How Can I Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer

How Can I Be Successful As An Affiliate Marketer


I wonder how many times a day people think “how can I be successful as an affiliate marketer”?  One thousand? Ten million?


The volume of advertisers and buyers online daily is staggering. If you’ve marketed for commissions in the past you will intuitively understand affiliate marketing – promoting products or information for a commission.


You may be thinking “yeah! I can DO THIS!” And you’re right, you can. Even if you don’t have a clue this minute, you can get the clues really fast with a comprehensive training guide. And to test drive the information, you don’t have to pay.


You can start with a free account, no payment method asked for. Want to? Click below.




This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


A Flex App Review


Described as ” L∞phole For FREE Buyer Traffic In 60 Seconds!”


Buyer traffic is the same as guaranteed targeted web traffic. 


As I’ve mentioned in other articles, the guarantee is YOU.  Despite all the “set and forget” software packages, and apps, the successful sites that do get guaranteed targeted visitors are nurtured by their creators.


Bloggers who have learned  how to generate and perpetuate income  – thus this article today which I write especially for senior citizens who are trying to work from home in retirement, rather than working the 9 to 5 grind. 


So back to Flex App. More description from the author:

  • A.I. Creates Tiktoks™ For You…
  • ​Just Say A Simple Voice Command…
  • ​It’s Truly Magical…
  • ​100% Beginner Friendly…
  • ​No Video Editing & No Cameras…
  • ​Works On Any Device…
  • ​Get 100% FREE Traffic…
  • ​Works Out-Of-The-Box…
  • ​No Setup Needed, Click & Go…
  • ​Get Results Or Get A 200% Refund…
  • ​365-Day Guarantee Included…


The first professional reviewer I consulted with says right off the bat “don’t think you’re going to make the fabulous amounts per day they put on the sales page”. That’s par for the course for these app promotions. Naturally experienced marketers can apply these rapidly and make some money.


However, “100% Beginner Friendly” is a red flag almost every time I see it. 


Beginner bloggers need to learn many details about how to become a successful marketer online. For example:


  • Visual presentation of your site
  • How to get guaranteed targeted web traffic
  • Required legal pages
  • How to design an easy to read blog post
  • How to embed links your buyers will use for purchases


That is scratching the surface. And, why I recommend a training I have used, where the classes are methodical.


Where you can create a blog as you go through every class and see it coming to life.


Where you include the necessary components to a site built for business, yet is friendly and inviting.


Flex – “Get 100% free traffic” – You can get free traffic to your blogs…I didn’t pay anyone for ads to have you come here. I did pay to learn how to do that without buying ads.


I do know that the Flex app hasn’t been around long enough for anyone to determine what kind of traffic your videos produced with it, will get. 


Can AI Bots Really Make You Money Online?


The Flex app is an AI package.


AI bots can certainly aid your production schedule.


The biggest help I can discern at this time is with research. Saving time gathering information and references is a big boon to your writing original quality content for your readers.  


Can You Use ChatGPT To Build Passive Income?


(ChatGPT is an AI package that can create written content and images.


Yes indeed! If you’re creating informational products to sell on ClickBank (more about that here) or online courses to sell on a site like Udemy, you will save time researching your material with Chat GPT.


It’s possible that Flex will help you with your promotions.


Again, it is too new to tell what the Flex app’s results will be, and what it’s longevity will be.


The training I recommend has been the leader in its field for over a decade.  


Get Results or Get a 200% Refund”  Have you ever received a 200% refund for anything? Just sayin’… :mrgreen: 


While the promotions are preposterous, I’m not saying Flex is a scam. And it’s inexpensive.


(Price goes up every hour! Kind of like the Today Only! deals, right?) To me, personally, it looks like fun. It offers editing for creating your visuals, and if you don’t use that your videos are going to look like a lot of other Flex users’ videos.


So bear in mind, the search engines will show original content first on their lists of results.


And, every search engine knows what content is generated with or without AI. Because this is what they do. 


I know how tempting shortcuts are, and you may be very hard pressed to get up a marketing blog that will make you money and perhaps save you from going back to 9 to 5 grind. I get it!


To be successful as an affiliate marketer, your best bet is to learn how to produce a long-life blog with an affiliate product or category of products. It won’t make you income in one day, week, or month. It will make you income while you’re sleeping, traveling, recovering from an illness, or simply putting your feet up to enjoy the sunset.


Doesn’t that sound wonderful?  Flex is one example of the bombardment of apps and software packages that are being promoted providing some AI usage.


You can spend time learning how to use some of those. They are all focused on one kind of product.


Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time on creating a blog that will earn you income in perpetuity? 


You can see for yourself how this training I have benefited so much from over the years, can work for you. Take a good look! (Click below).





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What Are The Best Ways Of Increasing Your Blog Traffic – 5 Tips

What Are The Best Ways Of Increasing Your Blog Traffic – 5 Tips


What are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic? I will go over a few methods that will help you.


If you’re still looking for a way to start a blog, and design it properly for making money online, you may want to look at a place where you can view basic blog writing classes and decide how you want to move forward. You can do this with a no cost account, just click below.





Best Blog Page Designs


Where will you find guidance for the best blog design ideas? Do you have to come up with one on your own? If you don’t know web design, how do you start?


A blog platform called WordPress is available for all, and it offers a variety of themes, or visuals, for a blog. It is easy to try them on”for size”  and switch them out until you have one you prefer.


It would depend on your niche, or target audience, the readers who want to learn about and ultimately buy the products you love to review and promote (or not!).


You can choose a very decorative theme (scrolls, flowers, cherubs etc.) or a minimalist look. Some themes are designed for photography and art presentations. Some are designed for journalistic material, or essays, and aren’t necessarily minimalistic, but have a more “reading the newspaper” look. 



The Best Website Builder For Bloggers


WordPress is a well known platform (virtual foundation) for building blogs. Any kind of blog.


