How Many Followers/Subscribers Do You Need For Affiliate Marketing To Be Profitable?

How many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable

How many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable?


I‘ve been asked how many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable.


What do we mean by subscribers in regard to affiliate marketing?


Those are your readers who consent to give their email address for you to send them new posts, and other news about your topic of promotion.


The most simplistic answer to that question is,  it’s relative. 


Maybe you write articles and intend to hold out for free traffic – or organic traffic, meaning people who search for something online and you happen to have written material that offers the information they seek.


You could make a commission from the purchase of one person who buys from a retailer linked to from your blog. It might be a fairly large commission.


That commission might be double your monthly cost of maintaining a blog online, and the business portion of your internet provider costs and electric bill.


Because at some point in the business of having an affiliate marketing blog, you are going to do the math and figure all of that out.


So you have made a profit, and don’t even have one subscriber.


And truly, you don’t need any if you follow that method of building up a blog which steadily gains traction online, gets more views and you make more sales.


And to project from that, you may at some point start buying advertising.


You decide on a budget, experiment, and determine how much you can spend on ads to bring in more sales, and still profit.


You may not necessarily have any subscribers or followers at this point. I’m a “let’s keep it simple” person, so I have built up my blog visibility and made some noticeable money, without ads or subscribers.


That’s just my style.


If you’re starting off with a big budget for advertising, you can do it differently.


This blog is designed to help seniors, the disabled, or anyone who prefers to work for themselves at home.


It is intended to point you to where you can learn professional business blogging from scratch. If you’re at the From Scratch stage, here’s a little breakdown of what you’re going to learn:


  • How to get your material online, or hosted
  • How to get a domain name or “”
  • How to set up your blog legally and provide contact for any reader who wants to contact you
  • The way to write an About Me page so your readers get a sense of who you are, and come to trust you


I was lucky way back, and got a referral to a professional training site, which targets your success from the first 5 no-cost basic lessons, to hundreds of further classrooms which drill down to every strategy needed to gain readers, maybe subscribers, to your blog or YouTube channel.


You too, can take advantage of this close look at these opportunities to learn blogging, the right way. CLICK below!



How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing?


As I have outlined above, you start by getting a peek into the vast realm of writing promotional and informative material on  web site that you own.


In case I forget, I’ll mention right now that with purchase of training at this site, (the one you go to when you click on the button above)  you will get a free domain – – name for one year. At the end of that year, when you renew you will get a deeply discounted price for maintaining that domain name. 


How Many Followers Are Needed To Get A Subscriber?


You may or may not get any official followers, yet you may work up to thousands of views a month, some repeat visitors.


The training I’m recommending here walks you through the aspects of email marketing, and how you get a good list of subscribers.


Do I Need A High Ranking Blog To Get Subscribers


You definitely need a blog to get blog followers and/or subscribers.


You need to know how to develop that bog.


What do I mean by develop?


I mean writing content, a LOT of content. Which means you have to be highly interested, indeed, passionate about the topic of your blog.


Your level of interest will determine the discipline you have to exert on your consistent publishing of your content.


Your interest level or passion, with which you write your content, will be infectious to your readers.


And yet, enthusiasm for a topic will not be enough. It will go a long way to getting followers/subscribers, once they have found your site, but how do you make sure they find it?


As opposed to one of the other 100,000 blogs offering information about your topic?


The training I recommend will show you how to do that, to gain visibility and raise your ranking, or the place where the search engines place you online.


Once you gain visibility, you may get blog followers/subscribers. 


Yet, you can make many commissions a month from writing quality content about the item(s) you recommend to your readers, even if you don’t have an email list of subscribers.


Going through the professional training on an international site where you can get questions answered 24/7 from experienced bloggers, will help you gain traction with your blog.


What To Look For In Affiliate Marketer Training


  • How to attract blog readership focused on your item of interest – your Niche
  • How to do the research for that, in the time effective ways
  • How to decide on a domain name, your address online
  • Learn the easy-to-read content formatting
  • Learn how to write the best headlines for your sections and paragraphs
  • Learn to upload the images you choose to illustrate your content
  • Learn to embed YouTube videos to enhance your posts


And so much more!


I hope I’ve made you curious to look at this training.


You don’t have to give a form of payment to view it, you only need to make a user name and password.


You can view and review some real classes. You will get an idea of the training process, and you can decide to buy the monthly membership training when you’re ready.


Does $49.00 for a month sound good, for starting a business? CLICK BELOW – it’s that easy.





I hope I’ve given you some perspective on the issue of how many followers/subscribers do you need for affiliate marketing to be profitable?


Here are some more posts about creating a stream of income in retirement (or before). 


If you like writing about exercise:


Would Roller Skating Be Good Exercise For An Elderly Man?




Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic






Can You Write A Story Beginning With ‘What The Hell Happened

Can you write a story beginning with 'What the hell happened

Can You Write A Story Beginning With ‘What The Hell Happened

A senior friend of mine who loves to write short stories, asked me how I recover from writer’s block. I asked her “Can You Write A Story Beginning With ‘What The Hell Happened”?

If you’re  a senior or otherwise at home blogger wanting to publish either fiction or informative “how-to” kind of short e-books, you may need a writing prompt from time to time. 

Writer’s block strikes once in a while and has various causes. Here’s a description of writers block.

If you are an author of e-books, or want to be, the following button will take you to a place where you can learn how to build a blog to get guaranteed targeted visitors. You won’t have to pay to see an overview of the training and you can  study five of their  classrooms.


A few years ago I bought a software package that instructed me as to how to format an e-book to publish on Amazon. It was a learning exercise for me, but I did complete and publish an ebook. I never promoted it but have sold many copies over the years.

There are YouTube videos that will show you this too.  Here is one  I like:

If you use Word to write, this is what you need to do a proper format.

If you don’t have the Microsoft Suite, and don’t want to outlay any cash, you can download LibreOffice. Search for that, and download. 

It is a free package similar to Microsoft Office. You can create a document (e-book, manuscript) and when done, save as a Word doc.

