This is a good deal!


How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money?


I will tell you how, stay with me!

If you’re ready to jump in and start learning, click below.



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You may, by the end of reading this article, not be ready to choose a product with a good affiliate commission.


That’s O.K., there is no reason to rush selecting a product to promote before you understand exactly what you need to learn to make an affiliate marketing business work for you.


What Will I Need To Learn To Start A Business Blog?


You will need a “platform” or a type of software base (a coded system that is user-friendly, so you don’t need to learn code).


I recommend WordPress, a free to use writing and marketing platform.


The internet marketing training community I found uses WordPress, making my progress fast and simple.


I use “fast” as a relative term, because patience is of the essence as you train to develop a blog the right way.


You may be looking at months before you make a sale. Once you gain some traction, it will go faster.


Finding out how to learn to find keywords  – a topic that is huge, but can be simplified with a search tool.


There is such a help tool included in the training community membership benefits I finally found (after a few years wasting time figuring things out for myself).


I would love to help you get started and not waste the kind of time I did.


Especially if you are s senior looking to add to your SS income, and/or pension.


Or a disabled person who must work at home for health reasons.


I also want to share this with individuals of any age and in any circumstance like:

  • Need more money to get through college
  • Laid off for a period of time and the job market is collapsing (like during a pandemic)
  • Have time and energy for a second job but want to work at home
  • Want to stay home with your children but need income
  • Want to travel and make money with your laptop
  • Have an RV lifestyle (perhaps in retirement) but need more money
  • Have experience with a topic of interest and love to talk about it!


Free access to superior online instruction is available to you at no cost. The duration is seven days. Dedicate all your spare time for a week and you can learn a lot!


You will also build one or two web sites (on the WordPress platform).


These sites will always be yours whether you become a member or not. What a deal.


I found the following company while searching for a few aspects of prescription lenses that I wanted to know about.


GlassesUSA sells real prescription eye wear on line. You can even send them frames. 


It offers a wide range of frames – less expensive designs, and favorite brands too. 


You get a prescription from an optometrist and send it in. 


You select your frames – and voila. You have a pair of eye glasses and you didn’t spend $400.00 – $500.00. 


This vendor states:


“ is the largest online eyewear retailer in the US. We’re a one-stop-shop that caters to customers of all ages and budgets, with a huge variety of frames and designer brands (Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci & many more), thousands of styles and a wide range of lens types: single vision, progressive, Rx sunglasses, contact lenses, sports glasses and more.”


The affiliate opportunity is described as:


  • Average Order Value of $140
  • Conversion rate: 3%-5%
  • Highest commissions in the industry:
    • − Earn up to 30% on Eyeglasses and Sunglasses
    • − Earn up to 15% on all contact lenses
  • 45 days cookie
  • 95% satisfied customers

You can see more about it HERE.


You will be offering, as an affiliate:

  • More than 7,000 high quality frames in every size, style, color, shape, material and price point
  • Lenses for every RX type: Single Vision (Distance, Reading), Progressives, Bifocals
  • Huge selection of sunglasses, Prescription and Non-prescription
  • Over 70 premium brands, including: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Prada, DKNY and many more
  • Free shipping
I recommend this program because you will offer a good service to people.
I say that being aware that most people do not have the kind of high end health insurance that will cover eye glasses or contact lenses. Out of pocket costs are a few hundred dollars. 
You can save individuals and families huge expenses! That is a major problem solved for many! 


Once you have a web site that is:

  • Easy to find (the right keywords)
  • Attractive to look at and easy to read (correct formatting and spacing)
  • Has appropriate images in a format that doesn’t slow down your site speed
  • Knowledgeable and engaging blog posts
  • Has properly embedded affiliate links
  • Helpful to people searching for that product on line
  • A reasonable investment for maintaining a business, an enduring asset


…You will be on your way to earning an income with your selected affiliate program that is worth your time and investment.


You will have access to web hosting at a discount price, with your membership.


You will get a discount on domain names (“”). These are two items you will pay for to be on line, through any venue. They are your virtual “real estate” that you own.


Another deal – before your seven day free access terminates, you can select to pay $19 for one month further access.


Following that exciting educational four weeks, the membership is $49.00 a month.


Get started now!



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