For business bloggers, it is a supportive product that will help you get the guaranteed targeted traffic (from your niche) and when I say guaranteed, that only applies if you learn how to use the theme you choose, learn how to make menus for easy navigation, and have a visually pleasing look.


After creating your necessary pages ( you would learn those in the training I recommend) you will do a google website load speed test – or whichever search engine you choose – to make sure your readers aren’t leaving your site or going to make a coffee while your posts and pages appear. The WordPress themes are conducive to quick loading, as long as you know how to upload images correctly.


There’s no point in getting guaranteed targeted visitors who bail quickly because your pages can’t load fast, is there?


Use A Long Tail Keyword Finder


Firstly, what is that? 


Actually, before I describe a number one item, let’s back up to number zero: what is a long tail keyword? It is a longer phrase composed of several words, that are commonly used by readers to find what they’re looking for online.


For example if you search “garden fence” you will get 419 million results. But if you search “white picket garden fence with trellis” you find only 718 thousand results.


That is a targeted result. With about 1/400th the competition for viewers. While long tail keywords or key-phrases have fewer searchers, they are your searchers.


I hope this doesn’t sound over-simplified or like I’m talking down to you, I can only say when I first started to learn how to blog, I felt like I was in kindergarten. 


A Free Keyword Competition Analysis Tool


For many of us, starting free is essential. Within the training community I have linked to on this page, the paid monthly membership offers use of keyword competition analysis tool.


Before you get to that point, what will you do? The training also teaches you how to take advantage of the search engines, primarily Google.


When you search on Google, you see the count of the results; how many million, thousand, hundred results. All those results are your competition.


These search engines also have a category “People also ask” which gives you more popular search phrases. You can also learn The Alphabet Soup method which is typing in a phrase ‘white picket fence’ space, and the letter a. You will get a list of phrases like:

  • Amazon
  • At Lowe’s
  • And self-watering system
  • Attached to house


You can go through the entire alphabet, getting ideas which are mostly the less competitive long tail keywords. Bear in mind, this is just the first step of research into how well you can compete with keywords.


I would have floundered around longer than I did, trying to figure all this out, without the guidance of the video and text classrooms I found with my free account. Ones I can still go back to today, for any review I need. 


Learn How To Write Blogs For Money


Specific guidance and demonstration of the techniques to execute the best ways of increasing your blog traffic will save you time and expense, right from the start. It will cut down on the initial overwhelm that some experience in the face of the competition, and the desire or need to earn some income from home.


Who Can Benefit From Pro Blogger Training?

  • Retirees with low income who want to work from home
  • Disabled people who need to work from home
  • Any person who needs more income and wants to be at home at least some of the time (ie don’t want a second job out there)
  • Retired RVers (Fulltimers) who want to supplement their pensions from their RV home


There are many more reasons to simply want:

  • To be independent
  • Have the freedom to travel
  • Visit family
  • Expand one’s horizons
  • Continue one’s education


Working on a blog that makes money is a way to achieve all of that!

It won’t happen overnight.

It will require consistent application.

And I bet you’re up for it.

Ready for take off?


what are the best ways of increasing your blog traffic take off


Take the test drive through some basic classes with only a user name and password needed. Take your time evaluating the cost and benefits of real blog training! CLICK below. 





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How Do I Live On 300 A Month?

How Do I Live On 300 A Month?


I was surprised to see the question How Do I Live On 300 A Month posted on line. And that was recent!


According to U.S. Census Bureau data, 50% of women and 47% of men between the ages of 55 and 66 have no retirement savings. According to AARP, nearly 57 million Americans work for an employer that does not offer a retirement savings plan.

Curtis on Quora says: 

“In the states, you probably can’t, without having a few things in place first. I bought a desert acreage, off grid. I bought an RV. My total cost for both was $6,000. This allows me to live on $10.00 daily. I’ve no electric bill, water bill, cable bill, septic bill or propane bill. I live a pretty spartan and minimalistic life style, with no frills. Which suits me fine.” 


Here is a short overview of this phenomena that we don’t hear too much about.


I have written, on this blog, for seniors and others who want to work from home, about people who retire and live in their cars. They do an awesome do-over for a sedan or a van. This was presented in a film with Frances McDormand, and I had already seen the YouTube videos by the woman her part was based on, a few years ago.


I’m not recommending this lifestyle, but senior poverty is a real situation that needs to be addressed.


What I want to do is give you access to an opportunity that will help you subsidize a lower retirement income. And will possibly bring you an income bigger than you’ve had!


Many of the stories I’ve read are by people who travel in an RV (with couples they’ve got $2,000.00 or more a month) and who also earn some income blogging.


They learned how to do affiliate marketing online and an extra $500.00 or $1,000.00 a month makes a huge difference for the laptop lifestyle. If that’s what brought you to this site, you can get a good look at a professional marketing training community simply by creating a log in, no cost. If you’re tracking that, click below.





You’ll be taken to a page where you can read more about the opportunity, create your account, and view some basic classes.


You’ll get an idea of what’s involved and the potential to earn commissions by promoting products. If you’re already retired, you have the time to gain some quick traction with developing a business blog.


If you’re still working, you can set a schedule for creating a future income.  More money and less expense is the goal. And once you’re working at home, some expenses drop out right away:

  • Office or whatever professional wardrobe you have needed
  • Gas money for your commute
  • Wear and tear on your car
  • Less stress from all of the above/decrease health costs
  • Potentially better health/prevent health costs


Where can you live with $1,000 per month in the US?

Maggie on Quora

“If you can manage to come up with an RV before your $1,000 a month limit kicks in, you’ll be able to do all right. A spot in an RV park may add up to $500 a month or more, but you can camp for free for two weeks at a time in any national forest. And if you aren’t paying rent, you can afford insurance and the gas necessary to get you from one national forest to the next when your two weeks expire.”


I personally know someone who does this. She posts online about her adventures in finding the best paid sites to dock at, and alternating with free areas. She has a partner, and a cute little poodle. They tow a small car.  They are doing better than simply surviving. Maggie’s whole post is inspiring and moving (her name above is clickable).


