Strength Training Exercises Seniors Choose

What are the concerns seniors have in selecting strength training exercises? Cost of equipment? Their own fitness level? Can they be done at home? It turns out that there is a time-proven guide for the strength training exercises seniors choose the most. The Exercise Seniors Video First Choice When anyone chooses a video for exercise […]

How Can Seniors Save Money

How CAN Seniors Save Money? I think I have some useful ideas about how seniors can save money. And I don’t mean by just cutting coupons or shopping for everything at the dollar store. If you’re reading this blog for the first time, I want to tell you that it’s mission is about “how can […]

The Work From Home Guidebook

The Work From Home Guidebook I know that there are millions of searches a month on search engines, made by people looking for a real work at home opportunity. Many would buy a guide to working at home online, and there are many of those. I have bought a couple myself. I’m a reader who […]

Start An Online Business For Free Now

Start An Online Business For Free Now   I found this article “26 Businesses You Can Start For Free”  and I thought I’d mention the top five here. They are not all online business ideas. I am going to mention some that are. Guess what Number One is! (my personal fave, fyi). Blogging, as in […]

An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide

Need An Affiliate Marketing How To Guide? Who are the people looking for an affiliate marketing how to guide? The ones I’ve talked to about learning to do something on line and make an income come from these  categories: Sick and tired of a commute that keeps getting longer Too sick to go to work […]

Tough Love Parenting For Adult Children

Tough Love Parenting For Adult Children It can be very stressful for seniors who are retired, or are planning retirement, when grown kids move back home. They are often blindsided with the need to establish tough love parenting for adult children. Not only do these older parents not understand the statistics of just how many […]

The Average Baby Boomer Retirement Income

“There is some good average retirement income 2018 news. According to research from Boston College, the percentage of retirees who are at risk of falling short in retirement decreased from 52 to 50 percent.” And how does the average baby boomer retirement income weigh in here? “Okay…  that is not really tremendously good news. It is […]