That is another prompt to trigger your imagination, or memory, if you’re writing non-fiction. It could provoke you to remember an event from:
  • A family trip when you were a child
  • Your first field trip in elementary school
  • Your first job in high school
  • A volunteer job you did once
  • Your first year in college
  • Your first job search as an adult
  • How I make money with my hobby
To name a few. All these ideas can be fiction too, although informative non-fiction works well with short e-books.
Here is a sample of an informative e-book from Amazon: Facts About Saturated Fats
That book ad is an affiliate link, and if you were to click on it, and buy it, the author (me) would get a commission.  That could be anywhere from $ .10 to $2.00, depending on where the purchase was made. 
Say the commission averaged $1.50 and 200 were sold in a month. That’s not bad revenue for a non-fiction informational book that took two weeks to research and write.
Because you could write another one every two weeks, or once a month. At the end of the year, you could have made significant revenue to supplement your SS Income or income in general, in your retirement.
This blog focuses on helping seniors or the disabled – anyone who needs to work from home – to blog for money.
The information applies to anyone at any age who can blog or vlog (make YouTube videos which can be monetized).
If you want to see the popular categories of e-books, one place to start is ClickBank
This site has 24 categories of digital books. You can promote those as an affiliate marketer, or simply view the titles of the best sellers and see if you’d prefer to write your own. 
For example if you have had a wood working hobby, or business you can write a 20 page e-book on “how to get started”…or “simple tools to get started”… 
Other handy topics:
  • Recipes, targeted to specific types of cooking
  • Crafting 
  • Scrap booking
  • Journaling
  • Herb gardening
  • Topiary making
So what’s next? 

Start a blog to promote your e-book(s).

Do I Need Guaranteed Targeted Traffic

Yes you do, and you can learn how to get it. 

The first way you get it is to write as many articles as you can on each aspect of your chosen topic, to your chosen audience – your niche. 

About a hundred posts on a blog tells a search engine (Google, Bing, Duck-Duck-Go) that you are a serious contender for quality content, both promotional and informative.

Consistent publication also improves your visibility online. You can write whenever you’re inspired, but pick 2 days a week to publish, and stick to your schedule.

You will want to know about:
  • The aesthetic aspects of a blog (theme and blog formatting)
  • The legal aspects of blogging – required pages
  • How to provide a form of contact for your readers
  • How to get guaranteed targeted web traffic
And many more elements that will help you get ahead of your competition online.

More info about blogging: 


Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


If you have any questions, use the comment box below.


Would Roller Skating Be Good Exercise For An Elderly Man?

Would roller skating be good exercise for an elderly man

Would Roller Skating Be Good Exercise For An Elderly Man?


A friend asked me this morning, would roller skating be good exercise for an elderly man?


Of course, it could be, but maybe not. Same goes for women or any identification of an exerciser.


Since every elderly individual – say 65 and over for the purpose of this article – is different, with a different exercise background, if any.


Every elderly man has a different medical history.


He will have a unique nutritional intake – good or bad – and his own level of strength.


Here’s a charming video showing elderly men roller skating:


What Are The Health Benefits of Roller Skating?


Roller skating is great cardio exercise. But should one risk the possibility of a broken bone for healthy lungs and heart?


And why am I talking about this on a blog about seniors learning to affiliate market online? To make money with their blog?


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


I’m not going to abandon the topic, but in relation to working at home in retirement, to supplement your SS income or supplement your overall income, read on!


To go straight to an opportunity to view a blogger training site (no cost to get an user name and password, no payment form needed),  and to access 5 basic classrooms and a live feed chat (to get your million questions answered), CLICK BELOW.






So, back to the health benefits of roller skating…here’s the obvious list:

  • Great for metabolism and circulation
  • Circulation feeds the brain, nerves and muscles
  • Muscle strength increases reflexes and balance
  • Balance and good reflexes decrease the chance of a fall
  • Compression on bones by strong muscles increases bone density
  • High metabolism prevents insulin resistance, or stops it from getting worse
  • Such exercise promotes good sleep
  • Good sleep increases mental clarity and decreases stress
  • Pleasant social contact if you skate at a rink or meet friends to skate


You probably already realize that exercise, any exercise is more or less good for all those items above. 


If you have any medical condition you should ask your doctor “is there any reason why I shouldn’t roller skate?”.


Any doctor is going to encourage people, especially seniors, to exercise all they can, considering any specific limitations.


Is Roller Skating Safe?


You can make it safe, like any other fast moving sport.


You want good skates.


You want the right safety equipment – joint pads, a good helmet.


You want a light weight water bottle you can carry on your belt or backpack.


You want a high protein low carb snack on hand.


You want a good surface, not too bumpy.


Many would agree that you can and should skate with a pal or in a group, right?


Most would want their elderly friends/relatives to have a good phone with them when out exercising, agree?


And more, how about a solar-fueled charger for their phone, attached to their backpack or shoulder?


There is a reason I’m mentioning these safety and comfort products!


Because I’m now flipping back from the roller skating topic to the affiliate marketing products for avid roller skaters.


That’s called a niche, an audience interested in your topic.


Actually there are two reasons  – you probably scanned past my Affiliate Disclosure  in the yellow block above.


I need to have it on this page, just in case one of my readers clicks on a link to something that they might purchase. I just want them to know that if they buy through my link, I will get a commission. 


And what if this was Your Blog?


You too, could make money this way. Earning affiliate commissions from a retailer by sending them a sale.


Picture this – you’re at home in your pj’s, with a steaming or iced cup of your favorite beverage:

  1. Sitting at the picnic table in your yard
  2. Sitting at your table inside, watching the birds in your feeder
  3. Sitting at your computer work station, whatever that is 
  4. Sitting in the passenger seat of your RV while your mate drives


And what would you be doing in all these places?


Writing a blog post, just like I am now. 


OK, this is You, right?


You click over to Amazon or Target or Walmart or Ebay – to view some safety equipment for roller skating, or maybe roller blading.


You pick a couple for the best reviews, good price, return policy, appearance and other factors.


You come back to your blog and discuss these products, pros and cons, and post a LINK that the retailer provides you – just you – to track a possible sale.


And in the near future you get a commission for those sales.


Here’s a demonstration of a link to Amazon:



There are so many to choose from, I decided to pick an Amazon #1 Bestseller item. 


CLICK ON IT – and off you go to Amazon. 