Here is another true, but less happy story I just witnessed last week. A local elderly was paying $575.00 for rent in a 2 bed 1 bath unit, for many years. He got a notice to vacate so the owner could remodel this older property (legal eviction).


For him to move into another similar unit, he is looking at $1,100.00 – $1,400.00 anywhere in this county. He can downsize, of course and pay $900.00 for a 1 bed. (This person receives $1,600.00 SS benefits.) He can get a room mate – but, as a two-pack-a-day smoker, that won’t be easy.


He has a son that visits I hear, and one could think ‘why doesn’t the son help him’? Hard to tell. 


So, living on $300.00 a month is not something one can do. OK, maybe somewhere in a small rural town, you can find a room to rent for that.


So, staying cheerful here – and hoping you’ve got a roof over your head for the foreseeable future, and an internet connection, are you interested in marketing online for commissions paid when a reader of yours makes a purchase?


And you are, right? That’s how you found this blog post. You want to work at home, now or in the future and you’re thinking “I COULD DO THAT!” 


And you are correct, you CAN do that, if you learn how correctly/don’t waste time/work consistently on your blog. You have probably seen many web sites with:

  • An easy to look at presentation space/color/font/images-wise you can learn to do that
  • Blog posts that are easy to read, that flow along while presenting information you’ve looked for you can learn to do that
  • Blog posts that provide the research you don’t have time for you can learn to do that
  • Blog posts with relevant images and/or videos advising you about an item or service  you can learn to do that

I invite you to start learning! Start preparing for a retirement when you can easily make more money to subsidize your government or other pension. 





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What Are The Best Books On Visualisation And Affirmation?

What Are The Best Books On Visualisation And Affirmation?


What are the best books on visualisation and affirmation? I have been asked this many times so I started looking around for the top materials on these two related activities.


There are many angles to the visualization/manifestation activities. They include:

  • Books about the Tarot
  • Books about Twin Flame Attraction/Soulmate Attraction
  • The God Frequency
  • Numerology
  • Self Hypnosis


The purpose of gathering this material is to give you, an aspiring blogger, some ideas as to what you could promote for affiliate commissions, if this an area of interest for you.


This page contains affiliate marketing links. We may get paid a commission on the sale of a product or service recommended here. This does not change your price, you pay what the vendor advertises.


Have you started your blog training yet? Here is where I started, with a no-cost look at the training site. I just had to create an account to view the classes you need to get started. Would you like to have a look?






If you like, here is a little history on creative visualization. And, btw some of the materials I found use the British “sation” as opposed to the US “zation” spelling. 


First I am going over to ClickBank to see what’s in the marketplace of mostly digital products.


I select from the many categories “Spirituality, New Age & Alternative Beliefs”.  In the first five products listed, the first and fifth ones are specifically about manifestation.


I went to ClickBank because they provide thousands of digital products for which you can get affiliate links to insert in your blog content, and make sales commissions.


ClickBank has particularly high commissions compared to many retailers. Many experienced marketers agree it is the way to go for new bloggers.


In the description of the first product is a quote: 




I think it’s been shown on machines that thoughts can change the frequency of your brain waves, and that prayers, or affirmations if you prefer, can be powerful in this way.


And the promotional page follows, where your readers may be inspired to click through and buy the digital materials. 


The description of this fifth product is: 

“Brand new, high-converting Manifestation and Law of Attraction offer that is based on teachings from the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools. Story-based sales letter appeals exceptionally well to Personal Development traffic and lists.”

ClickBank provides the sales page your readers will go to when they click on your link. (You simply set up a ClickBank account to view the Marketplace content.)

The Bio Energy Code is “Guided Meditation Tracks that help people clear negative blockages so that they can manifest whatever they want into their life. Suitable for people who are interested in Law of Attraction, Personal Development, Spiritual, Meditation, Healing, Chakra, BioEnergy. Earn 75% on frontend offer & also 75% across all 3 upsells, receive up to $133.50 per sale.”

There are many products with the popular buzzwords in the titles and promotional content, already prepared for the affiliate marketer.


How can I use positive affirmations effectively?


Traditional materials about affirmations come from the New Thought era of the late 19th Century, and you’ve probably heard of them:



Instead of just listing the book, I put in an image that Amazon provides for me, one of their affiliates. This is to illustrate to you what it looks like on an affiliate marketing blog. Amazon’s commissions are much smaller than ClickBank’s. Amazon will pay you 1% to 6% on most products, a few categories are closer to 10%. Napoleon Hill emphasizes consistency in using affirmations or visualizations.



Likewise, this author emphasizes consistency in using affirmations or visualizations. You can find many more of these types of books on Amazon, Goodreads and other bookstore sites. 


Does positive self talk/affirmations truly work?



The above is one of the leading books on, well, the biology of belief. It is about the physicality of belief, rather than a metaphysically oriented outlook. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized authority in bridging science and spirit.



The Field is about the quantum “spaces” or non-spaces one could say. It’s stories of far-reaching prayer results, documented,  are fascinating.  It is one of many illustrating that yes, self-talk/affirmations do work!


Are you interested in this category of books/self-help how-to’s, and interested in promoting them to others (for a commission!)?


If so, you need a blog! A blog that is designed to:

  • Attract readers with the correctly worded titles and headlines
  • Provide natural writing style in your content, conversational
  • Present good formatting for easy reading
  • Legally correct for the US and international
  • Reflect your personality and mastery of your topic


And that’s just for starters!


I mentioned above that you can get free access to some real classes on the setting up of a business blog for affiliate marketing.


You will get a good idea of what is involved in proceeding with the development of a successful web site that will endure for years, providing you income.


With the information there, you can decide if you will move forward with paid training — dozens of video classes, many walk-you-through- training articles by some of the members, and access to a live feed of Q’s and A’s.


