How Hard Is It To Write A Good Book – Affiliate Marketing For Seniors


How hard is it to write a good book?

How hard is it to write a good book? This question was asked of me by someone who is exploring:

  1. Why start a blog in retirement (to market their book or someone else’s material).
  2. Is affiliate marketing for seniors something they can learn


There are good reasons for seniors – you – to want to learn more about writing, writing online, and how to benefit financially from:

  • A memoir focused on your life experience in relation to your attitude  (positive and negative)
  • A memoir focused on a cherished hobby about which you are an expert about execution and products needed for it 
  • A new career with a pleasant ability to work at home 
  • A digital business you can work while traveling or vacationing  


If you’re completely new to the topic of affiliate marketing, click over to my post HERE where I explain the basics. 


Whether you decide to write a book, a memoir, or promote someone else’s book, the methods of affiliate marketing will apply the same. Learning affiliate marketing for seniors will give you the boost you need to become visible online. I learned the correct business approach to blogging with a free account to a training community, and you can do the same. Click on the blue button below.



This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.






Affiliate Marketing for Seniors: A Beginner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

 For the purpose of elaborating on how you can learn to blog while writing your own book/memoir, I’ll proceed on the premise that you’re retired, and have at least the 40 hours per week that you used to work, plus how ever many more you choose to use. I will also proceed assuming that you have your free account and you are doing the beginner actions – you are viewing the basic classes.


You’ll find out:

  • This training gives you access to the platform called WordPress on which (virtually) you will build a blog, or web site 
  • This training gives you an enormous community of members to learn along with, and to learn from  – you’re not alone!
  • You will be guided on how to get a domain name – – and that you can have that hosted – or virtually housed – snugly at home in this same community, with excellent technical support


CLICK HERE to see  a video from the training website and what a Starter Membership gives you before you pay anything.


Blogging for Authors: How to Leverage Online Writing to Promote Your Book 

(I haven’t forgotten the question “how hard is it to write a good book“).


All of the following applies whether you are marketing material you created, or somebody else’s material or product. And you can do both on one blog!


Your authorship can be both a challenging and rewarding endeavor. Your difficulties can vary significantly from other writers’, and depend on several factors.


Skill and Experience: If you’re retired, or are towards the end of a career that involved writing, completing a good book won’t be that hard. You may be familiar with the formatting, digital tools, character development, and storytelling techniques.


Note: this background will also contribute to the success of your promotional blog with which you will market your book, or someone else’s written material or physical product for affiliate commissions.


How Long Does It take To Write A Good Book


Even with experience, writing a book is a time-consuming process. Yet you get to choose whether you want to write a 350 page novel, memoir, or a series of short books you can self-publish and promote as you develop your blog.


I mention the series of short books, because you may be earning income from one or more, while you write and promote the next one. Makes sense, right?


Creativity and Inspiration: The ongoing requirement to generate unique and helpful ideas is crucial. Your degree of enthusiasm will help you avoid  writer’s block and help you maintain inspiration.


If you don’t have a theme, or niche interest in mind for a book or a blog, the training I recommend will help you select a successful topic(s) for you to blog about – topics that will earn you affiliate commissions.


Writing, especially a book, is just the first step. Correct guidance followed by practice, in formatting blog posts, decreases the edit and revision of your manuscript/material to achieve clarity, coherence, and overall quality. This will avoid your new career becoming another 9-5 grind!


Perseverance: Writing a book requires discipline. Everyone kind of knows that, right?


Writing a blog requires consistency of a publishing schedule.  This is but one of the factors that search engines take into account when ranking your work (deciding whether to have it visible online or not). You have good days and less good days, depending on what your world at large is doing.


On good days you may get several blog posts written, which you can schedule for publication on days you don’t necessarily get anything written.


Audience and Market: Understanding your target audience – your niche – and the market for your book (or someone else’s) can increase your success. Researching and customizing your content to meet reader expectations can be greatly accelerated with training.


On the training site I recommend there are plenty of classes in research, including the beneficial use of AI tools to help you! This instructional community is constantly updated, keeping the members informed of changes in the cyber world.


In summary, while creating a good book and blog site can be a huge learning curve, your dedication, perseverance, and a love for storytelling or sharing information will ultimately bring you the satisfaction of completing your goals and developing an income from your efforts.


Are you ready to learn affiliate marketing for seniors and explore more? Just CLICK below now!







Is Doing Affiliate Marketing On Books A Good Idea

Is Doing Affiliate Marketing On Books A Good Idea


So I’ve been asked the question, is doing affiliate marketing on books a good idea, and this really matters if you’re a book lover.


Do you love books? Do you love to read? Do you love to talk to talk to your friends about the books you read? 


Do you belong to a book club, or wish you did?


And, are you interested in making money on line? If so, you can get started with the best Step-By-Step guide for retirees starting affiliate marketing writing.


This blog is focused on helping people plan for a better income in retirement, or learn how to  blog for money if they’ve already retired and are feeling a financial crunch.


Yet, all these blog building principles apply to anyone, in most places 18 years old or older, who are of age to have a business.

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


If you’re ready to learn about the basics of affiliate marketing,  without paying up front, click below.





This topic of the book loving niche comes to mind because , first, I am an avid reader. And I totally get it if you love to read too, often when you “should be” doing something else.


If you’re an avid reader who periodically loves to talk about the book you’re reading and why you are enjoying it, each of those conversations is potentially a blog post.