So you buy the roller skates – or maybe you browse around and pick a pair that costs $299.00 – yeah! Wow my commission just took off like rocket! 😀 


And while you’re there your spouse notices you’re shopping and says “honey don’t forget that list I gave you yesterday”. 


You refer to your phone and pull up the text with the shopping list. 


Because you save your list (many shoppers do!) to order once or twice a month, it’s a long list of regular household stuff, and let’s pretend you get the new coffee grinder or power drill while you’re buying.


Then you remember your pal’s birthday is coming up – and may as well order that now, right? Along with some wrapping paper and ribbon. 


Then you recall you need a couple of new power strips for your home office along with a couple of thumb drives and a better office chair lumbar cushion. 


I know you’re tracking with me here – that commission is growing along with your order.


Now let’s get back to your affiliate marketing blog – Your Blog, and I’m the shopper. 


But I’m not the only shopper! Let’s say you had 200 hundred shoppers land on Your Blog and they all CLICK over to a retailer – and 50 of those shoppers placed orders that were not returned…The retailer is going to take 60 days to decide on your commissions. 


So 50 shoppers place larger or larger orders and you make money. 


And let’s pretend that over your

GOYERBAMATE Premium Organic Yerba Mate (Smoke Free, Pure Leaf)

tea, your friend asked you “Would roller skating be good exercise for an elderly man?”


And see how I integrated the linked product name there? And it can be integrated more evenly within the text, but I’m making a point, right?


In this post we’ve looked at roller skating and affiliate marketing, and brought them together.


Taking this one step further, what if your friends sadly relates that their doctor told them they can’t do cardio exercise for a while. Or they have sprained an ankle and are worried about turning into a grouchy couch potato while they recover.


Here is a whole other area of exercising – with great products to promote.


Slow motion high intensity training with weights – can be done sitting down, lying down, or holding onto something for balance. 


One would need weights, stretchy bands, a good thick mat and maybe a foam roller for releasing muscle tension.


There is also a fantastic at home gym-in-a-bag called Body Boss


There are many videos on YouTube showing how to use it for arms, legs, upper body, calves – it’s easy to use.


You can go at your own pace without endangering your health conditions.


See, now you have another dozen topics to write about on Your Blog.


For Your Blog you will need world class, professional designed-for-business blog training. 


Because you want those 200 shoppers to find Your Blog, not someone else’s. There is significant know-how required to make that happen.


Which can lead to hundreds and thousands of views per month, and perpetual income for you. 


I don’t need to say anything more – you can see it for yourself. CLICK BELOW.






Here’s some info about Body Boss.



Do Money Making Apps Really Work

do money making apps really work

Do Money Making Apps Really Work

After the many money making apps reviews I’ve written on this blog, my friend asked me do money making apps really work?

I think they do, for a while.

Because apps are trendy, and one soon replaces the other.

What IS An App? Check it here.

Here are three of my more popular posts about money making apps, or systems. You can scan them now or come back to them later.

Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money

Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic

What Is Clickbank University A Scam – Or Will You Make Money?


Online Money Making Scams Real – Or A Little Iffy

Serious bloggers pay little attention to apps. because they have learned how to be a serious blogger, 😀 .

I learned how to be a serious blogger by writing 300 articles on my first blog. I didn’t know what I was doing, and no, it had nothing to do with a money making app, because there were none a few years ago.

I got a no-cost access to a blog training community and started learning how to keep going with my blogging in a more professional manner.

If you click on the button below, you can do the same.




If you’ve read any of this blog, or if you scanned one or more of the above, you’ll see how I steer people to make their own online real estate plots to nurture and grow into a real business.

Because, my target audience, seniors and the disabled – people confined to their home for any reason – might get very inspired to start blogging and sharing their passions with others.

Passions meaning their favorite gardening equipment, home remedies, relationship fixing ideas, or money making ideas.

For instance, look at this one area of possible passions people write about (to make income online): Home and Garden activities and products

  • Cordless equipment – trimmers, snow blowers, chainsaws, leaf blowers, lawn mowers
  • Small garden tool totes, knee pads and tiny stools
  • Indoor gardening units for herbs, tomatoes, and salad greens
  • Indoor/outdoor potted trees
  • Garage cupboards and shelving
  • Garage floor protective mats
  • Solar-powered electric gate kits
  • House security systems – with apps that DO work!
  • Barn owl boxes for trees – to catch rodents (1 owl eats 1000 rodents a year)
  • Composters to reduce your household waste and fertilize your garden naturally
  • Organic foods
  • Chemical free clothing
  • Organic linens

That lists could be longer, and it is JUST ONE category of activities/products you can write about.

And, all those products can be connected from you to a retailer by a special link – an affiliate link – and purchases made that way will reward you with a commission. 


I understand the draw to purported money making apps.


PRO: With a few clicks you can make a website

CON: Your website will look like all the other sites made with the app


PRO: The cost is under $20.00

CON: You can spend between $200.00 – $500.00 for further access and training or have it Done For You (DFY)


PRO: You have a quick start feel-good momentum

CON: You discover there is quite a lot of training to do – or there isn’t any training to help you


Who Benefits From Money Making Apps

  1. People who have a lot of spare time to stare at their phone and share links all day
  2. Experienced marketers who can intuitively upload and use it quickly

These apps are short term money creators – but I repeat, for experienced marketers who can benefit quickly.


Making Money Making Apps – The Real Beneficiaries

The skilled app makers are definitely the real beneficiaries of these systems.

Let’s take a $12.99 app, the Seller already has a few thousand followers to promote to.

He or she sells one thousand the first day the app is launched. $12,900.00. 😯

Eventually half of those buyers apply for their money back. Seller still has $6,450.00

And Seller may have sold a few hundred $300.00 enhancements to the system. Do the math.

In the meantime, Seller is making more apps, getting the launches ready.


If you knew how to make money earning apps, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right?

If you wanted to learn to blog for money, you likely searched with a word or phrase that landed you here.

And I want to help you get started the easiest way.

Speaking metaphorically, I want to invite you to open a door that will bring you into the foyer of a huge, 24/7 present member community.

  • You will get an introduction to the community
  • A look at the available training
  • You will make some powerful and helpful connections


And now, you’re light years away from making a little money, for a little while, with an app.

You are in an arena where you can learn how to build a real business blog.

Your blog focuses on a small market population of readers/buyers who are interested in your passion.