You will be part of a helpful community that loves to shares their tips for making money with your blog(s), choosing the best paying affiliate products, and much much more!


Do you want to work in retirement – but you want to do it your way?


Most senior citizens in the lower income brackets are resigned to “working forever”, but it doesn’t have to be grim. Many bloggers:

  • Choose their own “office hours” at the kitchen table or on the patio
  • Keep a schedule that’s best for their health and family time
  • Get to write about things they really love or
  • Technical materials they know about from a career or serious hobby

I think I may have your attention on those items above, so if you’re ready, just click below and get started!





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How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions?

How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions

How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions


I’m presenting this idea today in relation to this blog and its readers and within the perspective of making money with your blog – or future blog – and one particular AI product (software package) and its assertion that you can make more money with its use. Thus my title How Much Is AI Hype And How Much Is Real In Near-Term Predictions.


Here is an overview of AI if you would like that.


I am going to share with you a brief discussion of AI Whisperer, a hypy-sounding app purportedly designed to make you a lot of money per day. I am a skeptic, and yet I hope I’m wrong when I think something just isn’t going to work that way.


I also try to give my readers (mostly senior citizens and others wanting to make money from home) a heads up about things that may waste all their time in their efforts to achieve a more comfortable retirement lifestyle.


The AI Whisperer product (not to be confused with AI Whisper) is worth looking at in theory, yet at close scrutiny I’m not sure what the value is. It claims:


“FINALLY! AI that actually makes money
 REAL LIFE $100-400/day case studies
 CHAT-GPT SOFTWARE! + hacks pre-loaded!
 PROFIT WITH the AI Goldrush of 2023
 WHISPER to Chat GPT, MidJourney & more
 50x AI HACKS you can just “cut-and-paste
 UNLEASH THE T-1000 on ClickBank, Google, Shopify, W+, GetResponse & 23x mega-sites!”
OK, but what does all that mean? 


What is AI Goldrush of 2023 


What is THE T-1000 and all that other stuff mentioned above?


Is artificial intelligence overhyped technology?


So far this looks like hype to me, but I will look further.


The reason why I’m so careful with these kinds of promotions, is that blogging for money is a real job (self-employed, the best, right?) and many bloggers do make a full time income. It’s not difficult, with good training, and it takes consistent work and patience, but it CAN lead to financial independence. I was lucky a few years back because I got a chance to learn how to blog the proper way.


I found a place where I could view the training for free and decide if I wanted to move forward and become a pro. I signed up for the free account, decided I couldn’t afford not to proceed with paid training, and I’ve never looked back. Would you like to do take a look at that opportunity? (CLICK below)






The AI Whisperer product promo says:


“AI is here, it’s dangerous, and people like me…



Wow that’s dramatic! This is kinda hard to get into for me.


Is artificial intelligence overhyped technology?


A cognitive science and computing systems researcher, Robert Stone, says “Oh hell yes. There are so many people with a stake in presenting it as more that it currently is. So many ambitious overachievers out there spinning BS to get money.”


I know AI is new, for some, and exciting (for some) and of course it’s real, and it’s not truly that new. Yet, new applications are popping up every day. 


So if you have a blog, how is this going to help? If you intend to have a blog, and during and after you create that blog, how is AI Whisperer going to help?


If you’re a retiree looking to make some income by working at home online, how will this software package going to help you?


Will it relieve you of hours of research for content ideas on your blog?


Maybe, if you’re that short of ideas. Most bloggers aren’t. In three seconds, any day, you can find related ideas for blog articles on a search engine.


It’s an easy technique that is taught in the training (“free account”) I alluded to above.


And, no matter if you get lists of blog ideas with an AI tool, you still have to:

  • Research the competition
  • Research the keywords you want to use as a title
  • Find appropriate headline titles for your sections in the article
  • Write appealing content for your target audience


One pro blogger weighs in…”Some want to take the easy way out because they do not want to do the research. They rather let an AI write up junk articles that goes nowhere! It takes a lot of work. Anyway, readers ain’t dumb. They know!”


From other comments by professional promotional (affiliate) writers online, AI can help with an initial exploration into topics related to your niche.


But after that, it’s business as usual, in completing and publishing a typical informative blog post where one’s readers may follow a link, make a purchase, resulting in a commission for you.


Yet, AI Whisperer claims to “automate 94%” of your work.


With one click, the training community I discovered a few years ago, can give you access to a list of topics, perhaps hundreds of phrases, for writing prompts.


As I’ve mentioned, you then must proceed to evaluate the competition showing on the search engines before you proceed to spend a couple of hours or more, writing a quality and engaging blog post.


You can get your money back if you purchase AI Whisperer, if you want to take a look at it and try it out. How do you proceed to make money? You can retrieve search phrases for any topic, all writing prompts.


You can get content for an article, which will need editing. After all, others will be searching as well and you want your articles to have your voice and your style, that your readers are used to.


One video I heard introducing GPT 4, before it was released, emphasized “you can not expect factual results”. Wait – what?


This reminds me of when I bought a bunch of PR articles – pre-written for my editing and customization – some on health, coconut oil benefits, and related topics.


I spent so much time editing them because this article seller has many customers. I didn’t want my articles to resemble hundreds of others. I ultimately stopped using them, as writing my own from scratch took the same or less time.


This trend (real or imagined) of throwing up articles, landing pages et al with a template retrieved in seconds, and publishing instantly to make hundreds of affiliate commission dollars a day – is that the BS our expert quoted above referred to?


The app hasn’t been around long enough to determine that.


But the training I have had and still enjoy for the constant updates and new developments of working online, has been around for over ten years and has proven its worth time and time again.


I could write a lot more about this (and I have) but if I’m going to save you time, I urge you to click below, and take a look at the training for yourself.


It is the very back-bone of business oriented blog writing. It can take you in whatever direction you want to go.


I’ve given you a very brief peek into the hype aspect of AI. A proficient marketer may find ways to take advantage of it, but I personally can’t see how a beginner blogger can.