A blog post that develops the volume of information on your blog that will, at some point, get the attention of Google and other search engines. This will bring you more readers who love your topic, your categories of books, or just one blog post about one book. 


How simply is affiliate marketing for beginners


  • Affiliate marketing IS simple
  • Affiliate marketing IS easy to learn (but not by yourself)
  • Affiliate marketing is simplified by the right training materials
  • Affiliate marketing isn’t a super fast way to make money but it gains momentum 
  • It gains momentum with your persistence
  • It gains momentum with your consistency in publishing posts


Where should beginners try out affiliate marketing


The training site I heartily recommend, after being a member for ten years, is the site you go to if you click on the blue button. 


Firstly, you can see some classes for free. You’ll get an idea of how the step-by-step training gets you going in the right direction to create a legal, business blog.


The paid membership is monthly, with no contract (quit anytime). If you’re going for the long haul, annual membership gives you a discount price. 


After trying different trainings in blogging, I discovered this is the best one to produce, and stay updated on the constantly changing requirements for blogging successfully. So, getting back to affiliate marketing on books…


Books can be quite low-priced, especially e-books. So commissions can be small. Yet many people I know who love books, only want the hard cover versions. Those will bring bigger commissions, naturally. It also gives you more products to recommend and receive affiliate commissions for, on your book lovers blog. Like these:



Victorian book shelves

is doing affiliate marketing on books a good idea antique shelves



Mid-century modern style book shelves – this image below is an affiliate link of mine, and that is what you can have too.



Bookends can be found in amazing array of themes and styles, to please every book lover. Antique themes, dog breeds, marble, metal, and wooden ends. So many! 



I am sure you get the point – the many related products people want to read more comfortably, to store books of varying value (maybe requiring glass covered shelves) and even recliners or wing chairs – per your imagination and research, right?

How do I use content marketing to promote affiliate products?


What we’re talking about here, writing blog posts to attract interested readers and help them find the items they’re looking for, is called content marketing.


And it keeps coming back to one issue – you need a really good blog.


For example, if you decide you would like to be an Amazon affiliate, Amazon will first want to see your blog, and see that you are getting significant traffic to your material.


This may take a few months, depending on your blog learning schedule, and if you’re learning the right way to build your blog. That’s why I recommend starting with digital products from ClickBank. You don’t have to have the same initial qualification, and you can probably make some money as you learn. 


Her is an article about ClickBank:


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System


How can I create content that promotes my affiliate products effectively?


So you’ve chosen books, or some other category of items that you’re extremely enthusiastic, or passionate about. Next you need to know how to write an attractive, easy to read blog post. While the energy of your interest will fuel the work, knowing the following will organize your writing, save time, and give you a routine for writing the articles:

  • Finding good titles 
  • Writing sections with good headlines
  • Adding images or videos to your posts
  • Offering a comment section, or not
  • Add links to references you might mention


You will, with the right training, learn how to choose categories to organize your blog, and how to arrange them on Menus. Examples being:

  • Sci fi books
  • Mysteries
  • Non-fiction
  • History
  • Author histories
  • Children’s books
  • Graphic novels
  • Art books

And so many more! And with just one, or a few of those categories, you will be able to develop your site to gain volume and authority. 


Can I use affiliate marketing to promote my book?


Yes you can! It can be part of your book lovers blog, or a blog unto itself. I have done this with an e-book I wrote:



You can also be an affiliate for Etsy, for book related items and accessories like book shelves, book stands. reading lights and specialty items like antique lamps.

, and for, for books. 


Become a affiliate HERE.


In order to qualify for affiliate status for various book sellers, you must have a good blogger site that is gaining traffic on the internet.


For that, click on the blue button below, and take a look at some classes to give you direction and more ideas!





More blogging ideas:


Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Strategy

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing Strategy

How to learn affiliate marketing strategy so you can become a successful blogger…because you don’t want to waste time launching an affiliate marketing business, do you?


Just today I was watching a new video about this very topic at the training site of my choice – which you can view if you click over to it from one the buttons below. If you’re ready to get going, you can do that, can come back and finish reading my ideas about this later.

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.





How do I build an effective affiliate marketing strategy


My focus on how to build an effective affiliate marketing strategy was prompted because I saw an ad for an appealing product on Facebook.


A laundry sheet that dissolves in your washing machine, that requires no plastic to contain or deliver it. Many people are aware of the plastic problem we’ve created, and now need solutions for that.


In blog writing, you need a product or topic that you’re really passionate about. Why?


Because you need to produce a high volume of content to achieve success in blogging for affiliate commissions, so that’s difficult if it’s a topic that bores you, right? I’ve already covered two aspects of strategy:

  1. Choosing a topic that inspires you
  2. You will write a volume of content (one successful blogger I follow recommends at least 100 posts before a significant presence is made, on the internet, leading to a significant income. When I saw this ad I clicked over to read about the product, and yes, it sounds like something worth trying.


But my curiosity was also to determine – can one be an affiliate for this product? And, is Earth Breeze worth the time? What would the commission be? I clicked from the purchase page to the main website. Indeed, on scrolling down to the menu at the bottom of the page, I see you can become an affiliate.


Then I clicked again and came to a page where a blogger can sign up for ShareASale, a huge marketplace for affiliate products. 

Learn more about ShareASale here.


One of the qualifications you need to become an affiliate for ShareASale is to have a website that is developed enough to get some volume of traffic, so that the vendor can assume you’ll get some referrals over to their sales page. Makes sense, right? So now we have number three and four on the strategy list.

