Learn To Find Keywords

learn to find keywords

How Does A New Blogger Learn To Find Keywords?

This site is focused on helping seniors, the disabled, and anyone who needs or wants to work from home and make money by marketing products or information on the internet. If you have already started on this venture, and want to know how to profit from a blog, you must learn how to find keywords.

Keywords are the words that people enter into a Google, Bing, or Yahoo (and there are other search engines that are used) search field. These words connect a seeker with websites that give information containing those words or similar words and phrases.

When you search for an item like “how to find the best keywords for your site”,  you are transferred to a “SERP”

learn keywords for internet marketing
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or “search engine results page” with a list of informational websites. You can then click and read the best content, which shows on the first page.

This is well ranked content, because it has used well chosen keywords which have connected you to the site. This is how internet marketing works!

How To Find Keywords For Blogging

If you click here to my Getting Started post (this tab will stay open so you can click right back!) and zip to the bottom, you’ll see a graphic showing the Wealthy Affiliate System Starter Account benefits and to the right, Premium (paid) Account benefits.

In the free – absolutely zero cost – trial account for the best training for a work at home job, you will see on the left, the Keyword Research Tool, and in the next column, that you get Thirty Free Searches with this time-saving software to help you get good keywords as you build your blog.

(Also note on that page, there is much more instruction on how to earn from a blog)

The two most important factors with keywords are:

  • How many monthly searches show for a word or phrase
  • The competition (number of sites showing results for that keyword or phrase) you would be up against

The highest search number with the lowest competition number could be a very good word or phrase to choose.

How To Use Keywords For Your Website

If you don’t have any idea of how to design your own website for free, take a moment to go here to and read about a step by step website builder. You will see how easy it is to start creating blogs with two opportunities to practice, and hours of classroom instruction to help you understand all the components involved.how to use keywords for your webite

Once you have found a list of keywords related to a niche or topic you are interested in marketing, you want to make the most of them!

In the free starter trial with Wealthy Affiliate you will find out how, and how much to use your keyword/phrase in your content, meaning, each and every blog post you write.

Using a keyword or phrase in every paragraph you write, for example, is considered Spam by the search engines. Your pages and posts will not rank well. In other words, they will stay hidden in the back pages.

Using your chosen words in a natural conversational way at approximately every three hundred words throughout your information is acceptable.

Keywords and phrases are but one factor in your blog writing. Most important is your actual content. If it is informative and well organized (another free lesson at Wealthy Affiliate University) it will gain favor with readers and search engines alike.

Beginner Internet Marketing Training

I am assuming that you are a senior, a disabled person (or both) or someone who is looking at retiring in the next few years, with not enough money. Yet, anyone can decide to start blogging with the hope of increasing their income, at any time.

The desire and need to work online at home can lead to much time and money waste as you step on the land mines of work at home scams.

I have mentioned Wealthy Affiliate a few times in this post because it is a top of the line teaching system that updates constantly so that you can do your best. My full review of it is here.

To avoid scams, ignore keywords like these – that I found while searching “how to make money at home online”:

  • How to make quick money

    no free overnight money

  • Totally free home based jobs (what’s totally free?)
  • Loans disabled vets (can only be a trap)
  • Make money online free and fast

There are many more of that ilk. Keyword searches are fascinating!

Nothing is overnight. You may take advantage of the free websites I’ve talked about and work at them according to your own pace. Free, meaning, no addition to your usual expenses of internet service and owning a computer.

There are a few more ways to learn to find keywords. Click here to view a real lesson where Kyle, one of the Wealthy Affiliate owners and trainers says ” In this training I am going to show you how you can use a free Google Search within any niche to find an unlimited number of highly sought after keywords. ”

You will be surprised at how easy this technique of how to find keywords for blogging is!

I hope you enjoy that! I’d love to know what you think of this information, so please feel free to leave a comment or question below.


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