There’s a lot to learn, but if you’re leaning toward this adventure…Just click below!




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Is ShareASale Worth Using For Affiliates?

is shareasale worth using for affiliates man asks man

Is ShareASale Worth Using For Affiliates?


What is ShareASale? Is ShareASale worth using for affiliates? Meaning, those bloggers, and maybe You, who promote products made by other people for a commission.


Here is a little info and history about ShareASale. 


And below is a short video about ShareASale:



This marketer explains that she makes money with ShareASale in two ways:

  • Commissions from product sales
  • Promoting the network to others who sign up, and a portion of their % goes to the person who referred  them


Amazon is the most visible, but not the most popular affiliate site. This is because payouts and terms are too low / poor for most marketers who have weighed in on this, and many niche products have better deals and promotions being sold directly from merchant websites instead of Amazon.


Amazon kind of took itself out of the competition when it slashed commissions and really upset its affiliates. Imagine working on a successful blog for a couple of years, to have its value marked down 90%!


And there is one key point, about joining ShareASale or a similar network of retailers. Your blog. What if you don’t have one?


Can you somehow get one?


You can buy websites that some other marketer has started, and has designed them for business. Those will sell for thousands of dollars if done well. And the purchaser needs to know what to do with it! How to keep adding content and building it out.


With a small budget, you can start your own site. I started mine with a free account and got to take a close look at the training its site offered. Would you like to do that now? Click below and see what you think.





How Can I Be Approved On ShareASale Easily?


“The most reason of get declined from ShareASale is to not have a running website.” –


I read the recommendations about ShareASale by successful bloggers to see if any one of them would not recommend this network. None did not.


And every single one states that you must have a web site or video channel in order to qualify.  


The network wants to see that you have a marketing venue in place (thus the button to click on above) that has some longevity online and can draw readers to its retailers’ products.


And I would say that is fairly easy to achieve IF you have the information to follow and create your web site properly.


It’s not difficult, but there is no guessing, you need to know how to build a business blog. 


Once you have applied and been accepted by ShareASale, you can view the many products and decide on one or more that you would like to promote. Also one that fits your blog focus.


At that point you will apply to the specific retailer(s) of the products you can promote easily. So you are going to do best choosing products, or a product type, that you have interest in and can write about


A lot.


Building a blog means adding content in order to gain readership. Do you have a favorite product – household, or a hobby product – that you can’t help talking about to anyone who will listen because you love it so much?


That is an ideal choice for an affiliate product, because you won’t burn out writing about it. Your enthusiasm will be contagious, and will add energy to your informed information.


The quality of the information you provide will help a reader decide to buy that product. 

Top Affiliate Marketing Products


ShareASale helps its members by providing a data base of its retailers, and the top selling products. This is the market, and it is fluid and changing. Up to date information is vital.


How Can I Benefit From ShareASale 


Most ShareASale reviewers share my view. Be Prepared.


By that we mean, build a marketing venue – a blog or vlog (eg a YouTube channel).


Plan on a few months of work before you see revenue appearing. And then keep going! You are building a real business. It may take 3-5 years before you make a full-time income, one you can live on.


If you’ve retired are or approaching retirement, and will need more income than you expect to have, why not start learning how to blog now? Learn the ins and outs of affiliate marketing now.


You can’t know what you’re getting into without some exposure to professional online marketing training.


You haven’t bumped into the scams and get-rich-quick offers.


You haven’t seen the hundreds of “no skills needed” systems that you can view the basics of for under $20.00 and then purchase more access for hundreds of dollars.


You haven’t seen the done-for-you packages where it turns out you need a lot of training to put the package to use.


I would like to save you some time and agony by providing you with a no-cost look into a training web site where you learn how to build a marketing venue, that is yours to develop, that you will own.


Not something that is part of a system that you’re dependent on for support or updates that may never appear.


You want a business that you have control over and will grow for years to come. It will depend on you, and that’s the advantage, right? 





One of my more popular posts about success in affiliate marketing:

Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


What’s The Easiest Way To Make Money Online

What's the easiest way to make money online man at pool

What’s The Easiest Way To Make Money Online


When I talk about internet marketing with friends they ask me what’s the easiest way to make money online? Is it easy? It was for me because I love writing and sharing information.


But how did the making money part enter in?


Another blogger referred me to a site where I could learn all the professional requirements for a revenue earning blog and I started with a free account that gave me access to an overview of the training.


Are you ready to look at something like that? 





This is a blog post I’ve written about an easy way to make good commissions:


ClickBank Affiliate Marketing System


I won’t repeat the details about how the ClickBank system works because you can click on that and read it in full. You can also read an overview here.


What’s the easiest way to make money online at home in 2023?


Whether or not you’re a senior or disabled person working at home, or a younger person, I will mention the key benefits of earning income with a web site:

  • No age discrimination – no one can lay you off for being not young!
  • No gender discrimination, getting paid the 73 cent FEMALE dollar
  • No discrimination if you’re overweight or have medical problems (yes that happens! In hiring and lay-offs)


I wrote the article above in 2019 and I still say ClickBank digital products are the easiest to start off with. Why?


  • Best commissions to be found
  • Products can be instantly downloaded
  • Huge variety of products
  • The vendors have done the optimization for products to be found
  • ClickBank provides the popularity of the products to help you pick


Here I refer to experts on the topic of earning money with a website: 


“Zeroing in on a problem you can solve is more important than fancy logos or expensive software, says Satya Purna, a cognitive behavioral money coach and founder of Infinite Minds, LLC….

“…“The most important thing to consider is: ‘What problem can I solve?’ Then go find people who need to solve that problem…” – Satya Purna


““I would say the first thing is to create a website, as everyone wants to see a website. ” – Neha Gupta, founder of College Shortcuts


If you learn how to start a proper professional blog and begin earning ClickBank commissions after a few months, you can pay for the business costs:

  1. Domain name (get one free if you choose the pertinent membership level)
  2. Monthly membership for the training (you can choose annual for a discount)
  3. The costs of your internet service provider


You can now add products of similar categories to that blog and promote them too!