  • You found an affiliate product you’re passionate about.
  • You plan to build a site about it and qualify to become an affiliate.


What is the best strategy a beginner can use in succeeding in affiliate marketing


Now, you may be thinking, how am I going to produce 100 blog posts about a laundry sheet?


The good news is, you don’t have to. Just think of how many related products you can write about involving the laundry experience. Let’s consider washing machines.


Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes and other major retailers offer affiliate programs. So here are strategies 5 & 6.


  • Make a list of related products that can add to the relevancy of your laundry sheet.
  • Find out where they can be bought, and where you can get affiliate links for those.


Also, on your blog, you want to provide vital information about the problem your recommended product is going to solve for your readers. Having done no research, a myriad of ideas come to mind:

  • Plastics don’t break down in landfill sites
  • Plastic leeches into foods from packaging trays, plastic wraps, and plastic bags
  • Plastic leeches into water in many plastic water bottles
  • Micro plastic particles are found in our blood, breast milk, new born babies and our organs
  • Plastics are hormone mimickers and endocrine disruptors – this can lead to many life-threatening degenerative conditions


This leads to the awareness of more related products you can promote for affiliate commissions:

  • Glass food tubs
  • Glass or metal water bottles
  • Silicon reusable ziplock bags
  • Household water filters erasing the need for bottled water


Just to name a few. See how this strategy snowballs? 


There is a lot to write about to encourage your readers (and the search engines) to conclude that you know what you’re talking about, and that the laundry sheet IS a good solution to the monster plastic problem.


It is easy to find things to write about, even without ChatGPT, but you can use that too.


The affiliate marketing training community I recommend has a series of training classes on using AI. This series adds to all its other training classes for beginner bloggers. 


Why is affiliate marketing difficult for beginners

Affiliate marketing is difficult for beginners because they (you) don’t know about:

  • Hosting/domain names/building a blog/legal pages/ blog post formats/ creating guaranteed targeted web traffic
  • Finding information on all those topics and putting the pieces of the puzzle together correctly
  • Don’t know where to find all this information in one place
  • How to coordinate the development of a blog while creating it and publishing it online


And that’s why I urge you to take a look at the site where I learned all these factors – and still learn new things every week!


How difficult is affiliate marketing


The competition is crazy! And yet, if you have a strategy, you will persist while many others will give up. So convert the problem – high competition – to a solution – get a plan so you can persist while others drop out. 


  1. Choose a topic that inspires you
  2. You will write a volume of content (one successful blogger I follow recommends at least 100 posts before a significant presence is made, on the internet, leading to a significant income. When I saw this ad I clicked over to read about the product, and yes, it sounds like something worth trying.
  3. Find an affiliate product you’re passionate about.
  4. Learn how to build a site about it and qualify to become an affiliate.
  5. Make your list of related products that can add to the relevancy of your chosen topic.
  6. Find out where they can be bought, and where you can get affiliate links for those.
  7. Find all the required information in one place





(You don’t have to write 100 posts to qualify for a membership at ShareASale.) 


Here is more information about the training community you won’t get lost in:

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Where Can I Build A Website For Free?



How Do I Succeed In The Affiliate Market

How Do I Succeed In The Affiliate Market

After blogging for a few months with no training, I became aware of the competition in the niche I had chosen. Uh-oh, I thought, how do I succeed in the affiliate market. I was doing one main thing right, which was writing four to five blog posts a week.
If you’d  like to become a blogger to supplement your income in retirement, or for any reason, you will need a step-by-step guide for retirees starting affiliate marketing. This post you’re reading is an affiliate marketing post – and that’s why you see the disclosure below. 
This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


This is something you’ll need to have on your blog posts, to let your readers know that you will get a commission if they buy an item after following a link you had on your article. Your affiliate link.


How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing


Start with the best organized and methodical training by clicking on the button below. It takes you to a sign up page where you can create an account with no payment needed. You will have access to some basic classes and you’ll get an idea of what the site has to offer.






How do I become successful at affiliate marketing even with no experience


As I suggested above, you want to start with the best training available. The site I recommend offers you the necessary basics right from the gate. If you have no experience, you don’t know how to create the following:


  • A Privacy Policy/Cookie policy to reassure readers they have privacy protection
  • An About Me page so readers can know a little about you and that they can trust you
  • A contact page so readers can contact you if they want


These pages are provided for you – a template is available that you can edit to insert your name, your blog name, or any other customization you need.


The Contact page and Privacy/Cookies page are legal requirements btw.


Nowadays, I no longer write 4-5 blog posts a week. I write 2, and the reason for this is I learned about proper research, and the benefits of investing time in it.


Research involves SEO or Search Engine Optimization. This important, it takes time (even with AI) and once you know about it, you also will need practice and you’ll get better and better as you go.


And, what is that? SEO ? It is the way you choose words that correspond to the words that people put in their search field to find a product or information on a topic that YOU write about. For instance you have searched using the same or similar words that I chose for the title of this post.


And why am I writing about this topic? Why is this whole blog about this topic? Because I want to help you learn how to succeed in affiliate marketing. This post contains affiliate links.


If you click over to start your free account from here, and after viewing the basic classes offered, and purchase the training, I will get a small commission.


On some of my other posts, you would click over to buy something from Amazon, ClickBank, or a retailer whose single product I recommend. Here is an example of a popular post of mine about a digital instant-download product about visualization and affirmations. 


Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money


This is an article about a single product:


BodyBoss Home Gym 2 Review


Even though you can find this on Amazon and EBay, I chose the retailer to be an affiliate for because:

  1. The cookies  last longer than 24 hours (cookies being the connection between the blogger and the purchase)
  2. The commission is much higher.


I used an SEO tool to pick those titles. People want help, they’re attracted to the idea of becoming a millionaire (or anywhere close, right?) and you want to know it’s not a scam. When someone buys that package, I get a commission.


That’s affiliate marketing. And, that SEO tool is available to members of this training community. So, you can become successful in affiliate marketing even with no experience – because you’re going to get the right experience with the right training.


Some skeptics say that anything you need to know about affiliate marketing is freely available online. Sure, there are hundreds of YouTube videos on blogging better, how to find keywords, how to do YouTube videos and many more topics about creating a successful, legally presented site with helpful content.


And you could spend months putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Maybe you could do a good job of that, and maybe not.


And wouldn’t that time be best spent in following a step-by-step progression of classes? While you’re creating your blog as you go?


Now is a very exciting time to learn blogging. The recent additions on the site I’m referring to here, all have to do with how to use AI to your advantage, and how to avoid the pitfalls.


Overview of AI


That is another major feature of this training – it is constantly updating. The world and the internet is constantly changing and we need to keep up!


For a moment, think about one or more of your favorite blogs. You like them because they are informative, attractive to view and easy to navigate – things like that, right?


You can do that too! You won’t be asked for a payment method when you start your free account. That will come when you decide to commit to a monthly ($49.00) or annual payment (12 months for the price of 10).


So don’t wait! Learn to succeed in the affiliate market!





How Much Did You Make In The First 6 Months Of Blogging

How Much Did You Make In The First 6 Months Of Blogging

I’ve often been asked how much did you make in the first 6 months of blogging – and I hate to admit – no money at all! And why was this? What might have helped me make money sooner?
I didn’t know that I needed a step-by-step guide for retirees starting affiliate marketing writing. Or that there even was such a thing!
Would you like to see what that looks like? You make an account – no costs involved – and try some basic classes, to see how this works. 
This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Click on the blue button to go there now. 




Fortunately I was referred to that same site I’m recommending you try – what turned out to be the leading affiliate marketing training site on the planet. Yet, before that came along, I did  a couple of things right.
I chose a niche  – an audience of readers – that I knew how to write for. It was based on my previous career, and good education in that then-small market.
Since then it has become a huge market and much more competitive, but my blog remains a good one with some decent authority per the search engines. I was leveraging life experience, which you can do too.

What Were Your First 6 Months of Blogging Like


The second thing I did right, was to simply ride the wave of my enthusiasm and expertise on the topic. I got the idea from stumbling across a text and video instruction package written by someone else. Another expert in my topic.


I read her product which was a digital download, just under $50.00 US at the time, and I discovered if someone bought it through my affiliate link (this was all brand new to me) I made a 50% commission!


The prospect of making some money by writing about something I loved and could offer great tips on, kept me going for a year. ClickBank was the marketplace that provided this digital package, and I will include a link below to an article about that marketing website below. I wanted to avoid income insecurity in my retirement years.


More here about poverty and relative poverty.


Did I have a clue about how to get guaranteed targeted traffic to my blog posts? No! But for 6 months, I wrote 5-6 articles a week, with zero guidance.


For the next six months I was able to broaden my readership by posting the same posts on many large article websites.


I really didn’t know where this was going, until I got an email from ClickBank asking for tax ID, so they could pay me! What a day!

Could You Make $2000 A Month As A Full-Time Blogger


Many do, and even part-time bloggers make this kind of income. The answer to this question depends on what you mean by full-time or part-time.


Can you study/research/write blog posts for up to 20 hours a week while keeping your day job?


Or, if full-time does that mean 40 hours a week or 80 hours a week? And will you learn by trial and error like I did, or will you get step-by-step guide for retirees starting affiliate marketing writing. and save yourself a lot of time and disappointment?


I wasn’t a retiree at the time, but I was thinking ahead and I bet you are too. You can learn all of these elements and start earning affiliate commissions faster than I did:


  • How to write an effective affiliate marketing post
  • Find out about monetizing writing skills
  • You will be exploring the world of affiliate marketing – a big world!
  • For you this could be a retirees’ guide to financial freedom
  • Developing your blog correctly with this beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing
  • Learn about choosing the right affiliate marketing niches
  • Crafting persuasive affiliate marketing posts
  • Sharing expertise through affiliate marketing writing and building a professional business blog


Of course, you will pay for ongoing training, like you do for any worthwhile education. You can choose from a few options how much to pay and how often you can pay. As little as just under $50 a month.


You will go at your own pace, take breaks when you need to, or work as intensively as you want.


There are many tools on this training site to help streamline your progress. 

  • Site Content – a place to write your posts, save post templates, keep word counts, help with outlines – a huge time saver.
  • Jaaxy, a keyword research tool to help you get guaranteed targeted visitors to your posts
  • A niche-finder to help you narrow down your focus, in line with your expertise from life experience, careers or hobbies



Every day the owners and advanced users of the site add trainings in updates every blogger needs to know, including how to use AI – ChatGPT to enhance your production – and how NOT to use it!


And there’s more! Access to daily blogs by fellow students and experienced professionals enhances your training and keeps you from working in isolation.


A huge community, worldwide, 24/7, is there to help you along, and learn from you! One day someone will be asking YOU how much did you make in the first 6 months of blogging, and I bet you won’t have to answer “none!” like I did.


