An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide

Need An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide?


Who are the people looking for an affiliate marketing how to guide? The ones I’ve talked to about learning to do something on line and make an income come from these  categories:

  • Sick and tired of a commute that keeps getting longer
  • Too sick to go to work (chronic fatigue and other auto immune or anxiety disorders
  • Work in a shrinking industry
  • Want to get ready now for retirement and relocation to a cheaper economy


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Why would someone’s commute get longer? Right now rental costs are skyrocketing in some areas. That means that when a rental increase happens, people may elect to move farther out from central. They need the cheaper rent, but will have a grueling commute if they can’t get a job where they have to live.


The people who suffer from the chronic exhausting auto immune system conditions aren’t helpless. But given the ongoing treatments and periodic flare ups, many need remote jobs (work at home for a company).


Those who can’t get those have asked me about how to learn about affiliate marketing.


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Encore Careers After 50



“In the first decade of this century, America lost 56,190 factories, 15 a day.” Industry Week reported in 2016.


Carrier in Indiana paid workers $20 an hour but elected to move to Monterrey, Mexico where workers would get $3 an hour.


Workers “openly wept as United Technologies shattered their hopes, their dreams, their means to pay middle-class mortgages.” (United Technologies owns Carrier).


“Carrier took $5. 1 million of those tax credits in 2013.” Those were tax credits “established specifically to ensure that green manufacturing jobs remained in the United States.”


A different way to outsource jobs is for a company to lay off skilled workers and hire temps. They can use them weekly as needed, no commitment, no benefits. And at a lower wage.


If a person is over 50, they aren’t willing to have that happen again! You wouldn’t, would you?


I’ve told my friends (I’m not a career consultant or anything) to look at learning to blog, and develop a business on line. During the next few years while they take what they can in terms of employment, they could end up making a real income on their computers.


Stay with me or scroll down. I am going to tell you where to get the how to guide for that!


closed factory


Jobs For Seniors Over 60 Working From Home



Driving Jobs For Retirees


I had looked into this category for a friend recently. I’m not going to recommend Lyft or Uber. There are too many complaints about those companies with many accounts of people averaging $2 an hour.


What was more appealing were driving jobs with transit companies for seniors who qualified – Medicare beneficiaries. There was another area of transit to transport rehab patients to the correct facilities which could be longer trips and paid for mileage covered as well as an hourly wage. 

Part Time Jobs For Older Workers


“Part-time jobs are more likely to be lower-level positions in industries like retail and health care. And even for these positions, older workers must still brush up on computer skills and evaluate whether they need to expand their skill sets. But with a bit of insight and creativity, older workers can land part-time jobs that provide stimulation and challenges – and pay more than minimum wage.” – from Monster dot com.


Five Popular Online Jobs For Retired Persons


The AARP site has a good page with elaborations on the following categories:

  • Customer service representative
  • Online Juror (I find this one fascinating!)
  • Virtual Asistant
  • Online Tutor with or without certification. If you can tutor math and Physics or SAT prep you’ve struck gold.
  • Writer-Editor


This AARP page also mentions Christine Durst, an internet fraud and safety expert and cofounder of, a website that screens job leads on home-based jobs. Good to know someone is taking care of the frauds and scams aspect!


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How To Make Money By Working Online


Maybe you haven’t been suddenly laid off, nor are you partially disabled or sickly, and you don’t have a terrible commute.


Maybe the idea of working at home (or from anywhere!) just appeals to you! Whatever your situation, here is my recommendation for an affiliate marketing how to guide.


Wealthy Affiliate University. No, you’re not going to get a degree. But you’re going to get what you want. You’re going to learn everything.

  • What is affiliate marketing/how do I make money
  • Can I promote my own products (yes!)as well as be an affiliate
  • Can I build the right kind of website for marketing by myself (yes!)
  • Can I learn how to compete for customers (yes!)
  • But – can I really make a professional looking blog? Yes!

wealthy affiliate image get started here

How To Be Your Own Boss At Home


That’s how you want to end up, right? Your own boss at home or

  • At the family cottage
  • At your kid’s house visiting the family
  • On your RV trip
  • At your brother-in-law’s vacation house in Tuscany (dream big!)


It’s great to dream and I highly recommend it. Do those vision boards where you paste up pictures of things you want. Feed your brain the good stuff!


You’ll need to look at it while you learn the nitty-gritty.


But you won’t be alone!


Aside from having support from a spouse or partner (if you both learn this you’ll have twice the results!) with Wealthy Affiliate you’ll have a huge community of beginner – to – experienced – to – expert web site owners who are all marketing online.


You will be able to join mini-groups whose members help each other on social media.


You may pick up a personal mentor who will help you fast forward your progress.


You will see weekly live cutting edge webinars that review specific marketing strategies.


You can also CLICK HERE to see the first 10 classes for FREE!


It’s a seven day trial and you can immerse yourself.


You can build TWO web sites to practice with.


Both can be converted to a professional dot-com blog with a couple of clicks so you won’t have to rebuild.