How do I earn money online for free without hard work?


I hope you’re chuckling along with me on this one. Have you ever started a new business for free and didn’t work hard? Hands up! 🙄


We’re talking about the easiest way not the easy way – because there isn’t one. It’s not difficult either, and you’re biggest initial investment is your time. If you’re retired you can put in 40-60 hours or more a week, right?


Many bloggers are working jobs and still make money from their blogs working 20 hours a week (maybe more if they have no kids, no pets, no long commute).


Speaking of no long commute, that’s one of the benefits of blogging at home. And there’s more!

  • No using up gas and continuing to wear out your car
  • No putting off medical or other self-care appointments because of the work schedule
  • Learn to grow your own veggies, grow sprouts on your countertop and grow blueberries in pots


And why would I mention any of those last things? Because they are popular topics and I will bet you can find a digital product on ClickBank about how to do those survival-ish things to write about and promote, and earn commissions from.


From my linked article above, go to ClickBank and view the marketplace. There are thousands and thousands of products to promote and earn with.


You will find one reflecting your interest and expertise gained from your hobbies or past career(s).


This will enable you to write the volume of content needed to gain visibility online. To write about 35-50 articles in a few months and start making commissions.


You can see some discipline and consistency is required, but that’s a lot easier if you love this thing, right?


And there are so many things on this earth to love! And learn more about! And share! Your readers who will make purchases are the ones who love -or are fanatics about – 

  • Woodworking
  • Fishing
  • Gardening – many categories!
  • Sports information on how to improve
  • Muscle building
  • Nutrition
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Your favorite hobby


I truly believe – have tried and succeeded – that promoting ClickBank products is the easiest way to make money online. It is the easiest way to start because of:

  • The thousands of products to pick from
  • The best commissions you’ll get from affiliate marketing


And what do you need to start? A well designed, legally set up, attractive web site.


You can learn how to make one, starting with a free account (no payment form asked for)





What Is The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing

what is the best way to do affiliate marketing monitor

What Is The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing


I’ve had questions about what is the best way to do affiliate marketing. Different strategies work best for different bloggers, different niches (your audience for the item(s) you love to promote).


And can TurboLists help?


TurboLists purports to automate email marketing.


This marketing system caught my eye, because ten years ago I was on a successful blogger’s email list myself.


And she introduced me to a professional internet marketing training community that I got to examine, for no money asked.


A free account! If you landed here because you are looking for such an opportunity and are ready to inspect the possibilities for your internet business (real or hoped for as of yet) just click below.





“With a foundation of opted-in contact information stored in their database, marketers can send out promotional materials automatically using autoresponders—known as drip marketing. They can also segment their promotions to specific market segments” – wikipedia


What is the best way to start affiliate marketing for YOU


Bear in mind, before any system works for you, you must have a website that is attracting traffic, or readership, where folks can opt-in and to which you can send your email recipients promotional links, or informational newsletters.


From where they will make a purchase and you will get a commission for that. 


How do I make my first income in affiliate marketing?


…before any system works for you, you must have a website…


…and how do you build a website that is professionally designed, legally set up, easy to read and will bring in income from affiliate sales?


Would you be willing to spend 4-6 months developing and gaining visibility on search engines before you see any revenue? (That would be the norm but you may go faster depending on how much time you have to learn and develop).


That activity will consist of writing content and choosing the optimal words (titles, headlines) that result in your articles showing up in search engines.


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. You can learn how to do it, and with practice you can get really good at it.


Is email marketing easy for affiliate marketing as a beginner?

It is not difficult but you have to learn how.  There are some details to understand about email marketing.


In the training I recommend, you will be walked through those step by step.

  • With classrooms on video
  • With a weekly live webinar on related elements
  • With a legacy Q&A below each class
  • With access to a live feed for your queries
  • With additional training offered by experienced members


Note, that’s after you’ve started building out your blog. 


Only then can you decide whether you want to start and monitor email campaigns.


Many successful high income bloggers only use content marketing and don’t use email marketing at all. 


How do I make a email list for affiliate products?

“Permission marketing” is another name for this method. Within your blog content, you will have a specific page where your readers can provide you their email address, giving you permission to promote to them.


This is your “opt-in” page. You will have an auto-responder set up to do various things:

  1. Sending each opted-in reader a thank you
  2. Dripping, or sending out carefully timed emails or newsletter articles to keep them interested


Professional marketers will recommend using a paid for auto responder. Those provide technical support and update support for technical and legal issues.


TurboLists offers:

  • Start today and see results in as little as 24 hours from now!


red flag…before any system works for you, you must have a website…


  • Get Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo & Amazon BUILD your turbo lists for you with a 1-click!


red flag…before any system works for you, you must have a high volume of followers on social media platforms…


  • Get REAL, targeted, buyer leads that are HIGHLY ENGAGED with your offers!


red flag…before any system works for you, you must have a website…


Is TurboLists A Scam?

It could be called a scam because of this one claim: 


“TurboLists gives you the power to generate 100% FREE traffic and leads from Google, Facebook, Twitter and more”…but…


red flag…before any system works for you, you must have a high volume of followers on social media platforms…in other words, you create the followers first, then you can promote to them.

Who Can Benefit From TurboLists?


Established marketers who already have:

  • A developed web site or a few, drawing high volume readership
  • A high volume of followers on social media – thousands


Experienced email marketers could take advantage of TurboLists. They could further automate their already automated email campaigns and maybe attain better speed of responses.


They would have to take the time to test it, and compare returns, perhaps spanning over a few months.


What is the best way to do affiliate marketing for you?


Once you start building a blog, you can determine your preferences, you can get a feel for the direction you want to go in.


Without professional guidance, how can you know? Take a look at the possibilities…




Here is some more information about internet marketing:


Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?