You now know how to write in order to attract readers and make it easy for them to buy the items needed to enjoy the activity/hobby you write about.

You know how to pick images and upload them (legally).

You know how to format your articles and share useful information without writing too much (I’m almost done here 😆 ).

You have spent $49.00 to spend one month to learn all of the above.

That, of course, depends on your time. Your learning time.

And here is a HUGE PRIZE you get for joining this member community.

You will get a DOT COM – a real dot com, not a Me@” A DOT COM is valued much more by Google and other search engines than a Me@this

And you won’t have to pay for that.

That is a real leg up to starting a professional blog. As you build your site, you are developing authority and presence online with your real DOT COM.

I used to write a lot more about the long list of benefits you get by learning real business blog building.

I think it’s a little overwhelming, vs having you get a free account to get into the foyer and look around. You will be able to view and re-view 5 basic classes, a great intro to a possibly wonderful and fulfilling blog business future.


So, DO Money Making Apps Really Work?

Yes, they do, they work as intended.

They work differently for new users and experienced marketers.

If you prefer to put time and some money into building a long-time-earning blog, which will develop into passive income  – just click on the button below.




How To Make Extra Money As A Senior

how-to-make-extra-money-as-a-senior man on beach

How To Make Extra Money As A Senior

How To Make Extra Money As A Senior is a hot topic these days – or maybe always has been.

I work in a field that truly keeps the ongoing challenges of keeping up with inflation (impossible for most!), keeping up with rental costs (half-a$$ed rent control laws halfway help but only if you never move and aren’t forced out of “your” home).

I have just reviewed about 30 articles with recommendations about making money with your computer, at home.

They feature questions like:

  • Can I do online tutoring? (great for ex-teachers)
  • Is Drop-shipping worth it? (You don’t have to keep stock, you sell it, they ship it)
  • Can I Publish an e-book? (Yes you can! And it’s not hard to learn)
  • Can I make money with videos on YouTube? (Yes! You can)
  • Start a blog – about what? Anything you love enough to write lots of content about

Where Do Billionaires Invest When There Is High Inflation?

Yes, even billionaires are looking for handy ways to make more money – but this doesn’t concern us, does it? They are not reading this blog because it is designed for retiring or soon-to-be retiring individuals and couples who want to work from home or while traveling without the worry of running out of funds.

How Do I Make Money Online For Free Fast?

This is a common bogus idea that is a time waster to pursue. I have read that question online for over ten years. It never goes away and I have never heard of anyone discovering a way to do this. ‘Nuff said!

How Can I Make Money Online Without Selling Something?

Now we’re getting warm!

If you are not a natural and successful salesperson (sell-ice-to-Inuits type of talent) but love to talk about your favorite gadgets, hobby products, and “how-to’s” you learned in your career, you might love Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

This is a type of marketing where you get to write, explain, describe, RAVE about a product or line of products to a specific audience of interested people – a niche – who are looking for your information online.

And, there is a place where you can learn how this works and how to get that niche to find your blog!

Years ago I found a training community where I was able to start learning the basics of affiliate marketing, with five classes about this online business style.

I did not have to pay anything to get a look at the training and income earning potential, and how the support from this community could help one learn.

You can do this too: CLICK below.


This is serious business training that with enthusiasm and consistent work and correct application, will earn you income.

This is not “EASY Money”. When have you ever made Easy Money?

I won $100.00 with the lottery once –  no future in it though!

I really want to help seniors who have probably followed this working-life path.

I’m not going to say “career path” because many of us who thought they were going to have a career (traditionally a job with one company including health benefits, bonuses, pension plan et al)  – not just a job – got blind-sided by these wealth-sucking events:

  • Divorce
  • Business moved off shore
  • Illness (yours or a family member’s)
  • Real estate investments or home got taken by bank corruption and ensuing freefall events

And there went your retirement plans!

Or, maybe you worked so hard for so long that you never made any retirement plans!

I must say I resent the common phrases of describing those who are retiring comfortably as people who “worked with fiscal discipline and intelligent strategies”. Really?

As though the rest of us had no discipline or wasted money we could have spent on retirement strategies.

Sadly, the facts are that the biggest maybe-once-greatest developed country has contrived to eliminate decent labor laws, or allow for work-arounds, has contrived to allow run-away-train rent increases while suppressing affordable housing development, and has contrived to bankrupt people and take their assets just for getting ill.

I guess that was a bit of a rant…and a bit dark…so let me get to the good stuff!

How Can Senior People Earn Money In Their Old Ages?

All the researchers I reviewed today agree that there are two best ways:

  1. Start a blog
  2. Start a YouTube channel

Since I am a writer I will focus here on the blog for business via affiliate marketing path.

I will also provide information about making money with YouTube further below.

There are technical aspects to succeeding with a blog.

Knowing code is no longer required.

Finding a host to support an easy-to-build WordPress blog is a must.

Learning HOW to build the blog on WordPress is a must, because you want a good visual appearance and a professional (including legal) presence.

Learning how to help your audience – that niche who wants the information you’re going to provide – find you online.

Learning how to schedule your training and writing time so you can publish quality content consistently, without burning out.

This schedule is yours to choose – and depends on whether you are retired, or still working full time or part time.

After your first free classes, you will have the option to begin your professional training at $49.00 a month.

For this you get access to a huge and long-lived affiliate marketer training community. The classes are methodical going through the basics of blog building and enhancing your site in the ways that will allow you to supplement your social security income.

This $49.00 investment also includes one dotcom, “”, a professional website address. 

And for some, your blog may eventually make you more money than you have ever made.

Blog success takes time. There is no “overnight” or “instant”. And you want to stay real about this, right?

And I would judge by the million PLUS users of this training site, that most of the members stick with it and become earners online.

If you want to learn how to make extra money as a senior – click below!


Here is the post about YouTube success:

Do Youtube Videos Make Money


How To Do Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website

how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website lego robot

How To Do Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website


The idea of how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website caught my attention today.

I found an automated system called Leo this morning and it truly emphasizes doing affiliate marketing with no website, and profiting $43.25 an hour.

Really? Not $44.00 or $42.00? OK, I jest.

Yet I’m serious. How would this work – without a website?