You will learn because you will DO every step as you study. Lots of ‘how to’ information.


I think that’s exciting, don’t you?


If you decide to join I will see you in there and I will personally help you in any way I can.


What’s your vision board – mental is all you need. What’s on it?


You can have it. You’ll work for it. But you can have it.


Any questions or ideas you want to add? Would love to hear from you.


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12 thoughts on “An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide”

  1. I think a lot of people are looking for a ways out of their daily routine.

    Having to work for someone else can be a headache on its own, but often these headaches can occur long before you get to work simply from the commute.

    I always remember when I was having to work in the city, and every day I had to commute with the train to get to work.

    Just the train fees alone were almost half of my earnings. Worth it? NO!!

    I decided to start working for myself online, and i am not sorry I did. Yes it took time, yes it took patience and yes it took the correct tuition.

    If you do not try, you do not get. It is as simple as that.

    You have outlines some important points here. Thanks for sharing.

    Valuable information.


    • Chris thanks for recounting your experience here. Everyone with a commute has the train fees, or the gas and car expense. It seems fair that as working people that should all be cost-of-ebusiness and tax deductible, but we don’t even get that! Yet as a self-employed peep working online, we do get those advantages in most places.

  2. This article is spot on. I couldn’t put it down because you were speaking right to me. I have a great job, but I want to move my family out of this town and even though we have contractors that work from home doing my same job on my team, I’m not able to do the same. Rules keep getting more strict, overtime keeps getting reduced. I really just want to work from home and actually be able to cover the bills, build a nest egg. Be able to go on road trips or vacation, but still be able to work wherever I am.

    Thank you for this post, it inspires me to keep going.

    • Hi Tara. We’re on the same page! I want to move to a better (and cheaper) area and be able to sustain myself. I am very happy to work hard and diligently – but from home! We both know that there are many peeps who want this, right? I hope they go for Wealthy Affiliate and realize their dreams! Thanks for your input!

  3. Hello Dee, I so did appreciate this article. As one who was living in disability and not sure where to turn. I was so delighted to find Wealthy Affiliate. It has certainly changed my world. It has given my focus, income and a fantastic new community. Not to mention all the people I meet daily around the world. And I have never been so happy and in love with my life.
    So for us over the hill folks, it is a wonderful way to find a new path to vibrancy and thriving. I highly recommend it.
    IN peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Hi Ariel. I appreciate your thoughtful and personal reply. As scary as the internet can be, there are sincere and helpful people as well. Right association is important and Wealthy Affiliate provides a supportive environment. I hope to lead seniors and others to this incredible opportunity to learning marketing online. Thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Your article is wonderful! Being someone over 50 myself, I can honestly say working from home and being my own boss is completely satisfying. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me so much – more than I would have ever dreamed of learning.

    The community is absolutely supportive, encouraging and positive. I can’t say enough about the training as it is second to none.

    Thank you for writing this very detailed and wonderful article.

    Keep up the great work on your site.

    Kind Regards,

    • Hi Yvette. Thanks for your feedback here! You have achieved a goal that is the envy of many who would love to work from home. And it’s true that many can if they’re willing to learn. Wealthy Affiliate truly is a training hub for bloggers for marketing on line. CHeers.

  5. I’m a Senior citizen who doesn’t feel that way one bit. I have tons of energy and a zest for life and for new things. At the same time, I want the freedom (and the income) to travel and to spend time at the beach. Wealthy Affiliate works for me in every way. I learn how to do well what I really love. I get a healthy and stimulating outlet. I get to meet people who share my enthusiasm for learning and growing, from all over the world. I get the flexibility to work when and how I want, from wherever I travel. I get to make some income, too. What a winning situation!

    Wealthy Affiliate is such a great and value-priced resource for getting just what I want at this stage of my life! And the free no obligation trial is unparalleled anywhere I’ve ever seen, in any industry!

    • Hi Annie. I agree that Wealthy Affiliate is value-priced for what it offers. I have tried others and there is no comparison. Every detail is there in the classes and there are plenty of people to help you if you can’t figure something out.
      Enjoy that beach! You’re doing exactly what so many who are venturing into the work at home fields hope to do! Thanks for your thoughts here.

  6. Hello Dianne,
    Great article. I have to agree with most of the comments here, if not all. We are all looking for another way to escape the ‘daily grind’ and working for ourselves is one way to do this.
    It takes commitment and perseverance, to say the least. It is not an overnight sensation and a quick million dollars in the bank – you have to be willing to stay the course and learn from the obstacles.
    The internet has sure opened up a world of possibilities for everyone and I am thrilled as I am a part of that statistic.
    Thanks for your tips and suggestions, Dianne.
    All the best.

    • Hi Michelle, you’re welcome. Being consistent at an internet business is very consuming. Yet the rewards can come for years if one sees it through. And the biggest reward is to work for oneself, I think. It is the best incentive! To have a dream and be able to action, or to find out how immediately makes it all worth the effort! Cheers.


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