Get your step-by-step guide for retirees starting affiliate marketing writing, just CLICK BELOW.  





Article about ClickBank: 

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System



How Can I Earn $500 From Blogging?

How Can I Earn $500 From Blogging?

How Can I Earn $500 From Blogging? That’s a good question and do you mean per week, or per month? Or, eventually, perhaps per day?
How do you get to that goal? How do you get started? I am going to outline the basic steps that will launch you into a part-time or full-time business, depending on your availability.
If you have done some research and are ready to learn how to develop a money earning blog, click below to a page where you only need a user name and password – no payment! – to test drive the training.  
This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.





Is it worth starting a blog? Can I make money from it?


The answer to this question depends on your goals. This site is focused on senior citizens in or heading toward retirement, and ways to earn money to boost your SS income yet retain:

  • Freedom from the 9-5 schedule – create your own
  • Freedom to travel and earn money as you go anywhere
  • Freedom to enjoy the company of your partner and/or family as much as you like
  • Freedom to keep learning and growing while benefitting from past jobs and hobbies


Those are the most common reasons that come up in conversations, in my experience. Here, I want to save you from pretty shiny things that will distract you from making real progress in your blogging adventures. Purportedly time saving systems that will and I quote ” earn over $100k/month“. 


I made that quote red because that’s my red flag alert. Like you even needed it, but seriously how realistic is that? If that were possible I’d be earning it, and maybe you would be too. That quote refers to the 3 Step Blueprint Create N Cash that allows you to (from the product description):

  • “Use AI tools to create and sell your first product in 7 days.
  • Students Earning $10,000+ with their first product – See student results on this page.
  • No ads or traffic – Tap into an existing stream of buyers.
  • NO copywriting – Simple AI tool generates sales letters and videos for you.
  • 60-Day ‘first product launch guarantee’ – this works for you or you pay nothing.
  • Working now in 2023 – Recession-proof business model set to explode over the next 5 years.
  • NO Limits – YOU are in complete control of how much you earn”


One online learning site of note.


So, AI is still new, and much is being written about Open AI and Chat GPT versions.  From the pro bloggers I know, the biggest asset of AI is to save time in the research phase of content creation.


Because the success of your blog depends on your content, unique and high quality content.  More about Create N Cash:

“Use AI tools to create and sell your first product in 7 days” – just a note here, after buying the package at the $17.00 product launch price, you will buy those AI tools


How do I make money by blogging in 6 months?


While I am giving some information on Create N Cash (not to be confused with Clone N Cash or Type N Cash), why do I keep coming back to the topic of blogging? Because, even if you create good digital courses and submit them to Udemy or ClickBank and other similar platforms, are you going to rely on them to bring you customers?


Wouldn’t you rather have your own site to promote from, one you design, develop and control? That you can re-purpose as fads and trends change?


Honest coaches will tell you that 3-6 months is the usual time frame to see income coming in from affiliate purchases prompted by your blog content. Of course that depends on whether you have 40+ hours a week to work on your work at home business, or whether you’re working some evening and weekend hours.


It’s vital to get started properly with no time wasted. The training I recommend has video classes with a huge legacy of Q & A’s to review, as your own questions come to mind.


  1. It has a live feed going on 24/7, worldwide.
  2. It uses a careful step by step process whereby you build your blog and watch it appear online right from the start.
  3. It helps you choose a topic with a niche audience, those people who love your topic too, and will search for you online.
  4. It will help you choose a topic that you have enough enthusiasm for to write consistent content without burning out or getting bored.
  5. It will show you how to use the correct titles and words and phrases to help your readers find you instead of someone else when they’re searching online
  6. It will give you samples of the required legal pages/disclaimers and more (internationally), that you will customize for your blog
  7. Many members pitch in with additional training on how to use ads, how to write good sales copy, and how to track your progress with Google services


If you’re a teacher, consultant or coach, I’m not going to say don’t buy the $17.00 Create N Cash package. You can get that money back within 60 days if you think it’s rubbish. And, it may jump start your digital product career.


It’s simply my opinion that if you’ve never taught, coached or practiced a hobby to a point of expertise, that you’re not going to come up with good courses.


Oh right, the AI is supposed to do that. Which even proves my point, without experience, how are you going to know that the robot-created courses are any good?


It’s like research with AI – you still have to fact check any information you get. Remember, it’s not a search engine, it’s a human-like response program. 


So, how can you earn $500 blogging, in whatever time frame? Learn the right way, don’t waste time, and develop the skills you need to compete. 


Take a close look at the excellent, always available, membership community that offers discounts on domain names, and free hosting for several sites.




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How People Are Able To Earn $1000 Per Day From ClickBank

How People Are Able To Earn $1000 Per Day From ClickBank


After reading a few of my other articles a pal asked me how people are able to earn $1000 a day from ClickBank. Is this really possible?


Yes, it is. However, what the time frame is to achieve that depends on various factors. 


  • Do you know how to get started? (I will tell you below)
  • How much time you have to put into this blogging for money adventure
  • The quality of training you can get so you don’t waste time doing/undoing/doing again
  • How well you compete for guaranteed targeted traffic (you’ll learn how to guarantee it)
  • How consistent your blog publishing is
  • How visually appealing your blog is – minimalist or decorative and all in between
  • How well you review ClickBank products and create the invitations to buy


And those are the tip of the iceberg! I learned about the rest of the iceberg by getting access to a professional training site for bloggers. And I didn’t pay one dime for the test drive. I got a free account. If you’re ready to do that, click below on the blue button. 