The Leo creators say:


  • Get FREE Traffic In 60 Seconds…
  • ​That Turns Into Hundreds For Us…
  • ​100,000+ DFY YouTube™ Shorts Included..
  • ​Works For Literally Anyone…
  • ​Never-Been-Done On Warrior+Plus…
  • ​Flick The Switch & You’re Good To Go…
  • ​Finally Live Your Dream Life…
  • ​365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


“Works literally for everyone” is a RED FLAG to me.



First, because I do know how to make money affiliate marketing with a website or a few.


I got a free account years ago and learned how to do  a business blog the right way.


Is this what you’re ready for?








I’ll talk more about that later, after looking further at Leo, a system that says it allows you download a hundred thousand YouTube shorts – 60 seconds or less videos,  ready for your use.


The author says

Without Any Tech Skills, Video Creation Or Experience…

…You can make $43.25 per hour.


Getting feedback from a pro youtuber who looked into the details, this software doesn’t provide anything that you can’t do by yourself  using YouTube.


And IMPORTANT, it’s teaching you to download other people’s videos for your own use – Er – NOT recommended!


YouTube provides its creators with a notification system that alerts them that someone else has downloaded their videos, and that can be tracked.


Yet Leo encourages you – in fact has tried to automate this – to use other people’s creations to enhance your niche (affiliate marketing item, or focus).


In the system, you can put in a keyword – but wait! What is that? What is its purpose?


Leo doesn’t explain anything about those factors, you’re supposed to know beforehand.


So how well will this software work for you – getting you free traffic in 60 seconds?


How Did You Land On This Article?

I’m guessing you’re a beginner blogger, or a person looking into blogging, right? That’s how you landed on this article. You searched for information about how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website.


Did you know you used a keyword or key-phrase that brought you here? Well, you did. It wasn’t necessarily the phrase of my title here, but it could be another word or phrase in this post.


In the real blogger training I use and recommend for seniors and others who want to learn about work from home jobs, you learn about keywords and phrases that will bring your website traffic, or visitors.


This enhances the chances of your making some sales, that’s the whole point right?


Leo claims you don’t need to know anything to use this system. You’re going to make a few clicks and start bringing in traffic.


This automated system is going to build you a business – but you’re not the Lego Robot are you? You’re not pre-programmed to make all the nuts and bolts work, right?


If you don’t understand keywords and traffic already, how are you going to use the Leo system?


What Do I Need To Know  To Do Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website?


Keywords and traffic are two out of a couple of dozen factors you need to understand in order to get traffic to your own website or YouTube channel. Here are more:

  • Where to place those keywords  – title-meta description-alt images-headlines-url-content
  • Where to find images and how to size them for fast loading of your web pages
  • How to format a blog post for easy reading since most people scan information
  • How to track your progress with Google Analytics
  • How to design your blog visually with the choice of (free) templates


Aside from the fact that many of the tools in Leo aren’t really complete, or there is no training as to what you do with them, none of the above is explained.


So Leo is definitely not for beginners.


And here’s where I have to state the obvious – if you’re not a beginner, you don’t need Leo. You already know how to get traffic – maybe not in 60 seconds, and that’s plain unrealistic.


If you’re not a beginner blogger, you know you can’t just download other people’s products for your convenience.


If you’re not a beginner affiliate marketer, you know that using a YouTube video that is published to share, can only add to a page of helpful, and original content.


Meaning you wrote it, maybe a thousand words. Using a video to emphasize your content is O.K., if that video has a Share option.


How do you learn and organize the information that you need to publish content online, compete with millions of other marketers?


To do that is so much easier now than it was when you had to learn code to create a website  – back in ancient history, in the early 2000’s.


Along came Blogger and WordPress, free to use blog templates with user friendly tools.


But those free blogs are not supposed to be for making money. They are for creative and informational personal uses.


WordPress is the most popular platform for blog building and the training I was so lucky to find a few years ago provides WordPress-built blogs, and gives you two affiliate marketing sites to practice with while you’re doing the classes.


This online 24/7 accessible training site also explains affiliate marketing from scratch, and how it works.


Many Choose Affiliate Marketing Because Of These Advantages:

  • No product needed – you choose from the billions already produced
  • No shipping department needed – the retailers already do that
  • No customer service needed – the retailers already have that
  • No store or office needed – you already have a computer right?
  • No one’s schedule except your own (especially if you’re retired)
  • You can blog and make money while traveling


With this remarkable and popular community (over a million members), yes, you’re going to eventually pay for access.


Would you like to look into this for a week, without paying? And after that, pay under $20.00 USD to continue for a month?


That’s plenty of time for you to try out affiliate marketing and have the knowledge to decide if you will forge on.


Leo claims to provide tutorials for some of their tools, but the training doesn’t load, at this time.


If you’re experienced enough to use Leo for a while, maybe you will make some affiliate commissions. It’s not impossible.


My perspective is, if you’re going to spend time online with the idea of creating a business, wouldn’t you prefer to OWN your sites and KNOW how to perpetuate them so you can earn revenue into the future?


I certainly had a huge advantage when I discovered this free-for-a-week training. I liked the methodical building of my blogs with every tiny detail explained in video classes, and Q&A’s attached to every one.


Are you ready to explore this for yourself?


There is a lot of talk online about how to do affiliate marketing with and without a website – and for years, the “without a website” has always fizzled out of the conversation.


Having your own website is the foundation of doing business online.  Do you want one for your own?


More about how to create a blog with WordPress step by step: 


Blogging Sites – Why I Chose WordPress


How To Make A Fulltime Income Blogging – With WebNova?


How To Make A Fulltime Income Blogging

WebNova – I noticed this system recently and wondered if it could help people learn how to make a fulltime income blogging.

Its promises are attractive, and I quote:

  • Tap Into Huge Untapped $2.7 Billion Website Building Industry Today
  • Create Ultra Fast Business Websites For Any Offer In Any Niche In 3 Clicks
  • Drag-N-Drop Editor For Quick Addition Of Glamorous Elements
  • Choose from 100+ DFY websites Templates To Create Mobile Responsive Websites
  • Lightning Speed Loading With SSL Encryption
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars On Expensive Freelancers OR Money Charging Third Parties
  • Limitless Hosting Included At No Extra Cost
  • Fully Cloud-Based So Nothing To Download Or Install
  • Newbie Friendly, Easy To Use With No Coding Or Writing Skills 
  • Limited Time Commercial License Included To Provide Top Notch Services
  • Get Started Today For A Low, One Time Investment – No Monthly Fees!