What Is Solo Ads Marketing Is It Worth It

laptop what is solo ads marketing

What Is Solo Ads Marketing Is It Worth It


A friend asked me what is solo ads marketing. Is it worth it? So to help them, I did some research. 


I found this on Quora, a reputable site with tons of information – about Everything.


“Solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email list owners. They’re typically sent as dedicated emails – so the entire message is all about your promotion. While other businesses can make use of solo ads, they’re most popular among affiliates and information marketers.” -Sawdik Pro on Quora


I came to this topic while reviewing 1K Profit Partnership.


I’m always scouting for any system that might help a senior who wants to work from home in their retirement years, to add to their income. Also, to help disabled folks who need to work from home too.


I mean, who can live on Social Security benefits, or Social Security Disability benefits? Not that those don’t help, but you can’t pay your rent or bills with that income. You need more.


I focus on helping people who want to work online (Senior Citizens) and build a business that they can work from home, or from their RV, or in any way that can match their lifestyle.


How can solo ads help? If solo ads are email-based advertisements you buy from other email list owners, how much will you have to spend?


How do all these email list owners find each other?


And, of more concern, wouldn’t the users of the 1K Profits Partnership all be buying the same email lists? Would the recipients be deluged and simply start unsubscribing?


In reviewing the pro critique of this system, this professional marketer states right up front that you will need additional training (not provided in the package) to generate traffic to your web sitethe done-for-you site that you will need training to use.


Isn’t that a contradiction right there?


That’s a big red flag


Serious professional blogging students  take months to get good at generating traffic, meaning they compete well for visibility online.


There are different techniques and you just get better at it as you go along.


So, right here I’m going to recommend the best training.


And you can take a free look at it. A test drive, so to speak. You only need a user name and password, no payment form.




If you want more information on 1K Profits Partnership – it is a system that looks like it can help people benefit from affiliate marketing. Which is…?


Affiliate marketing is a way of making commissions on sales for products – products that you didn’t create – but products that retailers sell.


Retailers like Amazon, Target, Best Buy – many.


There are a lot! If you were to write articles reviewing:

  • Coconut oil benefits
  • Bullitt Proof Coffee
  • Prepared Food Delivery Programs/Fresh Meal Kits
  • Farm To Table/Home Grown information


…you would attract readers who are specifically interested in those types of products. Likewise,  you could focus on

  • Pet Supplies
  • Dog Supplies
  • Cat Supplies
  • Birds
  • Fish and Aquatic Pets If you look onto any retailer’s web site, you will see thousands of products!


The creator of this package says:


“What’s more, you don’t need to have experience in affiliate marketing or any online marketing to succeed. The 1K Profit Parnership will take care of it for you.”


But the presentation goes on about how you’re going to:

Collect email addresses for your marketing emails

Link them and some provided marketing emails to your auto responder

Direct your readers to a webinar selling a high ticket item (you make money here)

Keep marketing to those who don’t buy


The key to success here is getting traffic to your site in the first place.


Here’s Another Little Red Flag 

It is stated in the promo that you don’t use solo ads. Yet, inside the instructions, the preferred type of traffic generation is  – solo ads!


You pay for those.


Most people I’ve talked to about affiliate marketing online are willing to pay for training, within limits. They love the free account test drive to real instruction.


But because I’m marketing this training to senior citizens and perhaps disabled folks, I know they, or you, do not have money for buying ads.


And I must add here, that within the system I use, other pro marketers are financially successful and they:

  • Never buy adds
  • Don’t have an email list


What they do have is a well designed, friendly to read web site(s) providing information targeted to:

  1. Readers who are interested in the topic of the site
  2. Readers who are ready to buy something to do with the topic of the site


The other very important thing they have is the ability to drive traffic organically (without paying for ads) to articles designed for the interested readers, or the purchase-ready readers.


This is considered a good “user experience” (UX)  by the search engines, which results in better visibility to your site.


The other vital element for the blog creator – You – is a strong interest if not passion about the blog’s topic(s).


This element is vital because You – the creator – will need to write up to 50 blog posts, with your traffic-finding skills improving as you go, before you see commissions coming in.


You may write up to 100 posts before you have the money to hire other writers or buy ads.


I am talking about a senior with not enough retirement money, or someone who has to work from home.


A Quick Demo Of Affiliate Marketing


And here I’m going to take an affiliate marketing opportunity, to illustrate what you could be doing.


Let’s say I have readers who want to get started in making money online. They need a new computer – a good updated desk top or laptop. Yet, funds are short.


I am going to hop over to Amazon (could be  Ebay or Best Buy) and find some help. Help being, low cost refurbished computers. You don’t need to spend full price!


As an Amazon affiliate, I am obliged to disclose that I will make a commission if you make a purchase after following a link from my blog. So, I just did that. The two images below with a link, are advertising links. Here we go: 




Amazon provides those images with links. Once you have a web site set up that gets some traffic, Amazon will let you be an affiliate. And there are many more affiliate opportunities.


So to wrap up, 1K Profit Partnership may make you some money, but you will put considerable time into setting it up, and you’ll have to get through the training too.


The training I recommend will cost you a predictable monthly or annual (always saves a few dollars!) membership, the site will host your site(s) as part of the membership costs, and provide classrooms and within-the-membership training.


I don’t think I need to add more here, as you can go and see for yourself. 




Here is some information about internet marketing. 


Here is another article I wrote about the all-important traffic issue: 


Guaranteed Targeted Web Traffic


Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?



Guaranteed Targeted Visitors – Can Fitness Mojo Help?

The success of any affiliate marketing blog is guaranteed targeted visitors – can Fitness Mojo help you with that? This software caught my attention because I love the topic of fitness in general.


Here is an interesting page about fitness culture. 


I’ve written a couple of review articles about fitness machines, which are affiliate products and help make me  money.  Fitness Mojo is described like this:


What if you could click 1 button & instantly Create A Self-Updating Affiliate Health & Fitness site?