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.




Why did I put that affiliate disclaimer above? To illustrate the nature of this blog. If you purchase anything from this post, I will get a commission. No, I’m not making $1000 a day from ClickBank – I make some money, but I also have many other promotional blog posts for many other products.


I started my blogging business with ClickBank because at the time, a package of information with a book and videos, was in the ClickBank marketplace. And it happened to be on a topic I was passionate about, and I was also an expert in. The ClickBank marketplace has thousands of products.


You can find one you are passionate about, or have high interest. And because your interest is already high, I bet you can write quality content about it over many blog posts. This will build out your site with volume, and will attract higher ranking (visibility) on the search engines.


I hope your mind is buzzing with ideas. A favorite hobby would be an ideal topic for you to write about.


My post about Joe Vitale’s Awakened Millionaire mind training is popular. Visualization and affirmation usage is very popular.  And, note here, if you click on that link and purchase the informational package, I will get a commission.


ClickBank’s commissions tend to be higher than retail product commissions, maybe as high as 50%. That’s why I recommend starting a blog business with these digital, easy-to-buy products.


You can’t really go wrong with this, providing you learn how to make a blog, and make it visible on line.


Getting guaranteed targeted visitors to your blog is a learned skill.


So if you make a commission of $25.00 from a digital product, and you prompt 40 purchases, that is $1,000.00.


The other advantage is that the creators of the digital products have already researched and written their sales pitches and you can draw from those for key phrases used.


That would be for your own unique content, not any copying. Unique content is one of the factors that the search engines use to rank your material. Your personal experience with a career or a hobby will feed your blog content.


If you’re a senior citizen whose retirement budget looks bleak, why not capitalize on your accumulated knowledge? Do you have any background in the following categories presented at the top of the page on the ClickBank Marketplace?


  1. Health & Fitness
  2. E-Business & E-Marketing
  3. Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs
  4. Self Help
  5. Home & Garden
  6. Cooking Food & Wine
  7. Green Products
  8. Business & Investing


Now, imagine one tiny aspect of any of those fields. For example, Woodworking. You’ve got:

  • Your favorite woods – write a blog post about each, and the ones you don’t prefer
  • Your favorite tools – why they’re your favorites, and where to buy them (you get the affiliate %)
  • Your favorite wood workers and their products
  • Any woodworking clubs?
  • Conventions?
  • Awards?


The readership for these narrowly focused products, techniques, results – is your niche.


Your niche, your audience, will get to know you and learn to trust you. Your writing will inspire them to leave comments on your posts, raising your visibility.


More about niche markets.


Raising your visibility is something that snowballs. Yes, it takes time. Yet, as each post ages and gains readers, the snow ball gets bigger. Maybe that’s not the best analogy, nor very poetic – but you can see it, right?


But what if you only make $50.00 a day from ClickBank or other commissions? That’s $1,500.00 a month. And it will snowball. Depending on the household you support, that could make a huge difference in your quality of life.


Double it – $3,000.00 isn’t insignificant, right? Would that much increased income from working online decrease any food insecurity? Investment insecurity?


If you made a list of your insecurities right now, what would it look like?


What amount of monthly income would calm those insecurities?


If you could create that revenue by talking about your enthusiasm for a certain product or informational package and publishing 1000 words twice a week, that’s pretty incredible isn’t it?


Yes, you need more details to do this the right way, and in a methodical way that economizes your time. That’s why I recommend the training I was lucky to discover.


To see your blog appear online and grow as you go, is very rewarding. You can get a good look at the instruction, just click below.




How To Make A Successful Cash Cow Channel

How To Make A Successful Cash Cow Channel


I’m focusing on helping retirees or soon-to-be retirees learn to make a living online. A friend asked me how to make a successful cash cow channel on YouTube.


What is a cash cow channel? It is one where your face and maybe your voice, too, isn’t present on the video. Experts recommend you hire the best producers, voice over actors, and editors to create your cash cow channel.


HIstory of YouTube


But wait! For seniors retiring without that high end pension, how would they do that? Hire the experts?


And, is creating a YouTube channel subject to fads, fashions and gone-viral moments going to help? I have my doubts, although there are always exceptions. The rare outgoing personalities may succeed at this.


I think the most legitimate way to earn money online is to set up a website and sell products (either your own products or as an affiliate).


I stumbled across affiliate marketing over ten years ago. I made money! Until I didn’t.


I promoted a wonderful informational product listed on ClickBank (a marketplace of digital products) which happened to be in a field I was an expert in. Writing the content to promote this e-book was easy for me.


But, markets change and my audience changed. That’s normal. So what came next? What came along is something you can do right now! I was referred to a site where I learned how to do more, and build successful affiliate business blogs. And I was able to create a no-cost-up-front account and start learning. Would you like to do that? Click below!

This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.




OK, getting back to the cash cow YouTube channel you might create – I was sent an email about NEXUS, an app that is described as:


  • A.I Bot Gets Us Hundreds Of Free Visitors…
  • Resulting In $20-$50 Payments Every Hour
  • No Video Creation…
  • 90% Of Beta-Testers Got Traffic & Sales…
  • ​Never-Before-Seen YouTube Loophole…
  • 100% Beginner Friendly…
  • ​Fueled By ChatGPT4 & OpenAI…
  • ​Works In Any Niche, In Any Country…
  • ​Get Results Or Get $250…
  • ​365-Day Guarantee Included…


That all sounds fantastic and yet I should include this caveat from a Quora writer:


“optimize your videos for SEO. This means using relevant keywords in your video titles, descriptions, and tags, as well as incorporating them into your video content itself. This will help your videos show up in search results when people are looking for content related to your niche.”