Newbie Friendly, Easy To Use With No Coding Or Writing Skills 

This is the first red flag I want to point out. When I went in depth about the details about this software, the positive items seem to be:

  • A volume of DFY (done for you) websites are accessible
  • Dozens of templates provided, included in the initial $17.00 cost
  • You can choose your template and with a few clicks create a site

Those are three important attributes, but then what do you do if you’re a beginner blogger?

Number four positive – these web sites are customizable!

Yes, you can edit, add to, and just go crazy making this web site attractive to a buyer, say a local business which needs a site.

Wait – what? I have to sell web sites to make those amazing profits via the “Huge Untapped $2.7 Billion Website Building Industry“.

I am going to get to the point right here. If you want to build a web site about a product or topic you love, and design it to make money…How are you going to know how to do that?

Years ago I happened across the chance to get an account at a HUGE  online community that has created step-by-step, detailed, video classes. I authored and published two sites with guidance as to choosing a niche, or an exclusive part of the market.

I learned about many details about how you build a blog, important details that I, as a newbie, had never heard of before.

The lingo, the behind-the-scenes (or, screens) activity that bloggers use, is all explained carefully in five foundational classrooms.

No money was asked upfront for this opportunity and I had a whole week to learn all this! Would you like to get an account and do that? CLICK BELOW.




Because that’s where you’re going to learn how to make a fulltime income blogging!


More about WebNova

This system is to for you to make websites, and sell them to your clients.

Clients? You have clients, right? No? A minor detail?

Your clients will pay for an attractive site with On Page SEO.

Are you thinking “what the H is that”?

The free week of basic classes in blog building I recommend will explain that in great detail, revealing several techniques to becoming an expert in SEO – or Search Engine Optimization.

Because if the search engines can’t find you, amongst the massive online content of bloggers, then your prospective clients (small businesses which don’t have a web site) won’t find you either.

And that’s just ONE detail of many, that you need to become an expert at when you learn how to make a fulltime income blogging.


What Is The Best Way To Learn About Internet Marketing – Done For You?

If you’ve raised children, or taught (kids or adults) you’d probably agree with me that the best way for people to learn is to do it themselves. Am I right?

I think the biggest feature that makes my chosen training for business blogging, is that you do-it-for-yourself as you go through the classes.

  • You don’t study a volume of theory and then go figure out  how it is applied.
  • You MAKE an About Me page and publish it, you see it online
  • You use the TEMPLATES for required legal pages, customize them, and publish
  • You learn how to find images to use (Paid or free) and add them to your posts

You get to see your products that you have created, all of which can be edited and enhanced as you learn more.

Gosh, I know bloggers who go back and re-do posts and pages they wrote years ago. Styles and requirements on the internet change often, and you need a connection to people who are going to keep you updated!

Here’s another important – no – vital – feature of this specialized training. And it’s why, when it came time to decide to move forward with the paid training, I knew I couldn’t afford not to proceed.


It is vital, not just for your daily/weekly/monthly production and satisfaction of having done the work, but because  – Search Engines!

The search engines like sites that publish consistently, rather than sporadically.

If you can set a schedule to learn, and write and publish blog posts, that contributes to your visibility online.

I started part-time, about 20 hours a week.

You know, I used to come home from work, make dinner and clean up – and then, watch a couple of hours on television. That’s about 20 hours a week, including weekends.

I was delighted to replace those passive hours with active hours creating some future income.

Those who can put in a fulltime schedule have a real advantage. Is that you? Are you a retired senior or a disabled person who would like to supplement your income?

If you are, I created this blog for you.


How To Build A Blog Fast

Your perspective on “FAST” depends on your financial needs, of course.

Consistency is key as I mentioned above, but your enthusiasm is a big boon. If you select a product, like  hobby information and tools,  or household items or activities that you truly enjoy, you will naturally produce valuable blog content faster.

Because, even if you go ahead and buy WebNova and produce a few sites, YOU will produce all the content for those sites.

Picking your own niche, or product to promote with your blog, that draws from your hobby or professional experience, is the best way to move forward.

Affiliate Marketing VS Direct Sales

WebNova helps you build sites that you, in turn, are going to sell.

A valuable site has about 100 posts on it. Or, it is so superbly SEO’d like only a pro would know how to do, and can be smaller in volume of content.

This will take you a few months, unless you can hire writers to produce articles for you.

At that time, you would start selling that site.

My preferred system of blog building is affiliate marketing.

That means I write about services or products other people create. If someone buys it from my blog link, I get a commission.

This means I can make money while I’m still creating my site. I can make money while I’m editing, enhancing, and re-doing older posts.

So why wait? Choose affiliate marketing (services or products). CLICK BELOW



Here are some ideas to get you going!

What Can I Write A Blog About


I Need To Make Money – The Heart Of This Blog


I Need To Make Money

I need to make money, I said to myself about ten years ago.

I had a job so I was paying the bills. I was keeping up.

But I had lost my retirement savings – all of it – during the bank meltdown/million layoff period.

And those savings were never to be recovered.

Have you gone through anything like that? I know your pain! 😥

And what’s more, I was approaching retirement age. This was very scary.

I had seen many articles online, about making money from home.

Who Wants To make Money From Home?

  • Persons who are confined at home
  • Retired people who don’t have enough pension income
  • Working parents who can’t leave the home (i.e. leave the kids alone)
  • Anyone else who has the interest and time

I started looking for a way to work at home because I still had a child living with me. Even though they were old enough for me to work evenings, I chose not to be out of the house every evening.

I bumped into  a lot of articles about blogging for money, and wow those scams came down the track like a runaway train!

I still look at offers, and this is one I saw today. The products claims:

“People are pocketing millions!

Again, just for helping someone get MILLIONS IN FREE MONEY FROM THE GOVERNMENT. (You can be anywhere in the world and do this)

They didn’t have to talk to them, show their face, or have any knowledge. 
All they did was connected the money with a someone that could GET IT FOR FREE.”

This is The 2 Million Dollar Commission System. 