A ready-to-earn affiliate health & fitness site with your affiliate link automatically embedded across all pages and posts
Forget about hosting, domains, freelancers, writing content, and monthly charges
Build MULTIPLE sites for more passive income
Sell additional sites to clients – Commercial License included
Get automated free traffic from Google with the auto-updating SEO module included
Never update a thing – health & fitness offers and everything else self-updates in Real Time”


I’m going to discuss a few points about this software package that promises the solution for any and all affiliate marketing challenges. Can you actually “click 1 button & instantly Create A Self-Updating Affiliate Health & Fitness site?”


The idea of a self-updating site about  anything is pure fantasy.


Ask any pro blogger who has toiled for months and even with skilled application of aiming for guaranteed targeted visitors, and knows it takes time to gain traction and “authority” with Google and other search engines.


with your affiliate link automatically embedded across all pages and posts”.


No. it turns out on close inspection, that you have to do all that manually. And, where do all those pages and posts come from?


You write them.


So right here, I’m going to cut to the chase and tell you where you can learn about affiliate links, how to write content, and include your affiliate links as you go.


This is a the site where you can take a look at the training, with only a user name and password. No payment method asked for, unless you decide to proceed with their classes. You simply CLICK below for your free account.




“Forget about hosting, domains, freelancers, writing content, and monthly charges”


Good luck with that! So it suggests that Fitness Mojo will host, give you a domain (, or something like that.


However, the pro domains are dot com, dot net, dot co, dot us and the others you’re used to seeing on professional sites. And you DO have to pay for those. Btw the training I recommend offers you one free domain,  a real dot com, for one year, if you proceed to paid training.


Plus, this membership site includes free hosting (parking your site on their server) for several sites, depending on the level of membership you choose.


Why I ultimately chose this site for blog learning, was that you can view and review the video and text classes as many times as you like.


Learning to blog from scratch can make one feel at quite a loss in some moments. OK, speaking for myself… 🙄


Being able to view the classes at one’s own pace is a real plus, and you have a legacy of Q & A’s and discussion by other members below each class. And those are always growing!


Guaranteed targeted traffic to your blog – how?


You are the guarantor of this traffic.


With your own domain, and the right training, you will create your success. Isn’t that exciting? You’re in control.


Isn’t that why you want to work for yourself at home and independently steer your fate?

  • Maybe you’re doing that now but need some pro tips at increasing your revenue?
  • Maybe you are just starting to dream that you can make money with a laptop at home, or while traveling?
  • Maybe you’re daring to hope that you can control your work schedule?
  • Maybe you want to spend more time with family?
  • Maybe you want to take better care of your health?
  • Will your past work experiences or knowledge about your favorite hobby help you create and enjoy a blog? (Yes!)


Your hopes and dreams are important, especially if you need to make some money in retirement, and you want to be independent.


That’s why I want to save you the time and frustration of a “done-for-you” package like Fitness Mojo with its empty promises.


If you want to fast track the training I recommend, there are other members online 24/7 who can be very helpful.


There is a live feed where you can get questions answered very quickly. There is a live video training every week, with replays, so again, you can review a topic as much as you need.


There is a lot to learn about creating a successful blog and it can be overwhelming without a step-by-step focused approach.


Another reason why you would do best to create your own blog, rather than use Fitness Mojo, is the established fitness sites are huge, have been around for years, and are very hard to compete with for web visitors.


Your own blog can have its specific and narrowly focused audience, a niche, which seeks a particular product or service that your blog can provide.


Does that mean I have to make a product to sell? (no!)


You will write about products as an affiliate, meaning if your reader follows your affiliate link (remember how Fitness Mojo promises to automatically embeds your links? But on close inspection doesn’t?) and your reader than makes a purchase, you will be paid a commission.




Commissions vary from retailer to retailer, and you will get some good tips as to how to choose and present the products you recommend.


And you will get guaranteed targeted visitors to your blog, albeit gradually. You’ll learn how. It is an acquired skill that will start out OK, and get better and better.


I hope you’ll take a look at the site I recommend and view all that is available to help you decide about becoming a member.


I believe in you! You just have to learn how, and you can do it.





A Quick Summary of This Post


This post  delves into the capabilities of Fitness Mojo, a software purported to assist with affiliate marketing by facilitating the creation of self-updating health and fitness websites. I’m skeptical, raising doubts about the software’s ability to deliver on its promises.


Fitness Mojo claims to provide a one-click solution for building affiliate health and fitness websites, complete with embedded affiliate links across all pages. However, I question the feasibility of this feature, pointing out that manual content creation is still a necessity. Even using a form of AI, it’s still hands-on, including your follow up marketing of your published post.


Fitness Mojo also offers hosting and subdomains, but the author notes that premium domains like .com require additional payments. In contrast, the alternative training platform that I recommend (and have stuck to for the past ten years) provides a free dot com domain as part of its paid training package.


My recommended training site is user-friendly. It allows learners to progress at their own pace, offers live Q&A sessions for quick assistance, and provides video replays for revisiting important topics.


I would like to emphasize that the responsibility for generating targeted traffic to one’s blog ultimately lies with you the author, which is why I stress the importance of proper training and domain ownership.


Furthermore, I advocate for creating a personal blog over relying on Fitness Mojo, highlighting the challenges of competing with established fitness websites. Personal blogs, can cater to specific niches and effectively promote affiliate products.


The concept of affiliate marketing is explained, emphasizing that affiliate bloggers promote products through special affiliate links and earn commissions on sales. The post also stresses the significance of selecting and presenting products skillfully.


Gaining targeted visitors is described as a skill that improves over time, with the recommended training site assisting you to develop this skill gradually.


I encourage you to explore the recommended training site for comprehensive resources and support in their affiliate marketing endeavors.


You can do this!



Here’s a post I wrote that became popular – it is about a digital product that pays a good commission. If it’s a topic you love to write about, you could be its marketer!

Joe Vitale Awakened Millionaire Scam Or Real Path To Making Money

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