How do you learn about all that! I learned at the training site I recommended above. 


So it seems you could use an app like NEXUS where an AI bot makes videos for you.


Yet, on viewing the promotional video about it, it seems there is a lot of tweaking and editing to make the text fields, colors, et al the way you want them. The “No video creation” pr is actually not correct.  You will be doing a lot of hands on work.


100% Beginner Friendly – but what does that mean? Marketing beginner? Video-creating beginner? Beginner what? Are you a beginner blogger or wanna-be blogger?


Not a lot is friendly online if you’re looking for a way to start making money with your laptop, or while traveling, or want to somehow avoid a daily commute.  


How do I grow a cash cow YouTube channel?


You would  do this the same way you grow your blog followers. Promote consistently to your hundreds or thousands of followers on social media. You’ve got those, right?


Or are you just starting to look for ways to develop the skills you need to work at home?  If so, click the blue button and get started with viewing some classes and get an idea of the potential in the instructions that will build you a blog (no coding needed) that will be further developed – by you – for business online.


You may still at some point use an app like NEXUS to build YouTube videos. But you will need to understand SEO keywords, and how to incorporate them in your videos, just like you will in your blog posts.


Because even if you do develop a multiple thousands of video followers, you can double your online income by sending your YouTube followers to your site.


Why do that? Because you can promote high ticket retail items for an affiliate commission. You would then have two streams of income activated!


You can view NEXUS here.


My personal bias weighs in on the side of you making a blog alongside of your video channel.  It will always be a support for your video cash cow channel, which will be way more vulnerable to the whims of the online audience, and to the biases of advertisers.   


Do you want to know:

  • How WordPress works 
  • How to get readers to your blog
  • How to write conversational posts
  • How to upload images and videos
  • How to embed links that will make you commissions 





More information about making money with a blog:


Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


Can ChatGPT Overcome Google

Can ChatGPT Overcome Google

“Can ChatGPT Overcome Google” is the result I got when I searched the phrase “is ChatGPT reliable”. 


Specifically, I was looking for some discussion about the eruption of apps being sold to bloggers (mostly affiliate marketers like myself and persons considering a second career in online marketing).


Here is an overview of ChatGPT


And more specifically, about an app called Chat Bees. If ChatGPT could replace Google as a search engine, everyone would want some kind of software to search with. Sounds like terrific business, to create apps and sell them, right?


The problem with that is, ChatGPT4 is the latest, and is still in its infancy. So, while the product and its competitors develops through use, and user feedback, how will you proceed to get set up in building a site that will eventually make you money?


I was fortunate, a few years back, to get a referral to a platform for blog building that didn’t cost me anything to view a few professional classes. I simply made a free account and logged in. If you’re ready to investigate this, click below.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.




What’s the difference between ChatGPT and Google?

“ChatGPT can be better than Google at generating human-like text, such as generating responses to open-ended questions or writing creative content. However, Google is better at providing relevant information from a wide variety of sources.” – Extravigant on Quora.


It is most likely that over the next couple of years there will be hundreds of apps for sale, undercutting the prices of ChatGPT, whatever version, and their presence will continue to change the landscape of online usage, and possibilities.


Today we have Chat Bees, selling for 


The creator asserts:

  • You can either drown in depression that AI is going to take over


  • You can use AI to your advantage and harness its enormous power to make money without needing to study a complex AI degree”

Chat Bees will purportedly provide you your own:

  • Content Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Editor
  • Copywriter
  • Transcriptionist
  • Graphics Designer
  • Translator
  • Web developer


Please note, the material provided by AI always must be checked for accuracy so no matter how quickly a body of information is provided for you, you will then have to research your research.


It seems, for now anyway, you may not be able to save all that much time.


Cons With Chat Bees 


The emphasis on the Chat Bees promo is selling the app to others. So it looks like you must already have a huge following to make decent money doing that.  You must be set up with followers, email lists, and be able to write good copy to compel sales.


Chat Bees may write all those for you, but you still have to edit for quality, it’s not like waving a magic wand like the sales verbiage implies.


The promo suggests you can start your own content marketing agency. So while it is inexpensive, and you get a lifetime access, one must remember this type of software is changing every day. Will cheap apps be able to keep up? That remains to be seen.


Is ChatGPT Better Than Google Search?


These are two entirely different things.


Google provides results from content published online. 


AI apps provide human-like text results, in other words, a bot imitating a human.


Content accuracy is not guaranteed. Sources of information is not addressed. 


The author asserts: ” Forget chatGPT as chat bees chatbot AI app is more efficient and can perform tasks faster “.


Really? I wouldn’t want to argue that one with any of the tech giants who have been pouring millions into the field for years!


With Chat Bees you can translate your material into many languages. But, can you edit in multiple languages? Can you write to make your material original in multiple languages? Hmmm…


I’m doubting the value of this app, I’m sure you can tell! This is why:


  • It launched on 04/09/2023, so it will be  a while before any results can be viewed. 
  • Access to all the tools it offers is not granted by the initial purchase. 
  • You must have an existing business where you will apply this
  • Or, you must be able to create an existing online business


The focus of this blog is senior citizens who want to create an online business to boost their retirement income, and the disabled who must work at home and want to learn how to generate an income and improve their lifestyle.  That is why I always come back to promoting a training that provides the means to do so.