Part of the ad copy mentions a Bryan who made over $1,000,000.00 posting one time on Facebook.

Read that as “bought ads on Facebook”. The cheap price for access to this system, $11.99 won’t be the last money you spend to use this.

Unless you have a Facebook account with a couple of thousand followers who will accept promotions from you, I doubt you or I would be tracking Bryan’s footsteps.

The creator states: “People are sharing their landing page with lots of business owners and making SERIOUS BANK each time they give away FREE MONEY!”

Translate: “sharing their landing pages” means one of two things

  1. Their landing pages are found online because the blogger has created a blog with more than one hundred articles on it and therefore gets pushed up onto the first page of search engines. Without hiring writers, this could take up to six months to build.
  2. A person looking to make money with their computer will take about six months to learn to blog (if they can find the right training) and get that blog found online, in order to promote any product. And make commissions when people buy.

I am so glad that years ago I found a training site that got me started with a free account. I learned after a few classes that there is a methodical video class system that walks you through building a web site.

A web site designed for business. Would you like to take a look at that?




If you click on the button above you will go to a page where you can provide a user name and password. No payment asked for, no credit card number.

In the long run, you could do much better building your own site(s) from where you can promote anything, like The 2 Million Dollar Commission System (which, if it works, will stop working once that government fund for business owners dries up).


I Need To Make Money – What Could I Promote Online?

You can profit from your strengths, your weaknesses, your career (current or previous) and your hobbies.

For instance if you’re a workout fan, you probably have knowledge about gym machines, exercise mats, Pilates, stretching routines and similar items.

Items that many retailers provide online. Here is one I love, and I have written about it here:

BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review

That cool and easy to store at home product is popular, and the retailer uses affiliates. That means when people buy it from my blog post, I get a commission.

Some people consider being concerned about your health a weakness (I don’t but many do). Here is  post I wrote about a health product, also from a company that pays decent commissions:

What’s The Best CBD Oil To Buy


The creator of The 2 Million Dollar Commission System also asserts: “we have proven ourselves – over and over again“…


Er…the product launched on 09/16/22 – two days ago. Uh huh.


The product (professional blog training community) I recommend HAS proven itself over and over again, for over ten years. It has over a million world wide members, many of whom are available every day for help and advice.


Blogging Tips You Can Learn For Free


  • Your WordPress platformed site is coded properly for you to start right away.
  • You will get a class about choosing a niche/product you can enjoy writing about
  • You will get a class about choosing a title for your site, and a domain name
  • You will get templates for your required legal pages
  • You will learn how to upload images, and where to get free or paid for images


And that is the basics…Of course there is much more as you move on to a paid membership in order to learn how to build a great blog (s) the right way.

One of my favorite things about this training is you DO it as you learn it.

You get to SEE your work on your live blog! It is published from the beginning, and you are seeing exactly what your readers will see, when they discover it.

Another BIG aspect you will learn is HOW your readers find  Your blog post. It’s not an accident or a game of chance, despite the millions of blogs online.


Is the 2 Million Dollar Commission System a Scam?

I don’t think it is a scam.

But I do KNOW you have to be pretty savvy about working online for you to get the number of readers on your page about it.

This is definitely not for beginners.

The free account I recommend is specifically designed for beginners.

Need I say more? CLICK below on the blue button.





How To Earn An Extra Income Online


Do you want to know how to earn an extra income online?

I am sure you do, since you searched for this topic and voila, here is my article, designed to help you in your quest of how to earn an extra income online.

Most bloggers making an extra income online write product reviews in which they place affiliate links.

What is an affiliate link?

This is an encoded word or phrase, and usually you see it in blue, or bolded, or it is in a Button that you click on.


For example, I write about an affiliate marketing training site that offers a free account to get started learning how to blog for money. This is my Button:




That button has a link in it that takes you to the place where you can get an account (user name and password only, no $ up front) and start classes on making your own web site  (no charge, and you get to keep it) and…

…how to develop it into a good business blog.

Recently I discovered an app called NovelPro. There are hundreds of apps available to help you market various products or services, and some sound very appealing. They promise the world and more.

NovelPro states:

  • “Just One Click To Activate Your Novel, Ebook, Comics & Magazine Websites
  • Start Your Website In 170+ Niches
  • Pay once, a low one time price and profit forever
  • Unlimited websites hosting with fast blazing servers.
  • Add your affiliate links on the websites to get paid instantly
  • 100% Legal & Ethical.
  • No technical knowledge or skill required..
  • Fully Automated Sites With Ready To Sell over 50,000+ DFY novels & ebooks.

To me, the items in red are red flags

100% Legal and Ethical – why would that have to be mentioned? Is it questionable in some way?

No technical knowledge or skill required – well, let’s see about that!

Upon examination I see that the app is going to create one website for you.

Yet the e-books, novels and magazines websites are not exclusively, but mostly – let’s face it – Amazon products.

So first, you have to get an Amazon affiliate account.

And Amazon won’t give it to you unless you already have a website that gets traffic.

If you don’t need any knowledge or technical skills, how do you already have a website that gets traffic, if you even understand that?

One of the things that the training community I recommend teaches is, it’s best to start out choosing a niche (product or service that appeals to a very specific audience).

This is to help you succeed because you’re not competing with some MASSIVE website (like Amazon!).

Doesn’t that make sense?

One of the basic classes offered helps you sort out how You, a newbie, can pick a niche product that you can write about with enthusiasm. Why?

Because for a successful blog, you’re going to write a lot of content in order to gain visibility with the search engines (Google, Bing and more).

It absolutely fascinates me how a blogger can (and I know these people) pick an item like football snack helmets or unique toilet seats, and make a living. Yet, this is done.

When you think about it there billions of searches a day for all kinds of items that you can center a blog around.

  • Woodworking tools and plans
  • Pink satin ballet pointe shoes
  • Gardening tools for women
  • Positive thinking guide books
  • Patio heaters
  • Gazebos and fire pits
  • Knitting and crocheting patterns, needles and hooks

Seriously, I could list a hundred off the top of my head. But you get the idea.


Don’t Waste Time Learning How To Earn An Extra Income Online

A few years back I did waste some time finding out how to earn an extra income online. Yet, I had a couple of factors in my favor.