The use of any AI software is obviously going to help with creating content from rapidly acquired research. Or simply generating ideas to write about.


You need a professional, easy to read, easy to find, website of your own, on which to publish your work.


You need hundreds of followers on social media if you’re going to re-sell apps. If you have those now, it makes sense to try out an app like Chat Bees.


You can get your money back, guaranteed up to 30 days. And, no, I do not think ChatGPT or similar software will overcome Google or any other search engine. They are two different tools, both useful.


If you think you’d like training for the following:

  • Learn how to use WordPress (no coding needed)
  • Learn how to choose a visual theme
  • Find out how to get readers to your site
  • Learn how to format a post

And the volume of details about making money online – get a preview!


Take the test drive! CLICK below.





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Is edUpay A Scam – Or An Affiliate Marketing Opportunity


How Can I Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer

How Can I Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer


I wonder how many times a day people think “how can I be successful as an affiliate marketer”?  One thousand? Ten million?


The volume of advertisers and buyers online daily is staggering. If you’ve marketed for commissions in the past you will intuitively understand affiliate marketing – promoting products or information for a commission.


You may be thinking “yeah! I can DO THIS!” And you’re right, you can. Even if you don’t have a clue this minute, you can get the clues really fast with a comprehensive training guide. And to test drive the information, you don’t have to pay.


You can start with a free account, no payment method asked for. Want to? Click below.




This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


A Flex App Review


Described as ” L∞phole For FREE Buyer Traffic In 60 Seconds!”


Buyer traffic is the same as guaranteed targeted web traffic. 


As I’ve mentioned in other articles, the guarantee is YOU.  Despite all the “set and forget” software packages, and apps, the successful sites that do get guaranteed targeted visitors are nurtured by their creators.


Bloggers who have learned  how to generate and perpetuate income  – thus this article today which I write especially for senior citizens who are trying to work from home in retirement, rather than working the 9 to 5 grind. 


So back to Flex App. More description from the author:

  • A.I. Creates Tiktoks™ For You…
  • ​Just Say A Simple Voice Command…
  • ​It’s Truly Magical…
  • ​100% Beginner Friendly…
  • ​No Video Editing & No Cameras…
  • ​Works On Any Device…
  • ​Get 100% FREE Traffic…
  • ​Works Out-Of-The-Box…
  • ​No Setup Needed, Click & Go…
  • ​Get Results Or Get A 200% Refund…
  • ​365-Day Guarantee Included…


The first professional reviewer I consulted with says right off the bat “don’t think you’re going to make the fabulous amounts per day they put on the sales page”. That’s par for the course for these app promotions. Naturally experienced marketers can apply these rapidly and make some money.


However, “100% Beginner Friendly” is a red flag almost every time I see it. 


Beginner bloggers need to learn many details about how to become a successful marketer online. For example:


  • Visual presentation of your site
  • How to get guaranteed targeted web traffic
  • Required legal pages
  • How to design an easy to read blog post
  • How to embed links your buyers will use for purchases


That is scratching the surface. And, why I recommend a training I have used, where the classes are methodical.


Where you can create a blog as you go through every class and see it coming to life.


Where you include the necessary components to a site built for business, yet is friendly and inviting.


Flex – “Get 100% free traffic” – You can get free traffic to your blogs…I didn’t pay anyone for ads to have you come here. I did pay to learn how to do that without buying ads.


I do know that the Flex app hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to determine what kind of traffic your videos produced with it, will get. 


Can AI Bots Really Make You Money Online?


The Flex app is an AI package.


AI bots can certainly aid your production schedule.


The biggest help I can discern at this time is with research. Saving time gathering information and references is a big boon to your writing original quality content for your readers.  


Can You Use ChatGPT To Build Passive Income?


(ChatGPT is an AI package that can create written content and images.


Yes indeed! If you’re creating informational products to sell on ClickBank (more about that here) or online courses to sell on a site like Udemy, you will save time researching your material with Chat GPT.


It’s possible that Flex will help you with your promotions.


Again, it is too new to tell what the Flex app’s results will be, and what it’s longevity will be.


The training I recommend has been the leader in its field for over a decade.  


Get Results or Get a 200% Refund”  Have you ever received a 200% refund for anything? Just sayin’… :mrgreen: 


While the promotions are preposterous, I’m not saying Flex is a scam. And it’s inexpensive.


(Price goes up every hour! Kind of like the Today Only! deals, right?) To me, personally, it looks like fun. It offers editing for creating your visuals, and if you don’t use that your videos are going to look like a lot of other Flex users’ videos.


So bear in mind, the search engines will show original content first on their lists of results.


And, every search engine knows what content is generated with or without AI. Because this is what they do. 


I know how tempting shortcuts are, and you may be very hard pressed to get up a marketing blog that will make you money and perhaps save you from going back to 9 to 5 grind. I get it!


To be successful as an affiliate marketer, your best bet is to learn how to produce a long-life blog with an affiliate product or category of products. It won’t make you income in one day, week, or month. It will make you income while you’re sleeping, traveling, recovering from an illness, or simply putting your feet up to enjoy the sunset.


Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Flex is one example of the bombardment of apps and software packages that are being promoted providing some AI usage.


You can spend time learning how to use some of those. They are all focused on one kind of product.


Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time on creating a blog that will earn you income in perpetuity? 


You can see for yourself how this training I have benefited so much from over the years, can work for you. Take a good look! (Click below).





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