I discovered a very valuable digital book about a topic I happened to be an expert in.

This book was on a marketplace that provided an affiliate link for bloggers, and offered a very good commission – 50%!

Without knowing anything about marketing online I wrote five articles a week about this topic, and a few months later I got an email from the marketplace asking for my tax info because I had made $1,200.00!

That’s not a lot of money and I couldn’t quit my day job.

But what if you’re a retired senior and you’ve already quit your day job?

You have 40 more hours a week than I did then, to write, learn, and develop your blog.

See where this is leading?

Senior retired bloggers, and disabled people working from home, really do make money online:

  • They choose their own work hours
  • They set up a comfortable work station
  • They can rest when they want to
  • They can exercise when they want to
  • They can travel when they want to (ah! the laptop lifestyle!)
  • They save time and gas money
  • They govern their quality of life

Are You Unemployed And Need To Make Money?

You would need a few months, and with all the time you have on hand, you could make very fast progress with the right instruction.

Here are the advantages to getting set up properly with the right community and support.

This community also offers a discount on domain names  – “” and hosting – the place where your site sits online.

Comparing it to NovelPro…well, there is no comparison.

  • Getting a site to compete with the behemoth Amazon vs your own unique site
  • Getting a site for marketing what Amazon’s already marketing vs your own niche
  • Earning .6% from Amazon vs 10% to 50% commissions from other retailers
  • Getting a site that hundreds of others have also bought vs your own unique site
  • Getting a fad app site vs building a site(s) that will earn for years
  • Getting questionable support vs having a 24/7 community for support and help

I have to say I lucked out in the beginning of my blogging days. I had a topic I could write about in my sleep and I made money.

This is my site I started out with, if you’d like to take a peek.

But I had to move forward from luck and really learn how to do it professionally.

If you’re interested in studying how the pros do it, for seven days free access, get your account now.




I hope to see you there!


Here is an article about the place where I marketed my first product, a digital book, from:

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing System


Home Based Job Residual Income Needed

home-based-job-residual income

This almost sounds like a classified ad from the old days – “Home based job residual income needed” – doesn’t it?

This blog was designed for seniors to find ways to create an online job to do at home, or while traveling, or worked from anywhere. But, you can be at any age and benefit from all the information in the many articles here.

Today we take a look at the Venus App. It is described as follows, by its authors:


  • Makes Us 100% Passive Income…
  • Be Up & Running In 60 Seconds…
  • Legally Raid Amazon…
  • No Physical Products Needed…
  • Works For Literally Anyone…
  • Never-Been-Done On Warrior+Plus…
  • Press A Button & You’re Good To Go…
  • Live Your Dream Life…
  • 365-Day Money Back Guarantee…


Looking at this Venus app closely I find out that it is a system where you buy it, and you get a dashboard that invites you to make E Books – you know, digital books that in this case, are sold on Amazon.

The system will help you “generate e-books” which you can edit – whoa! Do you have to be a writer of e-books?

What if you’re not? Because one trusted person mentioned in a review of this app, that at least 30% of the 2600 e-books provided are plagiarized.

How do you vet the e-books? How do you edit the information? How many hours of searching on line will give you the information you need?

Are you a fast writer/editor? Do you know how to format an e-book, for example, to get it published on Amazon?

I’m going to interrupt my own article right here, for you readers who need a home based job resulting in residual income.

I’m really not sure the Venus app will get you results.

This app isn’t expensive mind you, but “you get what you pay for” might apply here.

So the app will create (questionably legal) e-books. (one user confirms there is a lot of plagiarism)

It will also convert them into audio books (very popular!).

And we know Amazon sells tons of e-books and audio books, don’t we?

Yet, publishing e-books requires standards, correct formatting – all explained on Amazon.

Publishing on audio books requires a good voice (yours!),  and other quality standards.

There are several steps and several web sites to use, to do this with the Venus app.

It is a little complicated for my taste.

I truly want to help you decide how you  – especially if you’re a senior without enough Social Security and other pension benefits to live comfortably after retirement – or a disabled person confined to your home – might develop a residual income working from home.

Because of that, I must mention now that I recommend a training program for making money on line, that you can investigate for free, over seven days.

The cost is, your time.

Starting from scratch, would you like to learn:

  • How to set up a business blog
  • Orient it to a niche (product or service) you’re familiar with (maybe a hobby)
  • Choose a domain name
  • Study some classes on developing the blog
  • Posting the correct legal pages
  • Posting an About Me (you!) page  so your readers will trust you
  • Learning how to find readers – how they will find you!
  • How to write content that will authenticate your blog with search engines

And much more! Would you like to start? Click below.



So you re-write an e-book, making it original with your own words.
Then, the Venus app creators recommend you use the text to voice software provided, and make an audio book.
The Venus app then has you sign up to a separate web site called acx. Acx publishes e-books.
But here’s a major brick wall – Aex does not accept books made with text-to-voice. Which are, all the e-books you make with Venus.
That just leaves me scratching my head!
So, alternately, what if you were to simply follow the many you-tube videos on how to publish your own e-book? There are a few that walk you through it, including the formatting Amazon requires.
Because if you can do that, you do not need any app.


And here’s where I come to my point


Even if you’ve made a few e-books, or dozens, you will need your own web site to promote them.

You will need hundreds of followers on social media to promote TO.

If you have a visible (high ranking) blog your readers will be able to discover your e-books.

Same with social media, you need to have this set up in advance. Presence.

That’s why I recommend the best professional blog training you can find. The not-overnight, not no-work-needed, not no-skills-needed, methodical brick-by-brick site building classes that will guide you correctly.

Don’t you want a web site that will endure through years on the search engines?

Don’t you want to know how to make your web site visible online?

Wouldn’t you like to learn the proper format for a promotional and an informational blog article?

Would you like to be assured that the hosting (the physical servers provided) of your blog is reliable with great tech support?

More than a million users over ten plus years use this platform to host their business websites.

To create their business websites, and to keep them updated with both legal requirements and internet trends.

It can be a little intimidating to learn the thousands of details about blog writing.

That’s why I recommend that you follow the map that starts at the beginning, with video classes, lots of Q & A, to take you to the published product (yours!) that can compete for readers and buyers.

You can set up an account with simply a user name and password. No payment type asked for.




More great material:

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